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「……By the way, what do you mean by Fortuna’s Konoe Knights Division?」


When asking Captain Franz, he answered with a terribly serious expression.


「Myne-dono, do you know of the banner of the knights division?」


…..No, I’ve never heard of that before? Was there such a division? I thought while being confused.


As if he’d heard my thoughts, Captain Franz continued to speak.


「Please be aware of it, Myne-dono is married to Your Highness Sylphid, so you’re a noble too.

Although you’re welcomed to the royal family, you do not have any self-defence or a konoe hired under you.

It is without a doubt that I am an escort guard for Amy-dono and I’ll put in my 100% to fulfill this mission. However, protecting Myne-dono and Your Highness Sylphid in the shadows is also one of my other responsibility.」


…..It seems that I’ve been accepted to something absurd without even knowing in advance.


It also seemed like Captain Franz was consulted by King-sama directly.

Once the talk was settled, for the sake of Alto-san, my adorable sister, and me, it was decided that he’ll be in charge of being the Konoe Knight of the Fortuna Family.


Alto-san, at least tell me first beforehand…….


As I was thinking of some stuff, it seemed that big brother had a bigger purpose other than this.

I remember Sylphy telling me about it before.


From the bystanders viewpoint who doesn’t know about this personal affairs, Captain Franz may be regarded as being demoted.

Well, obviously he wasn’t demoted, but it’s to appeal to the outsiders that he is.


So, of all the people, he was chosen as the one to boost the public opinion for the former first princess.


In short, the royal family prepared a subject to protect the Fortuna Family that Sylphy has married into.

Furthermore, it would divert everyone’s attention of seeing that he has the huge responsibility of protecting the Fortuna Family, and this would be useful to hide the identity of Amy-san.


…..I see (I don’t), if it’s like that, then I am somewhat convinced.


It’s true that I’ve married Sylphy, and I’ve technically became part of the royal family, but it’s not as though I’ve become some great person.

Frankly speaking I’m a noble, but honestly I don’t really care about that.


….There’s only one thing that I wish for, and that is to get along well with my family.

The thought of such grandiose scheme had never occured to me before…..


However, if it correlates to protecting Amy-san, then I can’t do anything about it.


As a person, Captain Franza is talented, his ability is also high up there, plus there would be two other knights coming along.

What’s more, it was the Captain himself that chose the two knights, so I’m sure their personality would be similar or will be someone that can be trusted.


Furthermore, a civil official would be coming to help on reception and accounting work.

The burden of Amy-san would then be greatly reduced.


All I can say is the benefit is stack in favour for us.


「I understand completely! Please take care of me from now on.

By the way, after you’re done for today… you have anywhere to stay?

Sorry to say but the Clan House is not completed at the moment….」


Right, it’s a little sudden to stay at our house right now.

However, it’s not good to let him stay at a neighbour’s house either.


Well, what should I do about it.


「Aah, do not worry about me. To be honest, my family has also moved into Lucas with me.

Your Majesty has already arranged a place for us to stay……Afterwards, we plan to visit there.」


Aah, I see! So they’ve completely moved to the Village of Lucas and decided to stay here.

It’s logical that if he needs to be an escort for Amy-san, plus protecting our house, it’s impossible to travel back and forth from the capital to here everyday.


And it’s not like I can just show people my 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 all the time.


Hmm? The 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】….I feel like, I’m forgetting something….What could it be……




….Aaah, I’ve completely forgotten about it! !


King-sama himself told me to make a door that can travel to long distances.

As various things happened in between, I’ve completely forgotten about that!


I’m sure, the King is waiting for it?


After Captain Franz leaves, I should go ahead and test it out.

I’m sure it would be the same image as creating the storage bag, and if I put my all to it, I could do it if I try it out.


If I can complete that, traveling around would be so much easier.

Let’s put in some effort and experiment with it.


Thinking about these in my head, I should also discuss about what to do after the completion of the Clan House, as I should call Aisha and Amy-san who weren’t with us.


As a result, it was decided that Amy-san and two Civil servant-san would be living in the Clan House.

It was mentioned that the Civil servants were both girls. Then, I’m sure the Knight would be a girl too, so that would be 4 people in total.


All that’s left is the male Knights-san, it was said that he would rent a house beside Captain Franz’s house.

Obviously the King can’t completely give a house to Captain Franz for free, but the rent for the house would be 80% off.


…..Well, without such condition, I don’t think he would move from the capital to Lucas.


「WafuWafu, Wafu~~♪」


Hm? It’s Waffle’s voice. Aah, seems like he’s done with bathing. He looked like he had a great time in there.


With steam coming out of his body, Waffle entered the living room.

Then, he jumped on my shoulders, and positioned himself nicely on top of my head.


Afterwards, he tapped on my head with his paws several times before laying down.


「……Long time no see, Divine Beast-sama.」


By Divine Beast, he meant Waffle who was looking rather listless, which Captain Franz called out to while bitterly smiling.


On top of me, as if realizing his existence just now, Waffle raised his right arm which showed his soft paws, and greeted with a 「Wafu!」.


「Aah, I’ve also given him a name, he’s called Waffle.

Please call him Waffle from now on!」


As I informed Captain Franz, he immediately replied with 「Please to meet you, Waffle-sama」 while bowing down his head.


Aah, I see. Captain Franza did say “Divine Beast-sama”. It’s rather obvious he would reply in that manner.

He’s completely become part of our family, so we didn’t notice about such formalities.


Instead of seeing him as Fenrir’s son, he’s just “Waffle” to us.


『Waffle, do you remember him? The Captain that was with us at the Divine Forest.

He’ll be staying at the Village of Lucas from now on, and he’s assigned to be the escort guard for Amy-san.

Since it’s Waffle, I wouldn’t have to worry about anything but…..I’ll still say this, please be nice with him okay!』


『Wafu! I know!』


Waffle started to become more aware of his surroundings as his appearance slowly awaken…..Then, I started to realize that there was someone else that wasn’t with us.


「……Eeh? By the way, where’s Kuu?」


Looking around, she doesn’t seem to be around.


『Waffle, where did Kuu went?』


Since Captain Franz came all the way here, and we’ll be seeing each other quite frequently, it’s best to introduce Kuu to him right now.

…..However, where did she went exactly?


『If it’s Kuu, she’s sleeping.』


……Eh? She’s sleeping!? At this kind of hour?

H~m, it’s almost time for dinner too, I should probably wake her up then?


『Waffle, can you go and wake Kuu up for me?』


As I said that, Waffle said 『Leave it to me!』 and jumped down from my head before running to Sylphy’s room where Kuu was sleeping.


Seeing that happened, Captain Franz asked about it.


「Who might this Kuu person be?」


「Aah, Kuu? Uhmm…..Simply put, she’s the daughter of the Divine Beast Cetus.」


「…..Eeh? What did you just say!? There’s another child of the Divine Beast here!?」


Welp, this is going to be troublesome.


Author’s Note:


Thank you for reading.

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