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When I entered the dungeon using the Teleportation Room, I immediately realized something.

It felt different from the rest of the dungeons that I’ve been before, but then again it looks exactly like the rest of the dungeons.


There were no adventurers around, it’s as if  the entire dungeon was created like one huge arena.

The structure was similar to how Sulphur was.


[Another dungeon that forces adventurers to solo huh….Well, if it wasn’t like that then it wouldn’t be called the killer of the strongest.] (Ryouta)


I waited at where I stood for awhile.

There were barely any pillars blocking, which you could see a vast space at a glance.

If it’s similar to Sulphur, then the monster would appear anytime soon.


While thinking as such, I took out my revolver and loaded some bullets, then using my Wind Cutter(Beginner Magic) magic to test whether I could use magic, I waited some more.

Right on time, a monster appeared.


At the opposite side of the arena, there appeared two Slimes.

It was about the size of a balance ball, and the colours were golden and silver.


At first glance, the two Slimes doesn’t seem to have any traits…..but the two Slimes were being lovey-dovey with each other…..wait, lovey-dovey?


Thinking about it while tilting my head, I looked at it again and they were really flirting with each other.

They were grinding their bodies with each other, and heart marks were floating out of their bodies, if that’s not flirting, I don’t know what is.


They’re probably the same type as the Parent-Child Slime, probably a Lover Slime or Couple Slime or something named after that.


Let’s try something small first, I thought as I raised both my revolvers and fired two normal bullets.

Without merging it, the normal bullet flew straight at the two Slimes and hit them, but it seemed like there was hardly any effect.


It wasn’t just that, for some reason the location of where the bullet strike was slightly different.

The Golden coloured Slime felt like it had no effect when being hit, but the Silver coloured Slime, it was as if I didn’t hit it in the first place.

It looks like the Slime has a thin membrane at the outer layer of its’ skin, and the bullet hit that instead.


The Slimes then noticed my presence, stopped it’s flirting and came towards me—–


[Uo!] (Ryouta)


I unintentionally let out my voice, as I guarded the attack by crossing my arms together.

It immediately closed the distance of about 20 meters, and the Golden coloured Slime deformed part of its body to attack me.

Guarding a heavy attack, it felt like it pierced through my body.

Not being able to withstand the attack, I flew backwards but somehow managed to land on my feet.


[Kuu!] (Ryouta)


My hands felt numb and they were trembling.

Without having the time to breath, the Gold Slime immediately thin the distance again.


I quickly dodged the attack.

The ground where I was at made a hole from that attack, causing stones and dusts to scatter around. Then, grasping that little time I had, I somehow managed to fire a Recovery Bullet on my trembling hands.

The damage quickly lightened up. At the same time, the Gold Slime attacked me again right as I just recovered.

I stepped backwards as it landed in front of me.

Then, with all my might I punched the Gold Slime.


The attack connected, and the Gold Slime was sent flying away.

It bounced away at about 20 meters, right back to where the Silver Slime was.

It was bouncing like a gummy ball, even the noise it made was similar, and the Gold Slime landed normally. It doesn’t seem like it has taken any damage…..Are you kidding me.


Clicking my tongue, this time the Silver Slime flew towards me.

The speed was similar to the Gold Slime, and even the deformed shape was similar when it attacks.


I caught hold of it midair.

Then throwing it down on the ground, I punched it again.

The while punching it, the Silver Slime attacked at the same time.


Pa———n ! !


The attack caused an explosion and a massive shockwave, causing the entire dungeon to shake.


However, the Silver Slime wasn’t even hurt, without waiting for it I took two to three steps back.


The damage I took this time was even severe than the Gold Slime’s attack.

It wasn’t just that, I knew what damage this was.


[A magical damage huh.] (Ryouta)


It was the same damage that I felt when my Mentality is still at F. Plus, it’s different from the Gold Slime.


The Gold Slime’s attack is a physical damage, and the Silver Slime’s attack is a magic damage.


I see, I was strangely convinced.

Then—–I once again let the Gold Slime attack me.

My arms were numb, and confirming it I quickly recover with the Recovery Bullet.


The Gold Slime’s power is almost the same as mine.


So that’s what Emily meant when she said that to me.

The Killer of the Strongest, the monster would match the adventurer’s strength to defeat them.

Not only the power was similar, the speed of the Gold Slime was similar to me.


This is tough, it’s tough to deal with—–but.


The Gold Slime that kept on sticking close to me was grabbed by me and was tossed away.

After counter attacking it by throwing it away, I fired a Homing Bullet.

The homing bullet that was aiming towards the Gold Slime was to buy some time.


Without wasting that precise time, I went towards the Silver Slime.

