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『Hey, Waffle! Do you wanna go somewhere and play?』


Cetus Obaa-chan’s daughter, Kuu, who has recently became a part of our family and also a friend of mine asked.


『Wafu? Where should we play?』


Even though I wanted to head to the bath and look for Myne……


『Kyuu! Obviously, a big adventure right!』


An adventure? Weren’t we going somewhere to play? As usual, she is rather sudden with these ideas.

In the first place, what do we do for our big adventure?


『What do we do in this ‘big adventure’?』


『We’ll go somewhere not far from here because Myne Onii-sama would be worried about us, so let’s go somewhere closeby!』


Somewhere near…..for an adventure? But well, it’s good to have a change of pace every once in a while.

But, where does this Kuu want to take me?


I’m worried that she isn’t telling me where, oh well…… guess I have to give up on going into the bath……


『……Okay, I’ll tag along.』


When I say that, Kuu’s tail was wagging left to right while flying around mid air.

She looks so happy, and looking at her makes me happy too!


Unconsciously I started wagging my tail too.


『Kyu Kyu, Kyuuu!』


『Before we head out and play, let’s tell Myne first! If we suddenly disappear, Myne would be worried.』


After saying that, I went to look for Myne, and Kuu obediently followed behind.


『Wafu~ Wafu~♪』 『Kyu~ Kyu~ Kyu~, Kyuu~!』 『Wa~fu Wafu♪』 『Kyu~u Kyu, Kyuuu♪』


We sang(?) while running in the house. Which of course, is to find Myne.


『Hm? If it isn’t Waffle and Kuu, what are you doing? Both of you look so happy.』


At the corridor, we have discovered a Sylphy! Myne’s wife.

Sylphy is the Princess of this country, and also in good terms with Kuu.


And similar to me, she really really really loves Myne!


Plus, Sylphy doesn’t get mad when I sit on top of her head, and she would even hug me!

That’s why I love Sylphy too!


……However, compare to Sylphy and Myne’s head, she loses to Myne, just a little.

Since she has more hair than Myne, it was kinda in the way when I’m sitting on her head.


That’s why I have only sat on top of Myne’s head recently.

On the other hand, Kuu would always float around Sylphy.


Because Sylphy and Kuu are bath buddies, she has come to love Sylphy as well.


I answered Sylphy back energetically like how Myne does it.

Myne also says that being energetic is good! Again I was excited and started wagging my tail again.


『I am going to go and play with Kuu! We are good boys and girls, so we’re gonna tell Myne that we are going out!』


Then, Sylphy told us that 『Danna-sama is currently at the Dismantling Hut』.


Slightly further away from this house is the Dismantling Hut, I would frequent to that place to help Myne out.

Myne would always tear apart the skills of the monsters that he’d gotten from various Dungeons inside the hut.


And it is my job to keep the monsters in the storage bag where time stays still which Myne made for me.

There are so many things inside the storage bag, so occasionally I would follow Myne to the meat shop to sell some away.


Do you know! ? The meat shop is not just a place to sell things you know! The Grandpa would always give me some leftover meat for me to enjoy.

Of course, I will never forget to thank the Grandpa for giving me meat!


「Wafu !」


I would bark and lift my right paws up to the Grandpa, and he doesn’t just give me the same meat, he would give me various delicious meat to eat.

That one time when we went there, I ate pigs meat, which was really delicious that I immediately asked Myne to buy more for me.


However, Kuu and Amy-san doesn’t really like pigs meat that much.

…….I find it odd even though it is so delicious.


Since they don’t really like it, I would help eat their portions.

Aisha also said that it’s bad to leave any leftover food.


…..Ah, this is bad. If I continue to think of these, we will never be able to go on an adventure. Let’s hurry to the Dismantling Hut!


『Myne! Kuu and I are going to go and play!』


After running to the hut and raised my voice, Myne had a look of surprise as he turned to face us.


『Waffle, by going to play…..only you and Kuu?』


『Kuu said that she wants to go on an adventure, so I tag along.』


After Myne heard what we said, he thought for a moment.


『I’m worried that only the two of you are going, so I’ll follow along.』


Aah, I knew Myne would end up saying that. How is Kuu gonna respond?


『Onii-sama! It’s alright! Me and Waffle are full fledge Divine Beasts!』


Hearing what Kuu said, Myne sighed with a 「Haa…….」.


『Well, we can talk telepathically….so I guess it’s fine? If something dangerous happens, immediately contact me okay?

Also, if only the two of you are going, take this with you.』


As Myne said that, he took out a bright green cloth from the storage bag.


『What is this?』


『This is, a certificate that signifies that the both of you are my pets. If you have this, then I’m sure you won’t be caught.

However, I assume that Waffle knows this but, there will be bad guys. So please be careful okay.』


I’m sure Myne was talking about what happened when we first met.

That’s right, there are bad guys around. If we aren’t careful, we would be trick by those bad guys.


…..Since Kuu isn’t familiar with these situations, I would have to be the one to look out for her.


『Wafu! I understand. I will do my best to protect her!』


In the end, the place that we are going to play is just the forest outside of the city.


From what Myne said, that place is where he fought against the Orc・King.

Since Myne defeated it, there aren’t any powerful monsters inhabiting that forest.


Since Myne doesn’t want us to wander around the city, he offered to sent us all the way to the forest.


『Then, I’m heading off!』


After reporting to Myne, Kuu and I both looked at the familiar black vortex.


『Wafu!』 『Kyuu Kyuu!』


We energetically jumped inside the black vortex!

After passing through the black vortex, what appeared was a vast forest.


『Wafu! We have reached the forest!!!』

『Alright, Waffle! Let’s start our adventure!』


With that we hurriedly ran into the forest.


Author’s Note:


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As you can figure out, the contents of chapter 143 is rather long.

Hence I cut it to a few chapters.


After this, I’ll try to shorten the chapters again.

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Please look forward to the next chapter.

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