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Well then, since Captain Franz has returned, let’s get down to the thing that I just remembered.

Yes, the thing was a request from King-sama to try and create a Teleporting Door.


Logically speaking, if I were to create it like how I invented the time stopping storage bag, it’ll somehow work.


Alright, let’s review it from there.


I brought a small pouch that I purchased from a general store from my room.


「Hm? Danna-sama….what are you doing?」

『Myne, good luck! I’ll follow you!』

『Kyuu Kyuu! Onii-sama, good luck!』


In the living room, there were Sylphy, Waffle and Kuu who were gathering around me.

Since I’ve received their support, I must not fail my task!


Previously, I tried reaching inside the pouch bag while activating 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.

At that time, the usual black hole to move around did not appear. Instead, the opening of the pouch bag seemed to be slightly distorted.


And then, all I had to do was imagine a huge space within the pouch bag and now to strongly imagine it to stop time from inside.

……Hm? It felt like it took more time to create it than now.


Somehow, it felt like the image that was floating on my head was gradually sucked into my pouch bag.


Previously when I tried experimenting with it, it didn’t take long for it to work. If I’m not mistaken, it only took around 5 minutes.


Compared to right now, it has been more than 15 minutes since I’ve started working on it.

I’m kinda worried now.


「Hm, hmm, this is weird…..」


I sighed, and Waffle noticed something.


『Myne, I remember that you collected a bunch of Wind Magic inside the pouch bag.』


Wind Magic!? I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about it? Geez, I didn’t know!


『Onii-sama, could it be…..that the Wind Seed, is the reason behind why it’s not working?』


Kuu blatantly spoke the truth.


Aah, that’s right…..I do remember pasting 1 Wind Seed(Large) onto myself.

Which meant? That the Wind Seeds that were stored inside the pouch bag has been absorbing the huge amounts of magic just now!?


「…..Aah, it worked.」


Whilst thinking about Kuu’s speculation, it seems that the storage bag has been completed.


Name: Myne・Fortuna

LV: 63

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Hunter


【Skill Seed】



……Ah, the Wind Seed(Large) disappeared.


「Danna-sama, what is going on exactly?」


Sylphy asked me with a clueless expression.


「Hmm, as of right now, I have made a storage bag…..a storage bag without time flowing inside.」




Well, I’m sure she’s surprised. I remember hearing from someone before that storage bags with time not flowing inside are objects made only by Alchemists.

Only the Queen could request such item to be made by a remarkable Alchemist.


By Sylphy’s standards, only that person could create such item.


「I tried putting 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 in a different use, and this was the result of it…..」


……Well then, compared to the storage bag that I created previously, what sort of difference does it have?

I do not know how much magic that 1 Wind Seed(Large) had in itself, all I know is that my magic was poured into it.


Maybe the capacity has increased?

However, I can’t be ascertain because I have nothing big to put inside it to compare.


As for the capacity, I think I can only confirm it once I explore the dungeon.


For now, let’s see whether I’ve successfully implemented the time stopping ability inside the storage bag.

Similar to before, I took a hot tea that was just made and place it into the storage bag.


Sylphy who was watching from the start sighed.


「Thinking about it again, Danna-sama is not only good at fighting, but also good at everything else…….」


「Uhmm, I think this was really just me being lucky.

First of all, the skills from the Orc・King was out of this world.

If used in battle, it would boast an unrivaled performance, which makes it unreasonable to fight against.」


「However, the ‘unrivaled performance’ has been taken by Danna-sama, am I right? So the one most amazing is Danna-sama.」


I’m sure Sylphy said that to cheer me up, but I don’t feel as though I’m great or anything…..


While chatting away with Sylphy, almost half an hour has passed, time flies when you’re having fun…..

Thus, I took out the tea that was placed inside the storage bag.


The heat was still hot to the touch, and steam was coming out from it, which means the time stopping mechanism is working as intended.

However, it still doesn’t explain the Wind Magic, I thought for a fact that it would have some sort of Wind attributes put into it.


Looking at the tea to it’s limit, it seemed like there weren’t any sort of attributes or effects.


『Waffle, Kuu, do you feel any Wind Magic from this tea?』

『No, I don’t feel anything!』

『Wafu, it’s the same before you put it inside the bag, no difference!』


…..Alright, if the two of them have said that, then there is no mistaken.


For now, let’s leave the Wind Seeds.


In the meantime, the previous review has been completed.


…..From now on, is the real thing.

Using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 on the door of the living room, let’s try to connect the door to the Dismantling Room.


Touching the door, and similar to how I did with the pouch bag using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, I imagine my destination while pouring in magic.

…….It’s impossible. I do not feel the connecting response.


I wonder what it was, it felt like the image that I was thinking would scatter around and couldn’t be fixed.

Maybe, it isn’t just the image that I have to put.


「……I can’t, the image can’t be established properly. It felt like something else was needed.」


……I thought that my theory was close to what I wanted it to be.

I swear that I’ve connected the door to the image perfectly which tied to the door through 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


However, it felt like it wasn’t enough….Right, I feel like with just my power, I can’t push through….

Eh? If it’s only me……!?


Aah, maybe the answer lies within that 【Skill Seed】!

Maybe with the lack of power, I can substitute it with the 【Skill Seed】.


Alright, let’s test it out immediately.

Just now I was using 【Wind Seed(Large)】, let’s try the 【Water Seed(Large)】.


I took out a pebble from the storage bag with 【Water Seed(Large)】 pasted on it.

Then, I 【Cut】 the 【Water Seed (Large)】 and pasted it onto myself.


Alright, let’s challenge it again! Let’s hope it goes well this time!


Again, I activated 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 on the door I touched.


『Waffle, how is it? Is the Wind Magic being absorbed into the door?』

『Ou! It is~』


Alright, now to properly think of the image in my mind.


…..1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes have passed. Then, after almost 15 minutes….the magic flowing through stopped, and the work has been completed.




Sylphy gulped in anxiety, as she called out to me.


「…..I think, it has worked?」


Yes, there was a certain response, and based on my experience, this response indicates that I was successful.


While being nervous, I held the door knob……and swung the door open.

The view from the door was…..


「Alright! It’s a success!」


The scenery seen from the door was the Dismantling Room. In other words, this door has become a Teleporting Door as planned!


「…….Hey, Danna-sama…..Do we have to leave this room via the Dismantling Room from now on?」


……Ah, shit… seems like we can’t get out of this room and into the corridor.



Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Today is the success of a 「Moving/Teleporting Door」, A.K.A: A Dokodemo Door, well with it’s flaws too.

Among them, Myne would notice the defects, and I’m sure the readers who have noticed would continue to watch over Myne with gentle eyes, so please continue to do so m(_ _)m


Starting from this week, I’ll be trying my best to post two chapters a week for each novel, so the schedule now for both novels would be:

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