Holding both revolvers, I fired repeatedly.

It was the maxed out Strengthening Bullet and the Lighting bullet——Infinite Lighting Bullet that was fired towards the Silver Slime.


The Lighting continuously strike the Silver Slime, burning the Silver Slime till it became dull.

The Slime looked like it was struggling—–As I expected.


Since the Gold Slime has the same stats as me in terms of physical strength, then the magic damage that the Silver Slime fired would be the same stats as me then.

Which also meant that, it’s Mentality was weak too.


You could say that the one loophole of this was that my Mentality was still the lowest, which made it easy for me to fire the Maxed Infinite Lighting Bullet at it.


The Silver Slime struggled for a little more, and eventually it became charred and turned to ashes.

Alright, the next is—–


The moment I turned around, the revolvers on my hands disappeared.


[What the f—–] (Ryouta)


No time to relax, the Gold Slime shorten it’s distance.

With the same SS stats, it became a close quarter combat.

I desperately guarded, and tried my best to avoid the attack.


With my revolvers gone, and it dealing a lot of damage to me, the usage of long range attack and recovery items meant that my fighting capability was reduced to half.


There wasn’t even time to be upset about it, as the Slime cleanly hit the side of my body which blew me away.

It’s been a long time since I was attacked by such a powerful attack, reminds me of the time when I first fought a Dungeon Master.


Standing up with my hands pushing my knees up, another attack hit my chin.

Was it a heavy blow that was equivalent to SS?


The Gold Slime attack once more.

The ferocity of the attack was slowly rising—–no it’s certainly rising up.

Perhaps because the Silver Slime was defeated, its attack felt like one rank higher than before. Although the Strength and Speed was the same, the attack felt even fierce.


I tried attacking, and avoiding it.


Because we were equal, and there was no way for me to take a breather. I was forced to rush the Gold Slime.


At this rate it’s gonna end badly—-If that’s the case.

While being completely defensive, I became completely focused.

Without standing up, I gave up on regaining my posture.


Instead I focused, I sharpened my senses and waited for a chance.

I did not care about the throbbing of my arms, and the damage accumulated on the core of my body.


[Gafuu..] (Ryouta)


I could taste something from my dried lips, it was the taste of iron that spread in my mouth.


Even so I focused, and sharpened myself.


[—–Haaaaaa!] (Ryouta) (TLN: Kamehameha!!)


That moment arrived, as I dealt the final blow on the Gold Slime! I attacked it with all my might.

It tried to counter me, but I cross counter using my full strength.


The blow hit the Gold Slime—–no it penetrated it.

The skewered Gold Slime fell limp, and after awhile it disappeared.


After it disappeared, the disappeared revolver appeared along with a huge pile of peaches.


[——–Gafuuu!] (Ryouta)


This time I spat out fresh blood, and shook my head frantically, then I laid down next to the peaches.




Inside the mansion, Aurum’s room.

Aurum was wearing pajamas while raising her body up from the bed.

She had an outer garment over her shoulder, which looked like someone who was truly sick.


Emily then handed the peach to her.

It was a half peeled peach served with syrup.


[This is?] (Aurum)

[This is a peach nanodesu, when you have a cold, you will get better as soon as you eat this nodesu.] (Emily)

[Is it a magical drug….?] (Aurum)

[It’s different nodesuyo~] (Emily)


Emily said with a smile on her face. Aurum tilted her neck but still took it anyways, then stabbing the peach with a fork, she brought it to her mouth.

Immediately after, her eyes shone.

Her eyes were wide open and were shining brightly.


[Deeeeeliiiicioussss—!!!] (Aurum)

[I think you’re exaggerating a little.] (Ryouta)

[But it’s seriously delicious, it’s really really delicious!] (Aurum)

[I see, I’m glad to hear that.] (Ryouta)

[The peach was obtained by Yoda-san nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Is that so?] (Aurum)

[Well yeah.] (Ryouta)

[…..Thank you, for my sake.] (Aurum)

[Don’t mind it. I just defeated a monster to get it, that’s all.] (Ryouta)

[Thanks, Ryouta…..] (Aurum)

[What’s wrong?] (Ryouta)

[If I were to catch a cold again, you’ll make this for me—–] (Aurum)


I flicked Aurum’s forehead.


[That will not happen again, so just recover properly.] (Ryouta)

[Ye~s. Thanks again Ryouta, and Emily.] (Aurum)


As Aurum remained a patient, she earnestly ate the peaches on the bed.

Probably because of the effect of the peach made like a peach can, Aurum could easily eat it.

Exchanging eye contacts with Emily, we secretly thumbs up to each other.

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