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「Airy, it’s me! Syphid~」


After hearing a knock from my door, I could hear Syphy Onee-sama’s voice from behind the door.




I hurriedly ran and open the door.

…..However, because I was in a hurry, I couldn’t breathe properly and my chest ended up hurting.


That time when I went to Onee-sama’s place to stay overnight, the bath I took really helped with my condition for awhile.

However, after some time passed, since then my body  has returned to being weak again.


I quickly opened the door and let Onee-sama come into my room.


「…..! Airy what happened! Haven’t I told you many times not to run!」

「…..I’m sorry Onee-sama, I was excited when Onee-sama came to visit, so I unknowingly ran…..」


Sylphy Onee-sama looked at me with a worried face.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make Onee-sama worried.


「Here Airy, hold onto me.」


Onee-sama reached her hands out to me, then holding her hands, I started to breath deeply.


Huu, Haa, Huu, Haa……


Fortunately, the breathing helped calmed me down. With that, Onee-sama won’t have to worry about me anymore.


「Alright, I’m already fine! Again, I apologize for having Onee-sama constantly worrying about me.」

「Don’t mind it, as long as you don’t go overboard… as to not make me worry again.」


Aah, it’s the usual kind Onee-sama. That’s why, I want to quickly cure this weak body of mine as soon as possible so Onee-sama won’t have to be sad anymore.


From what Brother-In-Law Myne mentioned, my body is said to have less magic power stored inside than others.

And because of that, it results in this weak body of mine.


On the contrary, if it doesn’t go below a certain amount, the condition wouldn’t get any worse, so it seemed that there is nothing to worry about….


…..However, even if I know the reason, there doesn’t seem to be a method to cure it as of right now.


But, because of Brother-In-Law Myne, we were able to identify the symptom.


As for the method of treatment…..As long as I stay with Brother-In-Law Myne and Onee-sama in the Fortuna family, I can use the bath anytime!

As to why the bath can help treat my body, I wonder why?


The bath, isn’t an ordinary bath at all. If I’m not mistaken, the water used in the bath is specially made.

Actually, the water was created by Brother-In-Law’s skill, so he is the one who is supplying the water.


Whereas the method of constantly making the water temperature to be high…..Probably has to do with the huge amounts of magic being used to sustain the heat, which then makes it a magical water.


Even with my body being diagnosed as a chronic magic deficiency, as long as I enter this bath, my insufficient magic will temporarily be restored.

Actually the other day, when I went to stay over at Brother-In-Law’s house, I was able to confirm the extent of the effect.


That’s why I requested to be in the Clan that was made by Brother-In-Law and Onee-sama.

If I can be a part of the Clan, I can go to Lucas and stay whenever I want. Which means, I can go and take a bath everyday!


When I spoke of this idea to Brother-In-Law, he told me that he’ll create a bath inside the palace.


However, my motive is to be able to move around freely, so as to get back the time I spent inside my room.

If I achieve that, I can finally get out of the palace and enjoy my youth by venturing around happily.


That’s why, when Brother-In-Law suggested that idea of creating a bath inside the palace, I was troubled by it.

I rather go to his house and be treated in his bathroom.


Fortunately, Brother-In-Law Myne is as kind as Onee-sama too. That’s why, I cried in front of Brother-In-Law.


「…..I wonder if Brother-In-Law hates me ?」


…..After that, I was given a condition before being able to join the Clan.

That condition is….”Get the approval from Father and Mother”.


Since both my parents spoils me lots, I’m sure the condition will immediately be approved….However, I received an unexpected result.


「No. I’ll never approve.」

「I too will not allow it.」


When I first asked the two of them, my parents immediately answered as such.

The time it took for them to answer me was exactly 0.5 seconds. It was truly an instantaneous answer.


「Why not! ?If I can stay at Brother-In-Law’s place, I can then treat my body!」


I unconsciously raised my voice towards my parents.


「It does sound like an attractive offer. However, the treatment is only temporary, is that right?

If that’s the case, what happens if your condition becomes poor again? It’s different from being in the palace, there’s no maid to help you, you know that right?

What’s more, if I were to ask Myne to create the bath inside the palace, then the problem would be settled.」


Kuh, it’s the same as what Brother-In-Law said….


After that, I tried persuading them several times, but it was to no avail, both Father and Mother stubbornly shook their heads.


「…..What’s wrong? Airy, does your body still hurt?」


Aah, I can’t….I unconsciously dived too deep in my thoughts.


「Oh no, it’s nothing Onee-sama, I was just reminded of something bad…..」


「Fumu? What seemed to have happened? If you’re okay with it, you can discuss it with me?」


I can’t let Onee-sama worry again, I have to somehow divert the topic! !


「…..It’s really okay, Onee-sama! Moreover, why are you here today? It’s rare to suddenly visit here.」


「…..Is that so? Well, if you don’t want to say it, I won’t force you.

As for why I’m here today, it’s because Danna-sama had something to report to Father, so I tagged along and visit my cute sister Airy.

Of course, the Clan House is soon to be constructed, so did you ask for permission with Father and Mother?

And also, since you didn’t talk about it, I’ve gotten worried about it, so how was it? Did Father and Mother approved of it?」


It was exactly what I was thinking just now. Whether it’s coincidental or not, but as expected of Onee-sama.


「…….As I expect, Onee-sama. To be honest, I was thinking about what you were saying.」


If that’s the case, let’s talk about it with Onee-sama. You never know, maybe she can come up with a brilliant idea!


「Nn, I imagine that the two of them were really against it right?」


「…..It’s exactly as Onee-sama pictured.」


「Well, both Father and Mother are really overprotective of Airy.

I can somehow imagine it, because of how frail your body is since young, I could sort of understand why they had to do it.」


I don’t need Onee-sama to tell me, I already know!

Wait that’s not it, I want my Onee-sama to find a way to let me join the Clan!


「Does Onee-sama have any ideas?」


「Fumu…..I don’t have an idea, but I’m sure I can solve it.」


There’s no idea but it’ll be solved!? What does that mean!?

If there’s a way like that, I would like Onee-sama to tell me!!


「O, onee-sama!! What does that mean!? Do you have a way to convince Otou-sama and Okaa-sama!?」


「Yeah, depending on what Danna-sama tells Father, that’ll decide it. I’m gonna head back to Danna-sama’s place, does Airy wanna follow?」


Brother-In-Law!? What sort of conversation is he gonna say?

Whatever it is, if I can join the Clan, of course I’ll follow along!


「Yes! I would like you to take me along as well.」


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