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Nihonium Dungeon, 7th floor.

I’ve been beating down the Mummies that I’ve encountered in the floor.

The bandaged monster went spiraling away from the blow, and its body was bent as such that the character [?] could be seen. If it was a normal human being, I’m sure they’ll immediately die from such impact.


However, because they are monsters, the damage wasn’t enough to kill them as it struggled to get up, and once again with their body covered with electricity, it inched closer towards me.


With just my bare hands I fought with them.

Without using any magic nor my revolvers.

A CQC only battle.


A self-bound play, and this is one of the times where it was really hardcore.

Since I was testing around Teruru’s 15th floor, some things happened——and it lead to me trying to fight the Mummies without any sort of weapons.


I ran a speed faster than the Mummy that came towards me, and kicked its knees.

Then, grabbing the rear head of the collapsed Mummy, I pushed him towards the wall.

With a smooth combo, I have successfully defeated the Mummy, leaving a seed as it disappeared.


Picking up the seed to increase my ability, I went on to search for my next prey.


When I opened the door, there were three Mummies.

As it noticed me, I knocked down the first of it, then grabbing the other head and twisting it, I knocked them together and defeated them.


Using no magic, no revolvers, no weapons.

Though it took some time, I’ve safely increased my Mentality from C to B.


……It has increased but.


[Uun.] (Ryouta)


Inside the dungeon, I put my arms together and tilted my head.

Today’s results weren’t half bad.

Even though I wasn’t used to it yet, and I would take damage from the Mummies from time to time, but I’ll probably get used to it by tomorrow, as I have to be much more careful and try to have a no-damage run.

Well, I predict that it’ll go well due to the abundant of experience I had before.


However, I felt like something wasn’t enough.


During my time in Teruru’s 15th floor, I was actually restricted over there even till the end.

So I felt like something was still missing.


[Maybe it’s because the difference is that I’m the one that restricts myself versus being forced to be restricted.] (Ryouta)


Thinking about it for awhile, that was the conclusion I ended up with.

I guess even if you put a rule to bind yourself, you’ll still be easy on yourself, the proof is that my revolvers are hanging on my waists.

So if I wanted to break out of this bind I could just do it, so there isn’t any consequences to it.


However for Teruru Dungeon’s 15th floor, you can’t use any magic similar to Silicon Dungeon.

Plus, once you’re stuck without anything, you are stuck until you manage to defeat the Couple Slimes.


Hence why I guess there was a difference in how serious I am in these two aspects.

Which lead to right now.


[Until now I’ve been binding myself, but maybe it’ll be better if I’m in a situation where I’m actually restricted.] (Ryouta)


It’s contrary to what adventurers of this world thinks.

For the adventurers, if they can find a stable way to farm then they’re content, but for me I’m thinking of overcoming my difficulties.


It’s two exact opposite ideology.

However, I’m sure it’ll be better to do it.

As was the case so far, when the time comes, technique—–and experience is far more important during emergencies.

So in order to do that, I’ll have to challenge myself.


[And so….] (Ryouta)


I thought for a moment before returning to my mansion using the Teleportation gate.


[Aah, Ryouta-san.]

[Ah hey Celeste. You’re here at a right time, there’s something I want to ask from you.] (Ryouta)


Asking Celeste who came walking from behind the hallway, she tilted her head in a strange manner.


[What do you want to ask?] (Celeste)

[Celeste, you’re very knowledgeable when it comes to dungeons right.] (Ryouta)

[Yes, you’re right.] (Celeste)


Celeste spoke with a bit of a humble brag.


[Is there anything you like to ask about concerning a particular dungeon?] (Celeste)

[Ah yes that’s right. A binding dungeon……No wait, uhmm, is there a dungeon or floor that restricts someone?] (Ryouta)

[……] (Celeste)

[Something similar to a rogue dungeon like Aurum, or like Silicon where they restrict magic, or some special floors like Teruru’s 15th floor or Nihonium’s 6th floor. Basically, I wanted to ask if there’s any other special dungeons like the ones I’ve mentioned.] (Ryouta)

[So you want to know more?] (Celeste)

[Yes…..Ah wait. You can just tell me the name of the dungeon and which floor it is.] (Ryouta)


I stopped mid-sentence and rephrase my sentence.

If I ask Celeste about it, she’ll surely tell me what restrictions are imposed in that dungeon’s floor.

