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Being pulled by Kuu, we ran straight into the forest.


Even though Myne has told us that there aren’t any strong Demons residing in this forest, being negligent is forbidden!

I will be the one who protects Kuu! I have made a promise with Myne!


While minding our surroundings, we defeated some large caterpillars and goats.

Aah, it’s as what Myne said, there really are no strong Demons around.


…..If it’s around this level, I’m sure I don’t have to be that worried?


『Kyu Kyu!? Onii-sama, look at that!』


Un? Seems like Kuu found something. Looking at where Kuu’s looking….It seems like a human guy has fallen down!

A small like bird was protecting that human by battling a goat.


『Let’s help them!』


I said that and Kuu nodded as well, as we hurry ahead for battle.


『Wafu, we’re here to help!』


As I talked to the little bird, it replied with 『Cyun cyun, thanks!』 followed by a sigh of relief.


『Bubble Shower, Kyuu!』


While I was talking, Kuu has already begun fighting with the goat.

Kuu’s skill 【Bubble Shower】 hit the goat and with that it fell to the ground.


It was rather dull, and I could see that Kuu had a unsatisfied look on her face, but it can’t be help.

Myne did say from the beginning that they were only weak Demons around.


Rather, the problem right now is the little bird.

It looks like its not badly injured…..its yellow in colour, and it has the same cloth that we have wrap on our body.


Yes, the cloth is prove that we are registered as Myne’s pet.

Which means, this little bird is that fallen human’s pet?


『Thanks for helping cyun! I’m a sparrow-type demon, and my name is Cyunsuke!

That person lying asleep is my master Cyun!』


So I was right! It’s my first time seeing, is he tamed?


『Kyu, why is your Master asleep?』


Right, even though Cyunsuke was desperately warding off the enemies, his master is just there sleeping, he can’t even act like a proper master!

If we weren’t here, I’m sure Cyunsuke would’ve died!


『My Master has been hit by the Goat’s skill, hence why he’s asleep cyun…..』


Oh I see, then it can’t be help. I was about to bite him to pieces if it was really the case but I’ll forgive him this time.


Afterwards, Cyunsuke flew towards his sleeping master, and pecked on his cheeks.


『Master, please wake up cyun!』


Even though Cyunsuke was desperately calling his master up, it seems like he isn’t waking up anytime soon because he didn’t want to hurt his master while pecking on him.

While that was happening, Kuu was fed up with the human not waking up, and attacked him with her tail.


「Ouuch!!!! Wh, what’s happening!? Am I dead!?」


『Master, Master, you’re certainly alive cyun, and these two here saved us cyun. You better thank them cyun.』


Though Cyunsuke and his master was talking, it seemed like he doesn’t understand us.


I don’t why but I feel exhausted already….I just want to hurry back and take a bath.

For now, let’s just leave Cyunsuke be and ask Kuu to go back.


『Kuu, there are only weaklings here, I’m already tired, let’s go back.』

『Kyu, that’s true. Let’s go back, and take a bath with Sylphy.』


Deciding to head back, we wanted to meet up with Myne first, when suddenly the human that we helped started shouting.


「Wh, what are these Demons! I’ve never seen those two before! Hehehe, it seems like my luck has turned.」


Nn? What is he even saying.


「If I can tame them, my position in the Clan would definitely rise! That’s decided…take this 【Tame】!」


Having no idea what he was saying, it seems like he used some sort of skill.

【Tame】….Wait what!? He’s trying to tame us!?


Even though it doesn’t have any effect against us Divine Beast, but I’m not feeling happy.




Even though we just saved you, what is this treatment! You lots!

I growled at him while being menacing, then Cyunsuke suddenly flew in between us and broke the dismay.


『Master, Master, you can’t! YOU CAN’T cyun——!』


Ugh, this useless person is his master.

Can’t be help, be glad that Cyunsuke was the one who saved your life.


Activating my 【Demon Eyes of Gravity】, I sank the area around him.

The surrounding was shaking and making noises, and Cyunsuke’s master went down to his knees.


「Th, this is, my body feels heavy…..And why can’t I 【Tame】 them!?」


『Ma, Master–!』


Cyunsuke panicked, and flew to the rude human.


Aah, you can’t! You’ll be affected by the 【Demon Eyes of Gravity】 too.

Being pressed down by an invisible weight, even though I’m using as little power as possible, a small body like Cyunsuke would probably be crushed from that much weight.


I hurriedly stopped my 【Demon Eyes of Gravity】.


『Wafu! Cyunsuke, move aside. This skill, won’t kill, that human.』


As I said that, Cyunsuke hurriedly break, and moved a distance away from the human.


「Wh, what is this even! Using this kind of skill, this isn’t some ordinary wolf! I will definitely make it mine!」


…..This human, really pisses me off, he needs to be disciplined.

Since Cyunsuke moved out of the way, time to use 【Demon Eyes of Gravity】 again.


「Gaaa, not again!!! What the heck is going on!」


『Kuu, let’s go!』


Thus, we went further into the forest.

Yes, we are heading to the place where Myne used to fight against the Orc・King.


Moving behind us was Cyunsuke.


「I’m so sorry cyun! I’m really grateful that you helped us——!」


Yeah, Cyunsuke is a good guy.


We turned around and he shook our hands.

…..That’s Kuu’s tail though…..


『Myne, Myne, we are heading to the Orc’s settlement! Please come pick us up from there!』


Using telepathy to communicate, Myne immediately replied.


『Alright! I’ll immediately come!』


We’re really glad that we’re Myne’s tamed pet! It’ll be troublesome if it’s someone like that person just now.

I’m truly thankful to Myne! Wafu!


Alright, I can see the Orc’s settlement! It seems like Myne is already there! Sylphy and Aisha is also there!


『Kuu, Myne and the rest is here!』

『Onii-sama—–! Kuu is, Kuu is, back from her adventures——!』


With that, we went back home with our “family”.

Now then. It’s time for my fun bath! Wafufu!!


「Damnit! ! ! ! !I’ll never give up! ! ! !」


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading.

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