Level 1 Guy: Chapter 171 – Bottomless Stomach

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TLN Note: Why isn’t this chapter for chapter 169, so many perverted jokes could be made on this chapter.

Proofread: Shiro


As I was picking up the Grand Eater’s dropped items shining stone, it melted from my palm. The melted part shone brightly, wrapping my entire body.


The melting sensation was familiar.

It was the same as when a Nihonium’s seed was picked up.

…….Which meant, that this was only for me?


I gotta test what’s the ability, and since I’ve defeated it once, I could use Repetition to defeat it again.

Since Cell tried to collected as much as possible for me, I could do it a few times.


Anyways, the point was that light just now.

A dropped item from a rogue Dungeon Master(He’s talking about the Dungeon Eater), when picked up my body is instantly wrapped in light.

But nothing happened, which isn’t possible.


I wonder what happened, something must’ve happened.

While feeling excited, I carefully watched for any changes to my body, and waited.


The light gradually became smaller, and became darker.

Then the light condensed into one part of my body, which was inside my pocket.

It was inside the pocket of my pants. The light that was dimly lit inside my pocket disappeared.


Putting my hand into my pocket, I immediately noticed something abnormal.


When I reached inside my pockets, there was a hole in the bottom.

Normally, when I reached into my pockets, there would be an end, but that is now gone.

The feeling of it disappearing was rather weird.

It felt like I was thrusting my hand into a huge bottomless bag.


Taking my hands out, I put my other hand into the other pocket.

It was the same feeling, both my pockets had this feeling in them.


I tried putting both my hands into my pocket again.


[Uoo!] (Ryouta)


I unknowingly let out my voice.

Something unexpected occurred.

Both of my hands that was inside my pockets touched.


My entire hands could reach all the way into my pockets, but at the middle of it my hands were joined together.


Right now, my hands were in their normal position, so both of them were at the length of my thighs.

However, my right hand could feel my left hand, and my left hand could feel my right hand.


I tangled my fingers, and for some reason I could do a sumo thumb fight with my fingers.

Somehow, both my left and right pockets are connected.

And inside of it, was a mysterious space.




I quickly went back and went inside my room.

Right now, my room doesn’t have much furnitures.

My bed and my desk, things that were there just now disappeared.


[Oh Ryouta you’re back——wait what’s going on!?]


Alice who entered my room made a big scene.

Well, I too would’ve reacted like her if I were to see the room.


[What happened?] (Alice)

[I just kept them.] (Ryouta)

[Kept them?] (Alice)

[I can get them out.] (Ryouta)


I reached out into my pockets and took out my bed. (TLN: Nani the??? How in the world???)

The bed itself was kinda heavy, but with a SS in Strength, obviously it didn’t felt heavy.

The bed that I then took out was placed back to its original position.


[Then, I can keep it.] (Ryouta)


Then lightly picking it up again, I shove it inside my pocket.

You might think that a big ass bed wouldn’t be able to fit into my pocket, but surprisingly it went in pretty easily. (TLN: That’s what she said)


[W, wow, but how do you do that?] (Alice)

[It was a dropped item from the monster, Grand Eater….or more like the ability of that item.] (Ryouta)

[I see.] (Alice)


Alice was convinced when I said it was from a monster’s drops effect.


[You’re amazing Ryouta. Hey hey, so you can put anything in?] (Alice)

[Yeah……Look.] (Ryouta)


Then, I took various things from the pocket.

A bunch of bean sprouts that I was testing whether I could put drop item inside, processed goods like my own clothing, rogue monsters drops and also some normal bullets.

For testing, I have put in various amounts of items inside which then I took them out to show.


[I even put in some ice, look.] (Ryouta)

[Ooh, it’s so cold. Then will the insides be cold as well?] (Alice)

[Nothing changes.] (Ryouta)

[That’s a steak! And it’s still piping hot!] (Alice)

[The temperature would stay, but I don’t know about the inside. Even though I can put my hands inside, the head is a little…] (Ryouta)


I said that and bent down.

Since it’s my pants, obviously I can’t put my head inside.


[Then then, why not let me look inside and see!] (Alice)

[Eh? By looking inside you meant——Aah!] (Ryouta)


Not being able to stop her, Alice put her hands inside my pocket, and with a face indicating that she was interested, went inside the pocket and disappeared.


[So even humans can be sucked inside….] (Ryouta)


Then Alice’s hands suddenly came out of the pocket.

The sight of someone’s hands jutting out of my pants looked bizarre.


Alice made a peace sign with her hands, then she retracted her hands back into my pocket.


[Is it that interesting inside?] (Ryouta)


Judging by her personality, the possibility being it is high.

I’ll hear her story once she comes out of it, thinking of it I waited for Alice to come out.

However, Alice never came out.


Thus, I put my hands inside my pocket and she twisted my hands.


She is enjoying this isn’t she.


[Well then, if she doesn’t want to come out then it can’t be help. Time to test some other things.] (Ryouta)


In order to get a hang of my new ability, I must continue to test some more stuff.

I wanted to try other things, and I’ve also tested that even humans could be sucked inside.


What should I test out next.


While thinking about it, I thought of, is it that sort of pants? And became curious about it.

Honestly speaking, this pants is so similar to a certain famous cat with a pouch, and I was kinda curious whether it’s something like that.


