Cut&Paste: Chapter 148 – At the Royal Palace (1)

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Different from what happened back when I was trying to report the Clan’s name, it looks like King-sama is kinda busy right now. So I guess I’ll wait inside this room for the time being.

I heard that he is listening to the reports of the request issued through the Adventurer’s Guild.


As for the contents of the report, I wasn’t told about it, so I just have to pass the time.

Surely the talk right now is extremely important.


Now that I think about it, Aisha was also part of the adventurer’s guild, so I wonder if she had a request from the royal family too?

While sitting on a chair and thinking whilst balancing with just two of the chair’s legs, a knock came from my door.


Aah, is it time? Was what I thought as I stood up and gently opened the door.


Then, the ones that went inside the room wasn’t who I thought it was. It wasn’t the maid, but Sylphy and Airy.

Aah, seems like the both of them have already finished their business.


「Danna-sama, I have returned. Since you’re still here, it means that you have not met Father? Well, it could not be helped as Father is busy all the time.」

「Yes, it seems like the request he sent for the Adventurer’s Guild has arrived, and he is currently listening on the report.」


I’ve explained to Sylphy what I heard from Maid-san about the reason why our audience with King-sama is delayed, but for some reason her eyes widen and raised her voice.


「…..Wha!? A report from the Guild!?」


What? What is it!? Was what I asked as the shocked Sylphy regained her composure and told me about it.


From what she said, there is a possibility that the Demon country is starting a war against other countries.

It is a ridiculous rumour, but if that rumour turns out to be true, then it’ll be way worse than you can ever imagine.


Whether the rumours were true or not, just to be sure, the country has started requesting the Adventure Guild to help out.

The request was made back when me and Sylphy gotten married, and it seemed that the timing of returning back to the capital to report this matter was also good timing.

……I didn’t know that the Demon country is that far away.


「Depending on the situation, we may have to help out too.」


Huh? Wait a second…..the Demon Country’s invasion? Hm? Where have I heard of that before…..

Aah! I remembered! ! ! That’s right! It was at that time!


It was during the time when we were riding behind Jormungand-sama’s back towards the “Dungeon Prison”, Jormungand-sama told us about it!

Didn’t we saw a town that was invaded and destroyed!


「Sylphy! That rumour is true! I heard from Jormungand-sama that there was a new King being elected in the Demon country!」


「Wha-?!Da, Danna-sama, is what you’re saying real!」


「I’m not mistaken! Even I was there to witness the buildings being burned, stacked corpses, groups of Orcs… was truly a hell-like scene!」


Listening from her own Danna reporting something so unreasonable, Sylphy could only open her mouth wide.


Given the timing of the request to the Guild, we know that the Demon country has a considerable distance from the Orcus Kingdom of where we live.

Indeed, there was a memory that took a while to remember when we were moving behind Jormungand-sama’s back who was flying at high speed.


Which meant that there is still quite a distance before it comes to our kingdom…..


After talking to Sylphy about it, we heard another knock from the door.


「Myne-sama, I apologize for making you wait but Your Majesty is now awaiting for your presence, please follow me to……Ara? I see that Hime-samas are also present right now.」


Now that she saw Sylphy and Airy who wasn’t with me just now, Maid-san was slightly surprised, but she immediately fixed herself.

Yeap, a professional Maid indeed.


「Well then, let us go. Does the two Hime-sama want to follow as well?」


「Yes, of course.」


「Obviously !」


Sylphy, and Airy the double princesses(Even though Sylphy was once one) answered, then the Maid said 「Alright, let us go together then.」 and left the room.

Waffle was still on top of my head, while Kuu was floating beside Sylphy’s shoulder as we followed along.


Then, Airy’s eyes opened wide and spoke.


「…….O, Onee-sama….Th, what is that pink kid floating near your shoulder?」


Airy was pointing at Kuu, and with a scared voice asked Sylphy.


「Hm? Aah, this is the Divine Beast Cetus-sama’s daughter, Kuu.」


「C, Cetus-sama you say!?」


Yes, a normal reaction indeed…..I’m sure King-sama and Brother-In-Law-san would also have the same reactions.

The whale race isn’t really a well known race after all, what’s more a daughter of the Divine Beast, it’s obvious that they would have that reaction…..


Being the center of attention, Kuu was moving her tails while moving around.

Apparently, she was happy about it.


「Kyu, KyuKyuu-!」


Then, moving closer to Airy, she made noises as she tried to greet Airy.


「…..What is it saying?」


「『I’m Kuu, please to meet you!』 Was what she said.」


After conveying Kuu’s words, Airy had a smile on her face as she greeted back, please to meet you too!


「Can’t Onee-sama speak with Kuu-chan?」


「Unfortunately, since Aisha and I did not meet with Cetus-sama.」


While Airy and Sylphy were chatting away, the appearance of Maid-san has completely disappeared.


「Aah, Maid-san left us! Let’s hurry.」


Speaking while moving, we walked at a slightly faster pace, and the two followed suit.


As I went out of the room and looked forward, I saw Maid-san waiting for me at a slightly further place.


「I deeply apologize for interrupting with your conversations.」


Maid-san bowed deeply.


「No! We are sorry as well!」


Maid-san apologized for moving too fast, and I apologized for being slow, and once that was over, we went to where King-sama awaits, in the office.


「You’re here, come on in.」


After knocking the door, I could hear Brother-In-Law-san’s voice from within.

Accepting his offer, I opened the door and there I saw King-sama and Brother-san, and also Morg-san of the Prime Minister welcomed us all.


「I’ve kept you waiting for long as there was an urgent matter to be settled, so I apologize.」


As King-sama said that, before I could reply Sylphy spoke first.


「…….Father, about that urgent matter….Is it about the entanglement with the Demon Country?」


After Sylphy spoke, King-sama, Brother-san, Prime Minister Morc had a panic look in their faces.


「…..Aaah, you’re right.」


「I see,…..I have just come to know about it not long, and my Danna-sama has a prominent report to tell you.」


「What!? Myne? What sort of prominent report would that be?」


I then spoke about what I told Sylphy just now where Jormungand-sama and I saw what happened to the town.

The more I continued, the cloudier the three of their faces became.


「…..I see, so Jormungand-sama told you. If that’s the case, then it’s not a mistake.」


After King-sama said that, the room turned quiet.

Then, after some time, King-sama once again spoke.


「Well, let’s talk about that slowly afterwards, so what did you want to talk to me about?

NO way, since Sylphy said that she was aware earlier, don’t tell me it was only about that?」


Perhaps the King knew about the atmosphere, so he tried to brighten up the mood by speaking at a cheerful voice.


Alright, I will take on that intention and speak to him energetically.

……But since Prime Minister Morc is here, I can’t really say so specifically.


After looking at Morc-san, I reported.


「Yes, that’s right. I have completely forgotten. The request that you gave me the other day, I have successfully created it and wanted to tell you.」


「What!? Did you really completed it! Well done Myne!」


With that, the subject shifted to the Teleporting Door that I made.

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