Cut&Paste: Chapter 142 – Franz and the children of the Divine Beast

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「…..Eh? What did you just say!? There’s another child of the Divine Beast living here!?」


Aah that’s right. King-sama has yet to know of the existence of Kuu.

It’s fairly normal to react like that when you’ve never even met a legendary Divine Beast before, let alone knowing whether they even have children or not.


Plus…..I’m sure the Captain doesn’t know a whale beast existed, similar to I was, he is gonna be shocked when he sees Kuu…..


Now that I think about it, since they’re used to it by now, but when my two wives first met Kuu, their reaction was amazing.


As if knowing what I was thinking about, Aisha looked at me while bitterly smiling.


「Un, Cetus-sama has assigned me to take care of her, and you might not have seen her before so don’t be so shocked when you meet her, okay.」


「I’ve not seen before!? What in the world could it be…..」


I warned him first beforehand, as the Captain nodded while crossing his arms and started thinking about various things.


「When we first saw her, we were quite surprised too.」


While listening to our conversation, Sylphy decided to participate too.


Letting the Captain to be deep in his thoughts, and after about 5 minutes, I could hear Waffle’s footsteps coming from the corridor.

Aah, he has safely called Kuu up. As expected of Waffle.


…..Which reminded me that Kuu is someone who has trouble waking up.


I remember shaking her around, and if I were to call out to her her eyes would immediately be wide awake. However, she looked like she was about to fall asleep again.


Before this…..




『Kuu, it’s already morning! Kuu wake up! W-A-K-E U-P!』


While shaking her around, I desperately called Kuu to wake up.


『Kyuuuu……Onii-sama, Good morning…..』


『You awake? Kuu, are you sure you’re awake?』


If I’m not careful with this, she’ll fall back to sleep again! I’m sure Kuu isn’t awake yet!


『Z z z z z z z z z, Kyuuuu, another five minutes please…..』


Look, I knew it——— ! ! ! !


『Don’t fall back to sleep! Kuu wake up—– ! ! ! ! ! !』




…..That was what happened before.


If I think about it, Waffle being able to call Kuu up at around 5 minute is a huge accomplishment.


「…..That was fairly quick.」


Both Sylphy and Aisha agreed with me when they also knew that Kuu was someone who has a hard time waking up, as they nodded in approval.


“A Divine Beast that is bad at waking up”…..And in the mind of the Captain, I’m sure that’s what he was thinking right now.


  • A never before seen beast.
  • Once seen, surprised.
  • Bad at waking up.


I wonder what kind of imagination would the Captain have once he sees Kuu, I’m really curious.


『My~ne, I’ve woke her up-!』


Waffle’s tail was wagging like a torpedo, and jumped straight towards me.


…..Eh? Why is Waffle wet?


『Kyu, Kyu, Kyu——-! ! ! Seriously! ! Waffle ! !』


This time I could hear Kuu’s voice in the corridor.

….Somehow, the tone of her voice was angry? What did Waffle did… wake her up?


『Kyuu—–! Onii-sama, please listen to me! Listen to me! ! ! It’s something important, I’m coming right now!』


Aah, she is angry right now….


『Onii-sama! Can you listen to me? This Waffle, even though I was sleeping soundly, he did a body blow on me!』


Eeh???? A body blow?


「…..Danna-sama, she seemed really angry right now, what did Kuu say?」


Ah right, Sylphy and Aisha doesn’t have the Divine Protection of Cetus-sama.

Which meant that they don’t know what Kuu is talking about.


「…..She said that Waffle-chan did a body blow on Kuu to wake her up…..」


Aah,before I could explain, Amy-san started explaining.


「…..A, a body blow?」

「Huh!? A body blow!?」


Both Aisha and Sylphy raised their voices.


『…..Hey, Waffle. How did you wake Kuu up?』


It was Waffle the one who woke Kuu who has trouble waking up, and while wagging his tail he had a smug look on his face.


『Even when I shake and hit her, she wouldn’t wake up, so I 【Fly high in the sky】, all the way up on the ceiling, and landed on her!』




Waffle…..Isn’t that pretty radical?

Both Sylphy and Aisha looked at each other with a dumbfounded look.


『Listen, Myne. Kuu is horrible. Even when I so kindly wake her up, she attacked me with her 【Bubbly Shawa-】 you know!』


Ah, so that’s the reason why Waffle’s all wet.

Well, since Kuu was still drowsy after being awake, the attack didn’t deal much damage.


Seriously, what do I say to these two…..

Body blowing Kuu, and protesting to me that he free fall onto her, and another protesting to me because he was drenched.


Waffle did do his best in trying to get Kuu to wake up.


Although his way was quite radical, but he did listen to my request.


Then again, Kuu did get hurt by the free fall while she was still sleeping.


Then counter attacking by splashing him, and considering her feelings, it’s not like I don’t understand why she did that.


…..Un, alright. This is, my bad.


『I’m sorry to the both of you. It’s because I was the one who asked Waffle to wake Kuu up.

Can Kuu forgive Waffle for me? Waffle too, I’m sure you wanted me to praise you for doing a good job right? I’m sorry.』


I lowered my head to apologize to both of them, Kuu and Waffle’s tail hung down, then they raised a small 『Kyu~』 and 『Wafu~』 cry.


『Myne, I overkilled it, I’ll apologize, Kuu, I’m sorry.』


『Kyu, I, I was also in the wrong! If I didn’t wake up immediately….Waffle, thank you for waking me up.』


Waffle then licked my cheeks, and at the other end Kuu was rubbing her cheeks onto mine.


「……Uhmm, what on earth is going on…..?」


Aa, oh shit!? I’ve completely forgotten about Captain Franz!


「Ah, I’m sorry. There was a slight misunderstanding…..

This girl is my new family member, the daughter of the Divine Beast Cetus-sama, Kuu.」


As I said, Kuu also noticed the presence of the Captain.

「Kyuu」 As she lowered her head in front of the Captain.


「……Please to meet you, Divine Beast-sama.」


Franz also corrected his posture and lowered his head towards Kuu.


「I see, so Cetus-sama is a whale-shaped Divine Beast.」


Eh? Captain Franz….have you seen a whale before?


Oh that’s right, I think I heard someone saying that they appear in the Water Dungeon.


「Captain-san, so you know about their existence?」


「Yeah, I’ve seen them in the Water Dungeon before.」


With that, the face-to-face relationship between Franz and the Fortuna Family was completed.

Captain said that once the Clan House is completed, they will bring the other members together again.


…..Phew, the Konoe Knights huh.


It’s different from our Clan, so I’m sure we will be exchanging various things from now on as well.

Even though our level has gone up, we can’t leave behind Amy-san.


Let’s look at it in a positive perspective.


Soon, the Clan House will be completed.

There are many things we’ll have to do, so let’s work hard from now on!

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.


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