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At night, one of the rooms inside the mansion that was converted into <The Swallow’s Repayment>.

I was nervously looking at Elza.

She was currently holding onto an accounts book while counting the figures.

It was for today’s earnings.

It has been sometime since I was nervous about knowing the total amount. While secretly praying and waiting, Elza looked up and smiled at me.

[Congratulations Ryouta-san.] (Elza)

[Ooh? Which meant?] (Ryouta)

[Yes! You have reached over a million Piros for today’s earnings.] (Elza)

[Alright!] (Ryouta)

I was so happy that I did a guts pose.

For a day—–well to be honest, it was half a day when I earned that amount, but that wasn’t the reason why I was happy. Today, I was hunting at Teruru Dungeon’s 15th floor and have finally earned over a million Piros from that floor alone.

The <Killer of the strongest> floor, I let my body memorize the movements of the monsters, which resulted in me optimizing my every movement like in Shogi. The first time I did that, I earned around 770, 000 Piros, which was a significant increase than the previous run.

Earning a million Piros isn’t really a feat, but against the <Killer of the Strongest>, it really was a huge achievement for me.

[You’re amazing Ryouta-san, I’m pretty sure you’re the world’s first.] (Elza)

[World’s first?] (Ryouta)

[Yes, the world’s first to earn that much on Teruru’s 15th floor in a day. Having low drop rates in a dungeon is bad, but most adventurers with a high drop rate would 99% be strong in terms of abilities.] (Elza)

[I see……] (Ryouta)

[Well, I knew Ryouta-san could do it.] (Elza)

As Elza said that, my self-esteem went up.

[What’s more, doing it in half a day is even more amazing.] (Elza)

Well, the half a day is a rule that I set for myself.

Due to the long standings as a corporate slave on earth, I try not to enter the Dungeon during evenings unless there is nothing much to do.

Which meant that I only enter the Dungeon during daytime, and the first half of the morning is used for collecting seeds in NIhonium, so my working hours essentially starts from 12 o’clock to 5 o’clock based on earth’s time.

Instead of half a day, I guess it’s like a quarter of a day.

Elza who was dispatched from the shop <The Swallow’s Repayment> knew it as well, hence why she was showing such expression.

It’ll be unpleasant if these are just false rumours, but because it was genuinely what I accomplished, so the praise made me felt good.

Basically hearing Elza’s words gave me twice the happiness.

[Alright, shall we have a drink tonight?] (Ryouta)

[Okay!] (Elza)


On the way home from the familiar tavern, Villa De Edge.

Elza, Aurum and I were walking.

Everyone else was caught up with things to do. So the only ones who were drinking with me were Elza and Aurum who I picked up on time.

[It was delicious, so delicious, so extremely delicious!] (Aurum)

I mean I know the beers in Villa De Edge was nice, but Aurum was still excited about it even after we left the shop.

She was like a child running around me and Elza.

[I didn’t know sake would be this delicious.] (Aurum)

[Do you like alcohol?] (Ryouta)

[Yes! It’s fluffy and it feels good!] (Aurum)

[I see. Shall we try out more alcohols?] (Ryouta)

[There’s other alcohols?] (Aurum)

[Of course, there’s wine, champagne, whiskeys, and many more.] (Ryouta)

[Ooooooo……….] (Aurum)

Aurum’s eyes lit up as she was in awe.

Since she has just recently left the dungeon, her reaction was like an innocent child hearing about something for the first time.

When I looked at her, it made me want to let her experience more things.

[I didn’t know there’s so many of them.] (Aurum)

[Yeah, that’s right. Oh that reminds me, I think there’s a pub here that has liquor containing gold dust inside?] (Ryouta)

[Gold? Can you drink gold with alcohol?] (Aurum)

[Yeah. Well, it’s not just that, there are other things that can be mixed with alcohol. I heard that it’s good for nourishing tons of——Oh sorry it’s just a story from where I was.] (Ryouta)

[Heeh. Un, then let’s help Emily to make dishes with gold inside starting from tomorrow!] (Aurum)

[Huh? Ah right, since you can just make gold normally.] (Ryouta)

[Yeah! An all you can eat buffet!] (Aurum)

[No wait.] (Ryouta)

The way she said was interesting in itself.

Gold—–An all you can eat buffet of gold, that wording was kinda funny.

Well, from the Gold Spirit Aurum’s perspective, Gold is inexhaustible for her.

All you can eat gold.

It might be interesting, who knows.

