Level 1 Guy: Chapter 169 – Grand Eater

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After defeating Skeletons using Repetition from one end to the other inside the first floor, then using the Infinite Recovery Bullet to recover my MP, I continued onward inside the dungeon.

Usually I would take my time to fight them, but since the enemy that I’m gonna be facing is a strong one, I wanted to keep my equipments at bay, thus I cleared the floor with the Repetition+Infinite Recovery Bullets combo.


Then I came across that.


It has the body of a human, there were limbs attached to its body which made him looked like a regular guy.

However, that body had neither eyes or nose or even mouth, the head was undulating, and there was a creepy pattern swirling throughout the body.


[It looks like jupiter……] (Ryouta)


I unintentionally let out my voice.

It looked exactly like the planet Jupiter that was shown in my science book that I saw long ago.

It’s figure looked like someone cut out a picture of Jupiter and slapped it onto a body, just looking at it made me feel nauseous.


It was moving at a slow pace. Then it grabbed onto a nearby Skeleton.

Then with its hands touching the Skeleton, it ate it.


Imagine an eraser, with just the touch of its hands, the Skeleton’s body disappeared, the only thing that remained was the bones that clattered on the ground.


I don’t have the time to be shocked by it, a new Skeleton has spawned right beside him.

From the walls, the Skeleton emerged from within it.

The figure reached out his hands, and the Skeleton that just recently came out of the walls disappeared(consumed).


Grand Eater, or some people call it the Dungeon Eater.

I quickly understood the meaning of the origin of its name.

A monster that touches anything and erases their existence.


[First off…..let’s try something small!] (Ryouta)


From two of my revolvers I fired the Normal Bullets, then fusing together, a total of 6 Penetrating Bullets flew towards that creature.

The Penetrating Bullets that broke the sound barrier, directly landed at the Grand Eater that did not have enough time to react.


Then, it vanished.

It literally vanished. At that moment where the bullets contacted the body of the Grand Eater, it disappeared similar to how the Skeletons did.


[If that’s the case!] (Ryouta)


I immediately changed my bullets, this time it was the Freezing and Flaming Bullets, and also the Infinite Lighting Bullet.

If physical bullets doesn’t deal any damage, how about having a taste of Bullets with Magical attributes imbued in them.


As the bullets landed, a Magic Circle expanded—–


[What!] (Ryouta)


I was the most surprised since I was the one who used the revolvers the longest.

The Freezing Bullets were ice, Flaming were fire, and the Lightning Bullets had lighting striking down from the ceiling, however the Grand Eater ate them all up.

It wasn’t just ice, but the flames and the lighting, and even the Magic Circle that appeared, the moment it landed on the body of the Grand Eater, all of it was eaten up.

It wasn’t just physical damage, but it even eats up Magical Damage.


It can’t be that the surface body of the Grand Eater, the patterns that looked similar to the planet of Jupiter had the attributes of erasing all damage?


Suddenly, I was reminded of Nihonium’s Dungeon Master.

A transparent body, a figure that looked like a ghost or spirit.


There must be a way to defeat it, since it must’ve been a monster before it turned into an item and was sent to this dungeon.

Then, let’s do it like that time, where I aim at its weakness using the Homing Bullet—–


[——–!] (Ryouta)


It suddenly flew beside.

The moment I fired the Homing Bullet, the Grand Eater rushed towards me.

Up until now, I wouldn’t imagine that the slow pace movement that it was moving could move so fast, if I was 0.1 seconds any slower, I think I would’ve disappeared as well.


It gathered its arms and pushed, and ate the Homing Bullets.

I was terrified.


It wasn’t just that it ate the Homing Bullets.

I who avoided that arms grazed my nose suddenly realized.


It eats anything.

Literally anything.


It wasn’t just the bullets, but the air around us—–no it felt like the air around it was being consumed by that thing.

After landing on the ground, my back was sweating profusely.


The Grand Eater that eats everything, it did not chase after me.

Instead of aiming at me, it shook its hands at the walls beside him, and that also disappeared.

