Cut&Paste: Chapter 151 – At the Royal Palace(4)

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「Well then, Myne…’ve mentioned about a crucial information regarding the Demon Country. Could you tell me a little more about what Jormungandr-sama told you?」


King-sama and Brother-san looked at me with dead serious eyes.

Thus I told them all about it without missing a single word, I wonder if they could catch up.




After a new Demon King was elected, they began by destroying several neighbouring countries.

A lot of humans that were captured have been brought back to the Demon Country as slaves.

I’ve even seen a village being attacked by the Demon Race…….And what seemed to be Hume’s joining in to fight back the Demon Race.


As Jormungandr-sama roughly told me about the details, I briefly conveyed to them what he said.


「What? There were Humes there….what’s going on?」


「…..I’m not sure either, because Jormungandr-sama was flying way high up the sky. However….」


「…..However? What else? If there’s anything that caught your interest, please do tell us more about it.」


「It’s about those people that looked like Humes, while I was up in the air, I noticed something.

Somehow if my skill wasn’t active, I wouldn’t have been able to figure out what the situation was…..」


That’s right, at that time…..That guy was directly looking at me while smiling. I’m sure he’d noticed me.

If I didn’t have the 【Enhance VIsion・M】 skill, I wouldn’t have known at all.


「Your skills? Wait so you didn’t use your 【Appraisal】 skill?」


「……Since Jormungandr-sama was moving at such a high speed, before I could activate my 【Appraisal】 skill, we’ve already flown past the village.」


Right, it was rather unfortunate that I missed my chance to use 【Appraisal】.

However, someday I’ll clash with that guy……My guts was telling me that.


「Fumu, I see. That guy that you brought up sure interests me.」


Brother-san then put his hand on his chin and began thinking.


「Are you sure it’s the Hume race?……Even if it’s you, it might just be that you’ve judged it wrongly.」


King-sama asked further.


「Hmmm, well I didn’t say that it was absolutely a Hume….However, from what I could see, it had the shape of a Hume.」


After I answered, King-sama did a similar thinking pose like Brother-san..


I don’t think that is worth anything useful though, they’re really like father like son. That’s right, Sylphy would have that kind of behaviour from time to time.


「…..This is just a possibility, but that man……he might be one of the leaders who were leading the Demon Race?」


King-sama unexpectedly told me.

A Demon(Majin)? Aah, that’s right. It’s one of the positions in the Demon Country, when King-sama said Demon, he meant their race.


「In the past we’ve met it once, I… my party has fought against a Demon before.」


In the first place, the Hume race do not understand much about the information of the Demon Country, let alone the Demon Races.

Well it’s not like they have anything to say as we never had any exchanges.


The details of how the Demons or the Demon Races(Orc, Goblin, etc..) are living together are quite mysterious.

And such a mysterious Demon had fought against King-sama’s party before.


「So the person that I saw, was this Demon person?」


「It might be a possibility. Well in the first place, the Demon Race wouldn’t be surrounded with the Hume Race, let alone working together.

Well it’s not like there’s anything to lose by thinking that it might be a Demon. What’s more, other than Skills, the Demons do posses some strange powers as well.

Seeing as how he saw you from way up the sky, it might be one of his powers.」


I see, since at that time I didn’t know anything about them, I just thought he was a Hume…..


If it’s a war involving the Demon Country, then it’s no wonder that a Demon acting as the commander would lead the troops.

What King-sama hypothesized might just be correct.


「Anyways, now that I’ve heard from both the Adventurer’s Guild and Myne’s stories, the fact that the Demon Country is launching a war against us is without a doubt happening.

Even though we’re far from the Augusta Kingdom, we aren’t in imminent threat, but that’s precisely why we should think about some countermeasures.」


「Father, this is just a sudden thought of mine but…..Cleo, what about the movement of the Grand Duchy Cleo…..?」


Hm? This is the first time I’ve heard of such country…..

And King-sama who heard of that name, had an extremely unpleasant expression.


