Cut&Paste: Chapter 149 – At the Royal Palace (2)

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「What!? Have you finally completed it! Well done Myne!」


It seems that King-sama immediately understood that I was talking about the Teleporting Door.

Just now, the King was trying to show a bright attitude to lighten the mood around us, but after hearing the report from me, he looked pleased from the bottom of his heart.


「Yes, the details…..」


The King again understood what my intentions were as I was looking at Prime Minister Morc.


「I’m sorry but, Morc, could you wait for us outside for a while?」


「…..I do not mind but is it something that even I the Prime Minister can’t know about?」


Apparently, Prime Minister Morc noticed that I was staring at him earlier.

Maybe that’s why he thought the King’s commands were strange.


「Let’s see, this talk literally concerns about one’s “life”, and that is something that I have sworn not to talk about.」


The King reminded me of Fenrir-sama’s “Divine Beast’s Contract”.

However, that can only be accepted by those who have met Fenrir-sama and given approval from Fenrir-sama.


Well, it’s true that if he mentioned it to someone about my skill, it might most certainly be a painful death, but if you don’t talk about it then the protection would stay.

I don’t think Fenrir-sama would give it willingly to someone, especially giving it to humans for their convenience.


「Hou? Who did King-sama swear upon?」


Oh, apparently King-sama’s words seemed to have caught the interest of Morc-san.

Well, I wonder how the King would solve this….


「Oh Morc, I do not dislike your attitude of trying to increase your knowledge about something of interest…..but sometimes, there are things that you should be better off not knowing about in this world.」


Morc-san who heard the King’s reply, twitched his eyebrows.

It might have been an unexpected reply.


My heart was raising as to whether or not the word “Divine Beast’s Contract” would be mentioned.

However, if you think about it, if someone talks about the “Divine Beast’s Contract”, then it would break the content of the contract.


As such, it is impossible for King-sama to do such a curious thing.


「Hohou, for Your Majesty to word it as such…..This is knocking on wood, if that’s the case, shall I excuse myself.」


While shrugging his shoulders, the Prime Minister went out of the office.

Somehow we dodged a person who was extremely curious about our situation, and the ones remaining in the office were only my family who knew about my skills.


『Waffle, just in case, could you search around our surroundings?』


When asked to do so, Waffle responded with 「Wafu!」 and immediately started searching.

Even though I can practically use any skills, but in terms of sensing ability, Waffle is a step above me.


Thus, leaving this to Waffle was the right decision.


『It’s alright, I didn’t sense any magic, nor people.』


『Thanks Waffle!』


After thanking him, I gently stroked the tail that was hanging down in front of my eyes, and Waffle seemed happy as he narrowed his eyes.

While looking at our situation, Brother-san asked excitedly.


「So, Younger Brother.was the door that has your skill sealed really completed?」


「Yeah, a little…, it was really difficult but…..」


While saying that, I took out the door which was connected to the Dismantling Room of our home which I made in advance and put it inside the storage bag.

Both King-sama and Brother-san looked at the seemingly normal door.


「…..Father, Brother… there anything wrong with the door?」


Airy who does not know the situation tilted her head while asking.

Looking at her father and brother in excitement, she was curious too.


「This is what Danna-sama was here for. It might be the possibility of AIry’s hope to be fulfilled.」


Though Sylphy was explaining to Airy, she did not understand it well. Thus she continued looking at the door in a strange manner while tilting her head.

Sylphy never went further with her explanation.


I guess she thought that it would be understood once they look at it.


Practical rather than theory, it is exactly as is.


「This door, is connected to my home’s Dismantling Room.」


After mentioning, Airy finally understood what it is.

She showed a surprised expression.


「Th, this, could it be…..the same movement skill that Onii-sama uses!?」


Listening to Airy’s words, King-sama finally asked.


「……Fumu, well can I try it right away?」


「Yes, but for safety reasons, I’m gonna go in first.」


Even though I’ve tested that there was nothing wrong with it, but if perchance King-sama used it and something were to happen, then it’ll be even troublesome.

It would cause a chaos to the entirety of the Kingdom of Orcus.


Hence, it was better for me to use it and prove that it is safe.


So, Waffle who was on top of me, followed as I went through the door. Then it was Sylphy’s turn.

The Fortuna Family disappeared without a trace, then after only the royal family were left, they looked at each other and nodded.


「Well, I’ll go first!」


Amongst the royal family, Airy was the first to go into the door. Well since Airy has experienced moving around with my skill.

She did not feel any unease.


When seeing Airy jumped into the door, Brother Alto followed suit.


「Fumu, so he really made such a thing…..I wonder other than the Alchemist Maya, who else could do something like this…..」


Then finally, the King passed through the door.




「…..This is, where Dyne and Yukino lived huh.」


We moved from the Dismantling Room to the living room and we drank tea.

Actually, the plan was to immediately return soon, but since the King insisted on looking around the house, we showed him around and thus we are now drinking tea.


King-sama was once a friend of my mom and dad who was also in the same party.

Therefore, I think that he was rather curious about the house.


King-sama who was looking around slowly had a nostalgic, yet complicated expression that seemed to indicate loneliness.

I’m sure he was remembering the old days.


I don’t know how he felt because to me it was just an ordinary sight, but surely from the King’s point of view, it was that of my mom and dad who lived here.


「Myne, well done. Well, it is a shame that we can’t use it in a big scale due to the “Divine Beast’s Contract”…..」


King-sama was praising me.


「…..Younger Brother….I think that this door is great and all, but I feel like there is one drawback to it…..」


After Brother-san passed through the door with an excited feeling, asked me in a cool tone.


「A drawback….?」


Hm, Hm, Hm? What is it? I can’t think of anything at all…..

Sylphy too was wondering? As she tilted her head.


Even though it had no relation whatsoever, but the gesture of Sylphy tilting her head looked exactly like Airy before.

As expected of sisters. I was impressed by strange things.


……Whoops, the story has diverted. So, a disadvantage huh…..


「……I’m sorry Brother-san. But I do not understand.」


As I answered, Brother-san pointing out the disadvantages of the door.


「The drawbacks of the door is…..」

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TLN Note: So recently I have been thinking about some ideas for my upcoming project, and one of them had to do with coming up with an original idea for a short novel story. It’s still a work in progress, so not everything is final at the moment, but I have planned out a rough draft about how the story is gonna go, and the main part about this story is, it’s gonna be a “choose your own path” kinda story, so I want the readers(everyone) to participate it actually building the protagonist’s path till the very end.

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