[Eh?] (Elza)

[What’s wrong Elza, for you to suddenly stop.] (Ryouta)

[Over there…..Seems like they are building a house.] (Elza)

I stopped and followed Elza’s line of sight.

Because it’s night time, I can’t see much, but it was still visible.

They seemed to be doing quite a lot of construction.

[You’re right, it’s a tremendous scale of construction.] (Ryouta)

[It looks like a mansion. Not your average commercial facility either.] (Elza)

[A mansion……..At this kind of timing to make a mansion, could it be Cell?] (Ryouta)

[Let’s go and ask.] (Elza)

Elza said as she walked to that direction.

Who are we asking again? I thought but there was a man who was probably working night shift as a guard there as she ran towards him.

Elza talked to the man for a moment before coming back.

[It looks to be Cell?Stem-san’s house.] (Elza)

[I knew it.] (Ryouta)

[It seems like they are going for a castle-like look rather than a mansion.] (Elza)

[Heh……With that amount of money, I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with a castle or two.] (Ryouta)

It’s not as though Kings are the only ones owning a castle, I heard that it is common that nobles in Europe to have castles too.

The famous Dracula was originally a noble and was said that he also had a castle(I saw in the news that his descendants were selling it}.

Then again, a castle huh.


[What’s wrong Ryouta-san?] (Elza)

[Ah no, when you mention the castle, it reminded me of the word <Bronze Statue>.] (Ryouta)

[A Bronze Statue? It certainly seems to be a castle, but what about that?] (Elza)

[No, just thinking too much.] (Ryouta)

I said that as I tried shaking the thought out of my head.

No matter how much, I’m sure it’s not possible….right?

[Wait a minute.] (Elza)

Elza then ran to the man again and came back after asking about various things.

This time with a tremendously odd expression——Are you kidding me.

[Umm……Ryouta-san..] (Elza)

[Don’t tell me.] (Ryouta)

[Yes…..it seems like they’re making it, a Bronze Statue of Ryouta-san.] (Elza)

[So he really did make one huh!] (Ryouta)

[Moreover, I heard that the Bronze Statue is changeable. I was told that it would be a Bronze Statue that can be turned into various poses by supplying magic.] (Elza)

[Seriously what a waste of technology to create such a thing!] (Ryouta)

Again, I was getting slight goosebumps from what this Cell Stalker is doing.

I have to have a word with him tomorrow to make him stop building this Bronze Statue.

[B, but, it seems like it’s going to be a splendid residence.] (Elza)

Elza said as she tried to divert the topic.

[Hm? Aah yeah I guess so. A man with power and money would make such things.] (Ryouta)

[Is that so?] Aurum tilted her little head as she answered.

[It is how it is. For example…..there was someone who created a castle out of gold. Hm? Wait it wasn’t a castle but a temple.] (Ryouta)

I was trying hard to remember the origins of the Osaka Castle as I was digging through my memories.

[If it’s gold then it’s amazing?] (Aurum)

[Well, it is quite intimidating, and when you look at it, you might think [Wow, this is amazing!] or something. Uhhm, I guess it’s….kinda cool?] (Ryouta)

[oh, I see.] (Aurum)

[What’s with the “Oh I see”—-Oi!] (Ryouta)

Yelling to stop her, Aurum ran like the wind.

[What’s wrong?]

[…….Don’t tell me.] (Ryouta)

Remembering what Aurum said before, the memory came flashing through my eyes as I frantically began running towards her.

Really please——stop it.

While thinking to stop her, I ran as fast as I could to chase after Aurum.

As soon as I returned home, I saw it.

Shiny gold—–the shape remained as is, but the mansion was completely golden.

Aurum stood before me and turned around and looked at me, then turning her hand on her waist and showed a victory pose.

[How is it Ryouta. Is this amazing?] (Aurum)

The spirit of Aurum Dungeon, The Golden Aurum.

Her powers have completely changed the house to gold.

[T, this is amazing but, can you please stop this.] (Ryouta)

[Eeeeh, why?] (Aurum)

[Because I wouldn’t be able to calm down, no matter how long it takes.] (Ryouta)

[But it’s amazing right? Isn’t it cool?] (Aurum)

[No no no no……] (Ryouta)

Cold sweat was running down my spine as I desperately pleaded Aurum and finally managed to revert the Golden mansion.

[Then, instead of a Bronze Statue of Ryouta, why not a gold statue—–] (Aurum)

[No no that is even worse please stop that at once!] (Ryouta)

Aurum has said something even more ridiculous after what Cell has done.

Even though gold symbolizes wealth, I could feel that it’ll likely linger as a trauma for me.

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