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After returning from the Dungeon of the World Tree, we’ve lazed around at home for two days.


The initial plan was to go to various places to increase the number of place we could travel, but the events in the World Tree occupied us for a long time, and even I was tired from it and needed a break.

Both Sylphy and Aisha smiled and said to not worry about it, so I decided to take their offer and rest.


「……Fu, this feels great!」


I spoke to Waffle who was floating upside down on the bath.


Yeap, the first thing we did was going into the bathroom.




With Waffle’s intervention(?), I managed to make the temperature of the water constantly hot forever, which made our lives easier.

It’s nice to soak inside a warm water after a long period of time, but soaking in a hot bath feels better.


Speaking of warm baths, I recently noticed something interesting…


Within our household who loves a hot bath were me, Waffle, and Aisha, the three of us ? (2 person and 1 animal).

Conversely, the people who loves a warm bath were Sylphy and Amy-san…….And, for some reason even Kuu too.


Because of our different likings, I had to switch between hot and warm baths everyday.


Meanwhile, Sylphy and Kuu would take a bath together everyday.

It surprised me that these two would become such great friends so quickly.


『Today’s another great bath.』

『Kyuu Kyuu, that’s right, Sylphy Onee-sama!』


While Waffle was resting on top of my head, Kuu would frequently float around Sylphy’s shoulder.


Although Sylphy originally thought it was troublesome to see, but the sight of Kuu made her think otherwise.


Name: Kuu

LV: 52

Race: Divine Beast

Sex: ♀

Status: Little sister of the Fortuna Family.


Somehow, when appraising Kuu, the status of my sister(?) suddenly changed to Little sister of the Fortuna family(decided), which shocked me.

She’s now completely familiar with everyone.


By the way, Kuu’s also in good terms with Aisha. It’s just that their interest in bathtime doesn’t coincide so Kuu spends most of her time with Sylphy in the bathroom.

Aisha generally loves cute things, so she really loves both Waffle and Kuu.


Whenever she has freetime from work, she’ll play with either one of them.


「Myne-kun, there’s a guest waiting to see you~!」


Aisha called for me from outside the bathroom.


『A guest? Who could it be?…..Waffle, I’m heading out first, how about you?』

『I, want to stay here, for a little while longer~』


As always, Waffle answered me while floating on the water.

Using its tails to move about, the appearance of him moving in all directions was adorable.


『Well then, I’ll head out first! Don’t stay for too long okay?』

『Wafu, I know~』


…..Though, it’s rare to have a guest right now.

At the moment, I’m being treated like a noble, but it was in name only… who could it be?


Could it be the master craftsman? Or is it the Guild Leader?…..No wait, couldn’t be the Guild Leader.

If it really was the Guild Leader, he would have conveyed the message to Aisha without needing to call me out.


Plus it must be someone I know, since Aisha called for me.


Hmm~, no matter how much I think I don’t know who it was.

Well, for now let’s quickly change and head to the living room! I can’t let the guest wait for long.


After changing, I went to the living room, and someone unexpected was waiting there.


「Long time no see, Myne-dono.」


Yes, the one waiting at the living room was the Captain of the Knight’s Division who was indebted to me.


「I apologize for getting in the way of your break.」


As always he’s so polite, I thought as I spoke.


「L, Long time no see! How are you doingl!!」


Unconsciously, I was reminded of the game made by Claude in the Divine Forest.

At that time, he really caused a lot of problems for me…..


「If I may ask, how is Fenrir-sama’s son faring?」


…..Eh? Have I ever spoken to Captain-san about Waffle’s true form before? If I’m not mistaken, I’ve only said that Waffle’s a wolf…..


「Fufu, I see that you’re making a strange face right now? It was the King-sama that informed me about it.」


Aah, I see. So he heard from King-sama!


……..Wait, Eeeeeeeeeeeh? Wh, what did he just say? The King! ! ! !

I know that the Captain of the Knight is someone to be trusted, but isn’t he taking this as just a casual conversation?


「You’re surprised, is that right?」


Opposite of my surprise, the Captain showed a happy face just like a mischievous child.


「Stop it, don’t tease my Danna-sama anymore.」


Sylphy who overheard our conversation stepped in between and interrupted our conversation.


「Yes! Your Highness Sylphid, I apologize for my rudeness!」


「…..I’ve said this many times, you no longer have to call me ‘Your Highness’.」


「To me, Your Highness is your highness!」


「……Haah, well whatever, do what you like. Anyways, you have something to say to my Danna-sama right?

So can you settle down first and tell him that?」


Hmm? So something has happened?…..Well obviously. If not, the Captain-san wouldn’t have come here in a hurry to tell me that.

……However, what is this. Is it something like the time with Claude again? I’m pretty nervous.


While looking nervous, the Captain-san looked at me and suddenly stood up, then in front of me, he took an upright posture.


「From today, I, Franz・Works, by the King’s order, will be appointed as a knight for the Fortuna Family.

That’s all, please take care of me.」




「Which means, to put it in layman’s term, you’re appointed by father to be Amy’s escort guard.」


Sylphy explained the situation to me that was occuring right now in a simpler manner.


Aah, now that you talk about it…..King-sama did mention something like that once.

I see, no wonder he knew about Waffle.


Since he’ll be closely involved with us, he has to know all the information.

What’s more, his personality is good in my books, and he’s acquainted to both me and Sylphy.


Which also means he knew about the situation of Amy-san.


「From the outside, I would still belong as the King’s Konoe Knights, but in actual fact, I will be the Head of the Konoe Knights of the Fortuna Family.」


However, I remember that King-sama said that he’ll send several people?

There’s the Captain-san here……Franz-san only. In the end, is one person sufficient?


Besides, wouldn’t it cause a disturbance?


「I heard that King-sama said that he’ll dispatch some Civil Officials here…..」


I asked while thinking.


「Yes, I’m here for today, but two more knights and two civil servants are coming soon in the near future.

As soon as they arrive, I’ll ask them to greet you.」


Well, they would be coming here after the Clan House is completed.


Also, thanks to the hard work done by the Craftsman-san and the Magic Architects, the Clan House has come to a point where it will be completed soon.

They’re working hard right now as we speak.


「I understand! Captain-san, no Franz-san! I’m still inexperienced but please to work with you too!

……By the way, what do you mean by Fortuna’s Konoe Knights?」


Yeah, what does he mean by that??


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

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『Today’s another great bath.』

『Kyuu Kyuu, that’s right, Sylphy Onee-sama!』

While Waffle was resting on top of my head, Kuu would frequently float around Sylphy’s shoulder.

Although Sylphy originally thought it was troublesome to see, but the sight of Kuu made her think otherwise.



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