Level 1 Guy: Chapter 165 – Hate to lose

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Morning, near the Teleportation Room.

After sending the now energetic Aurum back to the dungeon, I was standing near the door talking to Celeste.


[Teruru Dungeon’s 15th floor, the <Couple Slime>. Nickname ?Killer of the strong?.] (Celeste)


As I was in a hurry yesterday, it was the first time encountering such monster. Then, after some thoughts I decided that I wanted some info about it, thus I caught hold of Celeste to ask about it.

Our family’s one and only walking encyclopedia calmly taught me the information about the Couple Slime.


[Apparently the Silver Coloured Slime is the husband, and the Gold Coloured Slime is the wife.] (Celeste)

[Heeh? I thought for certain that the golden one would be the husband.] (Ryouta)


Guess I was being prejudiced when I saw the colours of the slimes.


[The reason why its called the Killer of the Strong, is because its not your typical dungeon, it has a wide area and only one person is allowed in, the silver one would have the stats of the opponents magical abilities, and the golden one would have the physical stats of the opponent.] (Celeste)

[Well, I experienced it first hand, so I knew about that. It was strong, fast, and tough, almost as if I was fighting a Dungeon Master Class monster.] (Ryouta)

[If it was me, the Golden one would be just like killing a normal Slime in a dungeon.] (Celeste)

[Copying the stats right down the core…..truly a killer of the strong. It’s because of how balanced they are when they work together too which makes them strong.] (Ryouta)

[Also.] (Celeste)

[There’s more?] (Ryouta)

[Yes.] (Celeste)


Celeste nodded.


[The Golden Slime has magic immunity, and the Silver Slime has physical damage immunity.] (Celeste)

[Ehm….which means….] (Ryouta)

[Yes. Their abilities are crossed over, which makes them even stronger. Hence why they are strong against strong opponents. If a weak opponent comes, then in return they’re weak….] (Celeste)


I see.

It reminded me of Margaret.

The Drop Rate is All A, and besides HP and Luck, the rest of her stats are F.

For Margaret, both the gold and silver would also be F, then it’ll become a boring battle between F Ranks.

Even with the same ability, the fight between F and F and an A (even though I’m SS) with A battle, the latter is much more dangerous.


The Killer of the Strong…..is pretty awesome.


[There’s one more thing.] (Celeste)

[There’s more??] (Ryouta)

[Yes, this information is about why they’re called the ?Couple Slime?. When any one of the two dies, the living one would turn into berserk mode, and all of its ability would increase by one rank.] (Celeste)

[Cause we are the one who killed its partner huh.] (Ryouta)

[That’s how it is. So there are two key points to take from this. If you don’t have an A status, then it’ll be easy to defeat it. Second, even if you have an A status, if you defeat one of it, it’ll turn into berserk mode and it’ll increase one rank higher than A, and if a weak person defeats it, it’s not like increasing one more rank does anything to them, so someone who is weak would be extremely easy for them.] (Celeste)

[I see now, no wonder why I felt like it was way stronger than me when I fought against them.] (Ryouta)


Since I defeated the Silver one first, the Gold Slime was already strong to begin with, as it has the same SS stats as me.

Originally, this Rank doesn’t even exist, so having it raise another rank higher than SS would be tough for me to deal with.


[What a bothersome floor.] (Ryouta)

[There is some types which are good against this particular floor.] (Celeste)


Oh, what type? Was what I wanted to ask when Alice returned through the Teleportation Room.

Having 4 of its monster friends sitting on her shoulders, she was pushing the Magic Cart out of the door.


[Eh? So the both of you are here. Aren’t you gonna go to a dungeon?] (Alice)

[I was asking Celeste about information for Teruru’s 15 floor.] (Ryouta)

[Ah s~hee(ori word is ‘naruhodo’, but she used ‘naruru’ instead, which was cute af.). This is also good, I have something that I want to say too.] (Alice)

[Heh?] (Ryouta)


Alice came out of the corridor while pushing the Magic Cart to let me see.


[Look, I have collected a bunch of peaches. I’ve heard from Aurum-chan that the peaches are extre~mely delicious so I wanted Emily to make some for me.] (Alice)


There were around 20+ peaches inside the Magic Cart.

Its too little for making money, so I’m sure it’s collected for the family’s dessert time.


But still…..Just this morning and she’s already collected so many?


[Ryouta-san, she a great type when it comes to that dungeon. She herself is weak, but her monster friends are super strong so it’s easy.] (Celeste)

[…..I see now!] (Ryouta)


I have come to understand what Celeste was trying to say.


[Fufun, I have also heard of the 15th floor you know. I actually wanted to use Ryouta’s peaches to make some, but well, with Emily’s skills I’m sure she can still make some delicious peaches too~] (Alice)


As Alice said that, she pushed the Magic Cart away.

I’m sure she’s heading to where Emily was to hand it to her.


I’m unfit….huh.




Teruru Dungeon, 15th floor.

I went to the stadium like dungeon using the Teleportation Room.

After waiting for a while, the Gold and Silver Slime appeared.


It felt the same as yesterday. And if you look at them closely, you could see the Gold Slime is sticking close to the Silver Slime.


Well I guess I’m more or less convinced that the Silver Slime is theoretically more boyish.


[Uooooo!] (Ryouta)


I rushed towards the Slime.

The two slimes noticed me and break apart and attacked me at the same time.


Lightning Speed.


Whilst guarding the Silver’s attack, I grabbed it and threw it like there’s no tomorrow.

The remaining Golden Slime attacked, so I avoided its pierced attack and counter, keeping my senses sharp, I continued rushing as is.

I pushed the Golden Slime against the wall of the stadium, and slammed it, causing the walls to crack.


Then from close distance, I continuously fired.

A zero distance Penetrating Bullet. A myriad of bullets that continued to shoot at a single point, causing a gouged in the body of the Slime, similar to drilling it, and eventually piercing through it.


Poof, the indication of the sound signified that the Golden Slime has disappeared, and the two revolvers that I was firing disappeared along as well.


When I turned, I could see a change in the Silver Slime.

The Silver Slime’s body was covered in a golden aura.


I see, so that is the strengthening…..


[However!] (Ryouta)


I leaped towards the Silver Slime and with my hands out I cast a spell.




The strongest single target magic, no matter how strong my opponent was, no matter how much it strengthens itself.

When I use this magic—-the magic that instantly kills the opponent the moment I chant it.


The Silver Slime disappeared, then it dropped peaches and my revolvers.


I picked them up.

If I put in my all, even I can farm it.

If I could kill the Golden Slime first, then the Silver Slime would be easy after I use Repetition.


By the way, the Golden Slime is irritating, you are your owns worst enemy, as it has the characteristics of magic immunity.


Suddenly, I felt something dripping from my jaws along my cheek.

For a second I thought it was 100% my sweat….but as I wiped it with my hands it was blood.

I touched my cheeks, and I knew it was a sharp cut.

It seemed that I was scratched while trying to counter.

As expected, after all it has the same SS stats as me, it won’t be so easy.



I recover my HP and MP by just injecting the Recovery Bullet and waited for the next round.

After a short while the new Gold and Silver Slime appeared again.


I challenged them again while fighting them with my full strength.

I isolated the Silver Slime first before beating the Gold Slime with haste.

How to defeat an opponent equivalent to you, that was how I fought.


That day, I stayed on the 15th floor for an entire day.


Besides, I could get more family desserts.

I have collected a total of 770, 000 Piros of Peaches that day.


I thought that there was still room for improvement.

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