I took out my pants, and changed into another pants.

As I was trying to pull up my pants from my feet.


[Hey Ryouta, inside is——Uwaaaa!!!] (Alice)


From my new pants, Alice face came out of my pocket.

It was so sudden that it shocked me and I unintentionally dropped my pants.

Alice’s head knocked onto the floor as the pants hem reached the ground and fell to the side.


[Ouu~ch, hey what are you doing.] (Alice)

[My bad my bad, it’s because you suddenly popped out of nowhere.] (Ryouta)

[It wasn’t like it was sudden——–Aah.] (Alice)

[Aah?] (Ryouta)


Alice suddenly became silent.

Wondering what was wrong with her, I looked at where she was looking——-and without needing to trace it I knew what was it.


A half worn pants, and Alice who saw it.


[Oo————] (Alice)

[Don’t say anything and just get inside!] (Ryouta)

[Kyaa, Hey, don’t push me.] (Alice)

[I don’t care just get inside!] (Ryouta)

[I get it, I get it already————] (Alice)


[Ryouta-san, the Association Chief—————]

[ [ Eh?] ]


While knocking and opening the door at the same time, Celeste walked into my room.

It was an extremely horrible timing.


[This is………I’m gonna turn around…..] (Celeste)

[You don’t have to, you don’t have to go okay!!!] (Ryouta)


Celeste then hit her head at the back of the wall, and Alice hurriedly flew out of my pocket.

It took a long time to clear the misunderstanding.




[I, I see, so that’s what happened…..] (Celeste)


Celeste who heard the explanation sighed a relief.

After putting on my pants, I took out a bed from within my pocket——which is usually unbelievable to be able to take something like a bed out of a pocket.


Celeste who saw it went [Waaah…..].

The misunderstanding was cleared and I too was relieved.


[Also, I can wear any pants and it will still be connected.] (Ryouta)

[It’s isn’t the pants but Ryouta’s power then.] (Celeste)

[That’s it.] (Ryouta)

[Hey hey, I wonder if you can carry something out from inside.] (Alice)

[Carry?] (Ryouta)


I looked at Alice, and she replied.


[Yes! Something like this.] (Alice)

[Uwaa! Wait a minute Alice!] (Ryouta)


Again, I couldn’t stop her in time and she went back into my pocket.

Then her face appeared, but it was just her head that came out.


[Celeste, you should come in too!] (Alice)

[Eh? Huh, uhh, me?] (Celeste)


Celeste then looked back and forth at me and Alice who had her head stuck out of my pocket.


[For me……to go inside Ryouta-san’s pants…..] (Celeste)

[It’s inside the pockets okay!] (Ryouta)

[Whatever just come~] (Alice)


Alice then took out her hands, and pulled Celeste in.

Celeste went [Hyan!] and shrieked, and as if it was nothing she was also sucked into the pocket.


[Then please move.] (Alice)

[…..Aah.] (Ryouta)


Even though I was forcibly pushed around, I understood what Alice was saying.

Then I put the bed inside again, and went out of my room and downstairs.


Various furnitures and two humans were inside my pocket, but it didn’t feel heavy at all.

It wasn’t because I have SS in Strength that it wasn’t heavy, but it’s not even heavy to begin with.


Going pass the corridor, I went out to the garden.


[How is it?] (Alice)

[Well as you can see, it’s the garden.] (Ryouta)

[Ooh, so you can carry stuff out.] (Alice)

[It’s certainly true…..] (Celeste)

[Hey, how about under this condition.] (Alice)


Alice and Celeste’s head both popped out from the left and right of my pockets.


[It’s like a Kangaroo.] (Ryouta)

[What’s that?] (Alice)

[It’s an animal, it’s body has a pocket, and its child would be cared inside of the pocket.] (Ryouta)

[Heh……so something like this?] (Alice)


It wasn’t just Alice’s head, but both her hands came out.

The hands that was out from beside her head was grabbing at the edge of the pocket. It really looked like a Kangaroo, and it was kinda adorable.


Then, I walked around the garden with Alice and Celeste’s head jutting out of the pockets.

It wasn’t heavy, I wonder if it’s because it’s still inside the pocket.


The ability of the Grand Eater, it was unbelievably convenient than I would’ve expected.



[Elza? What’s the matter?] (Ryouta)


From within the mansion, I could hear Elza calling out my name.

When Elza looked at me, or more specifically the bottom half of my body—–She could see Alice and Celeste.


[……Kyuu.] (Elza)


Her eyes suddenly turned white and she fainted.


[Wait, what’s wrong!] (Ryouta)

[Aah, I knew it would happen.] (Alice)

[That’s right, from other’s perspective, it looks like Ryouta has two heads hanging from both sides.] (Celeste)


Even though the Grand Eater’s Pocket is convenient, but it comes with a lot of annoyances.

Author Note:

9/12 : 9th chapter of the comic is out. Click here to see


TLN Note:

Seriously, this chapter, why isn’t it under chapter 169?!?!?!? It’s so suited for it. Maybe the Author had the same idea but he kinda missed out on the joke. And OH MY GOSH I can make so many jokes based on this chapter alone!!!!!

P.S: Injured my right hand during gym, and gosh it’s taking so long to heal!!!! So if I’m slow with the updates, please forgive me for it >W<

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