However, no matter how useful it is, it’s meaningless to listen to it, because the whole point of this is to challenge myself while a limiter is set on me, so if I were to know about the restrictions, I’m bound to change the way I tackle that dungeon.


[I understand….Here.] (Celeste)

[Un?] (Ryouta)


Celeste took out a folded paper and handed it to me.

It’s a small folded paper. The edge was messed up as it felt like a receipt that has been in the wallet for a long time.


I received and unfolded it.

The dungeons and floors were written on it.


[This is?] (Ryouta)

[Floors that have restrictions.] (Celeste)

[Uhh, why would you have something like this lying around?] (Ryouta)

[I heard that Ryouta-san loves to train in these sorts of dungeon, so I thought that someday it’ll be useful and I thought why not write it down first….] (Celeste)

[…..] (Ryouta)


I was genuinely surprised that she was that prepared.

I looked at the paper again.


The words written from the beginning were slightly different from the words written at the bottom of the paper. The ink colour, size of the letters and the thickness of the lines were subtly different.

It looked like she wrote it in the beginning and slowly added more place as soon as she thought of it.


In other words, she has been preparing this for a long time.

My body went numb.

My heart was throbbing due to the caring Celeste.


I grabbed the hands of Celeste and stared straight at her beautiful eyes.


[Thank you!] (Ryouta)


I honestly said with my feelings put into it


[I, I did not do anything worth a praise. I only wrote the things I know—–] (Celeste)

[But still, thank you!!] (Ryouta)


Once again I thanked her, and Celeste was blushing.

Like a little girl smiling from left to right, her world brighten up.


[I’m glad….that I was of help.] (Celeste)


Celeste looked extremely happy.

I looked at the memo again.


Most of the dungeon and floors added later on the memo was evidence that Celeste tried her very best as they were other dungeons besides those inside Shikuro.


I was once again touched when she researched dungeons outside of Shikuro for my sake.


[Celeste, please let me give you something as thanks.] (Ryouta)

[There’s no need——] (Celeste)

[No.] (Ryouta)


I interrupted her.

I held the memo and gazed at her.


[This memo is worth more than what I get from Nihonium. And you know that Nihonium is a place where I increase my status, and this memo will allow me to learn different techniques to deal with any situations.] (Ryouta)

[…..] (Celeste)

[So please let me thank you for it….NO I wish for you to allow me.] (Ryouta)


Celeste was surprised by my words, but soon her expression returned.

She gently smiled at me, the usual grown-up Celeste.


[Please don’t mind it. Aren’t we friends?] (Celeste) (OUCH!)

[But——] (Ryouta)

[I got it. But please let me think about it. Since it means so much to Ryouta-san, I’ll have to think carefully about what I want.] (Celeste)

[Ooh, please think about it!] (Ryouta)


I’ll do anything. (Anything?)

I’ll do anything for Celeste for what she’s done.

So I’ll wait for her to think carefully about it.


[Well then, I’ll go see the dungeons immediately.] (Ryouta)

[Okay, have a safe trip.] (Celeste)


Celeste sent me out, as I used the Teleportation Room again.




After Ryouta is gone, at the hallway of the mansion.

Celeste walked away and returned to her room.

It was still afternoon, so all of her friends were in the dungeon right now, but she went back to her room.


She entered the room and closed the door behind her, immediately after.


[Ufu, ufuufufufufu.] (Celeste) ( I KNEW IT!)


Celeste was smiling.

Then, in her room full of big stuffed animals, she jumped to one of the stuff animals that looked like [Ryo-chan], embraced it and cuddled with it.


[Yay! Ufufufufufu. I’m finally useful to Ryouta-san.] (Celeste)


In contrast to her usual calmness, Celeste revealed another side of her, which was a joyous little girl.

She hugged the stuffed animal as she rolled around on top of her bed.


[Ufufufufufufu, Kyaa~ H~oi~] (Celeste)


She threw the stuffed animal and catched it again.

Celeste who was extremely happy, was saying whatever she wanted inside her room.

Then, embracing the Ryo-chan stuffed animal (handmade) that looked like Ryouta, she hugged it and was joyous.


[Ryouta-san…….Ufufufufu……] (Celeste)


Despite there being no Magical Storm anymore, she did not work that day and was at her room being constantly happy.


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    Nihonium is a synthetic chemical element with the symbol Nh and atomic number 113. It is extremely radioactive; its most stable known isotope, nihonium-286, has a half-life of about 10 seconds.
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