Depending on where he touches, that thing will be gone.


If I leave him as is, this dungeon would——I became much more terrified.

I have to stop it……Thus I fired the bullets that I have not tried yet.


Restraining Bullets, Sleeping Bullets, Recovery Bullets…..

I fired at it with whatever bullets I have in my arsenal.


However, everything was consumed by it.

The light coming from the Restraining Bullets, or the effects of the Sleeping Bullet, even the aura coming from the Recovery Bullet.

Everything that touches the Grand Eater, was consumed.

The only thing that wasn’t eaten up was the Trash bullets, and ironically, the reason why was because the speed was too slow to even reach the Grand Eater, so it hasn’t been eaten up.


I kept my revolvers, this time I tried using magic.

Well, Repetition is obviously a no go, so I tried using Wind Cutter on it which was the first magic that I’d ever learned.


I trembled more and more at the results.

Similarly to the special bullets, the magic was consumed.


Even regular magic had the same fate.


[Then…..how about this!] (Ryouta)


I picked up a bone that was laying on the floor by the aftermath of the Grand Eater.

It was the femur of the Skeleton, and after picking it up, I activated Absolute Rock.

After using it my entire body harden into a rock, and whatever effect that was dealt would be useless.

Even the bone that I was carrying harden—–Which also turned into Invincible mode.

While holding on the bone, I inched closer to the Grand Eater then strike at it.


Even though once I turned into Invincible Mode, my Speed and Strength would drop to F, but I wouldn’t have to dodge the Grand Eater and just continue to attack it with the bone.


The results——absolutely the same as all the rest.

It even ate the Invincible Mode’s Bones, and looking at it, it doesn’t seemed to be injured.


The Grand Eater counter attacked, and with how hard it was to dodge whilst on this state, I somehow managed to dodge and it only grazed my waist.


One of my revolvers that I held, was eaten by it.


[Damnit!] (Ryouta)


I desperately kept a distance away from it.

If I was any closer to it I would’ve died.

Even with Invincible mode and both HP and Stamina at SS.


Irregardless of anything, the Grand Eater just consumes everything on sight.


The Grand Eater didn’t give chase. Again away from me, it was just destroying the walls of the dungeon.

My life wasn’t at stake, however I was in a pinch.

If I leave it, it will definitely kill this dungeon.


Dungeon Eater, right now, I felt fear from its name.


What should I do? How can I defeat it?


There must be a way to kill it.

Whoever did it kill this thing right here and carried its drop and turned it into a rogue monster.

So there must certainly be a way. Or at least it exists a way.


However, what is the way? (Do u no da whey)


The Dungeon Eater extended its arms.

Its gesture looked kinda humane, as if shaking off flies that were bothering it.

The think that he was shook off(consumed) was the Trash Bullet.

The Trash Bullet that I fired just now, finally reached closed to it.


[———!] (Ryouta)


A Revelation fell upon me.

I took out my only revolver.

I took out all of my bullets, and loaded the Trash Bullet.


I fired the Trash Bullet.

After firing, I took a step back.

Then fired, then took a step back and repeated.


After repeating it for awhile, and stepping backwards—–I was at the entrance of the Dungeon.

Even after I went out of the Dungeon I continued firing the Trash Bullets.


Every step I take, I fire a Trash Bullet, then taking its time floating mid air—–it looked like a trail.


I felt a presence, the presence of the Grand Eater.

From within the Dungeon, I felt it coming.


It waved its arms and came forward while consuming the Trash Bullets that felt like flies to it.

It shook and waved its arms while moving forward one step at a time.


Following the trail of Trash Bullets, as soon as the Grand Eater reached the entrance of the Dungeon, it disappeared.


No matter how strong it is, as long as it exists, it’ll disappear.

Any monster in this world would disappear so as long as it leaves its house(dungeon).


The Grand Eater was no exception either.

Being invited by the Trash Bullet, the Grand Eater was consumed under the clear sky.

P.S: Grand Eater, that’s what I call yo_____, I leave it to your imagination. Hint is on the chapter.

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