「…..I don’t know, but I hope they won’t do anything bad.」




The story about the Demon Country that might be a huge problem in the future ended for the moment, so we relaxed ourselves with a cup of tea. The talk right now, went back to the spacetime door.


「Anyways, I was surprised about the door that Myne created. I know that I’ve asked you to create it, but to actually have done it was out of my expectation.」


King-sama talked to me in a good mood.

Even with the flaws, to be able to find such a useful method is still a plus.


「If only there’s a way we can use it at the present moment…..」


After Brother-san said that, for some reason Airy stood up and looked at us then started speaking.


「Dear Father, about the matter regarding me not being able to join Myne Onii-sama’s Clan, can you please reconsider it.」


Aah, that’s right. It seems like Airy hasn’t obtained permission from King-sama and Queen-sama.

Even though I’ve never said anything since then, I was wondering what had happened to it….


I’m sure that Sylphy who brought Airy over was to discuss about it.


Well then, King-sama….how are you going to decide on this?


「I’ve already said this before, even if it’s Myne or Sylphy, and even Aisha who’s living together,  they wouldn’t be able to follow you everywhere right? What if at the off chance that something has happened to your body? So please just give up on it.」


An expected reply. If I looked at the parent’s perspective, I too would be worried about letting my daughter who has a poor physical condition to go to some place for a long period of time.


「Dear Father, if I may comment about it too?」


Hm? What is Sylphy up to? I wonder if she’s trying to support Airy as well.

I’m sure that she has talked to Airy about various things……


「It’s about Danna-sama’s “door” that he created, if we can use that then the problem for Airy would be solved. Instead of staying at Lucas, she could just come here from the palace everyday and Father wouldn’t have to worry about it either….How about it?」


…..I get it now. If she can traverse here immediately she could get into the bath and replenish her magic for a day, then after a fixed time, she could come again and replenish her energy again.


It might be grueling to sit on the horse carriage everyday to come to Lucas, so if she uses my spacetime door, then she could come here everyday.


「Muu……no, it’s still a no. If an emergency occurs, and if there’s nobody that understands the function of this door nearby, wouldn’t that just be the same as before.」


「Mumumu, Dear Father….you’re really stubborn you know that.」


No wait, I do understand how you feel Airy,  but it’s because King-sama is really worried about you, that’s why he said these things to you, he’s not being stubborn okay, I repeat, not stubborn……


「If that’s the case, then we can just ask Kate the Maid(rhymes) to follow Airy then?」


Sylphy then proposed another idea. Kate the Maid? I wonder who’s that…..

Don’t tell me, it’s the maid-san that always looks after me? However, the maid can’t follow her to the Clan House everyday right? Isn’t maid-san busy as is?


「…….If Kate agrees to it, then that’s just the way it is…..」


Even Brother-san who was keeping quiet for awhile started having an interest.

If this was a game, then Airy would’ve convoluted King-sama.


「That’s right! If Kate were to follow me then there will be no problem! Father! Please let me go! I want to join Onii-sama’s Clan!!!」


What an intense battle between family members. Waffle, Kuu, and I are just outsiders……By the way, Waffle was on top of my head, and I was hugging Kuu, but even they looked like they were about to fall asleep.


I understand both Airy’s and King-sama’s feelings, so I wish I could convince both sides with a suitable answer.


「…….I’ve understand all of your feelings. I will discuss this with Garnet tomorrow, so wait for the news.」


In the end, as they left my home, they didn’t come to a conclusion so Sylphy went back to the palace and stayed. Also, the door that I created will be placed inside Garnet-sama’s room until I come up with the new and improved version.

Since it’s Garnet-sama’s room, the only ones allowed to go in would be King-sama and his family, and also Kate the Maid. Even the second queen and Prince Lectar who didn’t receive Fenrir-sama’s “Divine Beast’s Contract” wouldn’t go in. Well, I guess the security is safe for now.


…….Then, the next morning, eating Aisha’s delicious breakfast, needless to say that Airy with a smile on her face and Kate wearing a maid uniform had join for breakfast as well.

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