Cut&Paste: Chapter 146 – Going to the Royal Palace to report

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As per what Sylphy pointed out, I just realized that we won’t be able to get back into the corridor.

Panicking, I immediately overwrite the door back to where it was supposed to be.


「……Fuu, I completely did not notice it at all……This, I must seriously think about how to handle it before creating the teleporting door.」


I have to be more careful about it as my 【Skill Seed (Large)】 for water has been used up for the overwrite.


「Let me go and replenish them now.」


I said that as I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 and set the location to the Dungeon of the World Tree.


『I’ll follow too !』

『I’m following as well! Wait up Onii-sama~』


After I jumped into the black hole, both Waffle and Kuu tagged along behind.


『I’ll immediately come back, so I wanted you guys to stay at home.』


As I said that, they answered with 『It’s better if we follow, it’ll be even faster! Wafu!』

Well, that’s true.


『Myne! I thought of something good!』


Hm? Since Waffle asked me at a time like this, I’m sure it’s good news.

I wonder what he thought of, I’m looking forward to it!


『I’ll bring all the Demons from over there, then bring them here and defeat them all at once.』


I see, since we have adequately good skills, it’s easier to round them up and defeat them with wide range magic.


『After we defeat them all, what would happen….wouldn’t the demons disappear?』


『Nope, that won’t happen! Onii-sama.

The dungeon will just gather more magic and the demons will appear again!』


Hmm, I kinda get it but not really as well…..but I guess that’s just how it is.

Though, as to how they obtain the 【Skill Seed】 is something I wouldn’t know, and it sounded different from what Kuu said.


Well, since Kuu said that the Demons would gather immediately again, Waffle’s strategy might just work.


『Then, can I leave that to Waffle?』

『I got it! Leave it to me!』


Spinning his tail like crazy, Waffle happily ran through the huge rooms.


Then, after waiting for a moment….




A mountain of Mandrake and Crayfish were aggroed towards Waffle while he was running towards us.


「Uwaa, I wonder how many are there, this is a little…..」


With so many that I can’t count just by looking, I could plunder an abundance of 【Skill Seeds】.

Meanwhile, Waffle was running left and right at the hall.


It looks like Waffle… enjoying himself….

Alright, time to collect some skills!


『Waffle, I’ll create a black hole with 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 slightly further from you so jump right in!』


After saying that, Waffle replied with 『Wafu!』 and immediately took action.

Confirming that Waffle has jumped into the black hole, it was my turn.


Then, activating 【Magic of Extremity】, I launched 【Wide Area Magic・Maximum Fire】 and 【Wide Area Magic・Maximum Earth】 at the Demons that gathered.


A violent explosion reverberated all over the area, and the Demons that Waffle gathered were cleanly wiped out.


『Wafu! Did it go well!?』


Behind me was Waffle asking.


『Yeap, Waffle’s strategy was a huge success!』


Name: Pebbles


【Skill Seeds】


【Wind Seed (Large)】 (9)

【Wind Seed】 (4)

【Water Seed (Large)】 (7)

【Water Seed】 (1)


So 49 Mandrakes, and 36 Crayfishes.

That’s amazing, to gather almost 100 of them.


For now, this should be enough! I’m glad that I brought along Waffle and Kuu.


『Alright, let’s go back!』


When we returned home, Aisha went to me and asked.


「Hey, Myne-kun….I was wondering, can’t you 【Cut】 and paste something on the door so as to not overwrite it?」


……I see, now that I think about it, I have not appraised the completed storage bag and the door.

I wonder what it would display.


【Spacetime Door】: Opening this door would lead you to 【Fortuna Family’s first floor corridor】.


…..Not good, the door has been renamed to “Spacetime Door”.

By the way, when you appraise a regular door, this is what results in.


【Door】: Just a regular door. It is used to get in and out of places. (You dumb fuuu)


「Aisha, even though you had an idea but it looks like it doesn’t work….. It seems like the door itself has changed to a different item called “Spacetime Door”.」


「Another item huh….it sounds similar to how Alchemy works.」


Aah, it does sound like it.

If that’s the case, I wonder if it’s possible to do some spacetime related Alchemy so as long as 【Skill Seed】 is available?


This is something to look into..

I feel like I could create some amazing things with spacetime for weapons and equipments.


If I have the time, I should research about it.




「After this, let’s head to the palace!」


Obviously, the motive is to report to King-sama that the Teleporting Door has succeeded.


When I returned home and drank tea with my family in the living room, I told everyone about it and Sylphy said that she wanted to go as well.


Well, since Airy came last time, she might be anxious as there wasn’t any news, so she wants to visit her.


Aah, if I’m not mistaken she did say she wanted to enter into our Clan.


…..In the end, could she convince King-sama?


It’s almost time for the Clan house to be completed, so it’s necessary to check on the situation of Airy.


With that being said, I decided that I should introduce Kuu as well, and thus the final people who are accompanying me was Sylphy, Waffle, and Kuu.


As for Waffle, as usual he get on top of my head and said 「I’ll follow as well!」, well it’s not like he has anything particular to do so why not.


「Well then, we’re at King-sama’s place….but should we meet with him now?」

「Father is probably busy at the moment, and even if it’s us, I don’t think we can meet with him right now.」


Before this, the maid-san did say it was by chance that King-sama had the time to meet with me.


Let’s book an appointment for now.

Thinking along the lines of that, let’s push the bell that Airy has taught me in the past.


「Danna-sama, for now you should take a rest here, I’ll go and see Airy right now.

If you’ve returned and I’m still not back, since I’m also heading to Father’s place, let’s meet up on the way there.」


「Alright, say hi to Airy for me!」


After saying that, Sylphy kissed me lightly on my cheeks and went out of the room.


『Onii-sama, who is this Airy?』


Aah, that’s right! Kuu has yet to meet any of the royal family, including Airy.


『Uhmm, it’s Sylphy’s little sister, and the second princess of this country.』


After explaining it like so, Kuu was delighted as she spun around in the air.


『S, Sylphy Onee-sama’s little sister you say! I certainly have to meet with her then!』


Looking at Kuu while smiling, I heard someone knocking on the door.


『…..Pardon for interrupting, I was told that I was to come and see Myne-sama.」


Aah, it was the maid-san’s voice that took care of me before!


Well, that’s kinda obvious. It’s the only maid who knows that I can freely go in and out of here.


……However, King-sama. What did you exactly say to her about me?


「Ah, yes! It’s Myne. I just came here just now!」


As I answered, she quietly opened the door while saying 「Please excuse me」, and came into my room.


「Welcome, please come…….Eh?」


After bowing to me as her form of courtesy, she raised her head and…..her movement stopped when she saw Kuu.


「…..Aah, Etto….this here is my new family pet, Kuu. Please get along with her.」


As I introduced Kuu to the maid, Kuu gladly cried 「Kyuu!」 as she float around the air.


Then, while Kuu was passionately floating around, on top of my head, Waffle cried 「Wafu!」 while raising his right paw.


「……Haah, is that so, please to make your acquaintance.

Sorry for being rude, but if I may ask, what kind of message do you want to convey for today?」


Wow. She’s quick to recover! As expected of a professional maid!


「Well, I’m here to report to King-sama! My wife has came along and has already went and meet up with Princess Airy.」


「So Princess Sylphid is here as well, I understand.

Please wait here for a while, as I will make an appointment for your next meeting with the King.」


The maid said that, bowed then left the room.


Well then…..what should we do to kill time?

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


TLN Note: I’m not sure whether to call it Teleporting Door or just take the name that the author used: “Spacetime Door”, let me know~


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