Cut&Paste: Chapter 150 – At the Royal Palace(3)

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「The drawbacks of the door is…..」


I swallowed my saliva in anticipation of Brother-san’s next words.

Ah it wasn’t just me, but the rest of us were also waiting for his response.


「…….that anyone can just use it to move around.」


Everyone let out a 「Fuuh」 sigh of relief. It was surprisingly a simple drawback.

Rather, wasn’t the reason why they called me to create this was so that movement would be convenient?


I felt that Brother-san’s point of view contradicts the purpose in the first place…..


「……Uhmm Brother-san, about your worries.」


As I tried to inquire further, Brother-san shortly said 「Aah」 and nodded.


Hm? I wonder what happened. Even though I properly completed my assignment, I don’t think it’s a drawback?


As I was still wondering while tilting left to right, Sylphy suddenly clapped her hands together and said 「Aah, I get it now.」.

If even King-sama didn’t mention anything, then even he acknowledges this drawback/flaw.


I could see that Airy had an expression of not knowing either, well I can’t blame her as she has only recently come to know about the existence of this door.

Right now, it’s only me who don’t understand what the flaw was.


…..Well, even if if I don’t understand why, I could just create something that counters that flaw.


「……I’m sorry, I really don’t get it.」


I said obediently as I gave up on guessing. However, it wasn’t Brother-san that answered, but King-sama that gave me a hint.


「Myne, about what Alto said, to some extent it has something to do with how the user operates. And, it would be a problem in specific circumstances.」


To some extent on how it’s used? However, during specific uses there would be a problem…..? It confuses me even more.


「How do I put it, let’s say you gave your family and those who are under Fenrir-sama’s contract to use this door, it wouldn’t be a problem.

However, what if let’s say for example Morc from earlier would be able to use it too, then what would be the outcome?」


This time it was Brother-san that gave a much more definite explanation.


……I see now, it means that anyone could use this non-standardized item.

Plus, I might be a suspect if anyone could use it and figured out who made it.


I who wanted my skills to be absolutely concealed, having it leak out would certainly cause a lot of trouble.


If I were to point it out, I think that the current state that other unspecified people could use this door is not good.


In this kind of state, anyone who uses this door would ask about the details every time.

And if that were to happen and we can’t find a way to deceive them, it’ll probably cause havoc.


「I’ve should’ve said this earlier, it might be possible to prevent it to a certain extent by clarifying who could use it.

For example, it could be placed in the office room or in a private room…..However, it might not be a 100% guaranteed that it will be safe.

Just like Morc earlier, anyone might just walk in. There might also be people who would meet the King to talk about trivial matters, and counter measures to those are kinda impossible, because it’s not unusual for people to come.」


That’s true. Whether it’s in the office room or a private room of King-sama, there is not an absolute place where no people would come and go.

Well compared to other places, the people coming and going out of these rooms are little in number, but it’s still not zero.


For example, the maids who are working in the royal palace. They would still need to do their jobs by cleaning for the two example rooms.

Cleaning each and every room and washing the clothes and bed covers are naturally done every day without fail.

In other words, if you place this door in either of these, it would be inevitable that they will see this door.


Naturally, from the maid’s standpoint, I guess they’ll never touch the furnitures of both rooms without permission.

They’ll get in trouble because of it and they might be dismissed, but being dismissed would also be another inconvenience as the royal palace would have to hire another maid.


What’s more, you can’t give an order and say that they absolutely cannot touch the door, as the thing called a door is something that is supposed to be cleaned as well.

So even if it’s a furniture, it should obviously be cleaned. Then what if they are trying to clean the back of the door……?


Well if it’s the maid who always guides me, I don’t think she’ll have any problems finding out.

Anyways, she has already knew that I can suddenly appear in a room.


They even put in the trouble of creating the bell in my room just in case of my sudden appearance.

I don’t know why go through all that trouble, but I guess it’s to figure out when I’m coming.


Still, even if she opened the door by mistake, I would expect that probably nothing would change as she’ll probably just associate the door being able to move anywhere with my secret.


As Aisha and Sylphy knew about my skills, she would just think that “Oh they must have a secret” and would come to understand without knowing too much about the details.

Indeed in such a case, it made sense. However, if it was Prime Minister Morc, then it’ll be a different from that of the maid.


Well, hearing about it from Sylphy and Brother-san, I heard that he isn’t a bad person.

Even though I heard that there are plenty of planned conspiracies, but all is going on is in consideration of the national interest, and it’s all for the royal family.


But if it would compromise my secret being exposed, then the answer would be a big fat NO.

It’s clear that we can’t speak of it carelessly.


「……It certainly has its faults……」


「Aah, so did you finally understand? Oh and also, this is only in specific cases…..however, it’s almost impossible……」


Ah, I did remember King-sama saying that it might be troublesome for specific uses.

What could it be, in the first place what kind of specific purposes…..?


「When our royalty has to abandon the Kingdom and run away.」




「There is nothing to be surprised about though? Our country is having war with other countries, so there might be a possibility that the royal palace would become a battlefield.

When that happens, how would my girls escape? With this door, the possibility of escaping will rise considerably.

However, after getting away, if the pursuer notices this door……Of course, you know what happens next?

In such cases, it would mean that it’s troublesome if anyone can enter it, well obviously this is still a very special case.」


…..I see, it is indeed troubling if such a thing were to occur.

Well, if this door would be used during emergencies, I would be happy to let it be used.


However, as of right now, it’ll be useless if both sides can use it.


「I have understood the flaws. Let me think about some countermeasures.」


As I said that, King-sama and Brother-san both cheered 「Aah, good luck with it.」.

For now, let’s figure out another way of working around the usage.


「…..Well then, let’s bring about the next topic, it’s about the invasion of the Demon Country?」

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