Cut&Paste: Chapter 139 – What the heck is a skill seed!?

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Ah, could it be…..!


I took out another pebble from within my storage bag.


If my assumption is correct…..! ! ! ! Aah, that’s what I thought so!

So this is what Fenrir-sama was trying to point out!


From within the storage bag, the pebble that I took out was pasted with the constant skills that made the bath a huge success.


Name: Pebble




Constant: Water

Constant: Water

Constant: Water

Constant: Water

Constant: Water

Constant: Water

Constant: Water


…..The skills that are written right now are clearly different!


The Skill Seed had one 【Wind Seed. (3) pasted on the pebble.

However, the skill that was on this pebble was divided into individual 【Constant: Water】 instead.


…..What’s more, the pasted number did not match.


The totality of the Wind Seed was 8, while the Water Seed was 12.

However, the result that appraisal showed was…..


Name: Pebbles


【Skill Seed】


【Wind Seed (Large)】 (2)

【Wind Seed】 (3)

【Water Seed (Large)】 (2)

【Water Seed】 (2)


The number of Wind Seeds were odd, there should only be 1 【Wind Seed (Large)】 but for some reason I have 2 now.

What’s more, the 【Wind Seed (Large)】 that I’ve never acquired before was now shown to be 2.


Which means, these are…..


『Fenrir-sama, is it that if you repeatedly paste the skill seed on itself, it’ll transform to (Large) after every 5 stacks?』


I wanted to confirm my suspicion with Fenrir-sama……

Then, I could see Fenrir-sama’s mouth moving as though saying 『That’s correct』 while being delighted.


『Strictly speaking, that isn’t a skill.』


…..Eh? It’s not a skill? Then what is it exactly!? If I remember correctly, the appraisal skill did mentioned some unknown meaning on the skill seeds…..


『I’ve mentioned to you before that the World Tree supplies magic to our world, right?

So the demons that resides within the dungeon, they’ve absorbed the magic that was released by the World Tree.

The Skill Seeds, though it has the word skill in it, strictly speaking it’s just a mass of pure magic.

Try imagining it as a clay, if you mix two small clays together, wouldn’t it form a slightly large clay?

Hence, when you 【paste】 them onto the same object, just like clay, the Skill Seed would also turned slightly larger.』


Now I get it, if I think of it as “A chunk of magic named Skill Seed”, then it’ll be easier to understand.

Wait? Then…..what is this even used for?


『I understood the pure magic! However, what is it used for then?』


『How would I know? I have no idea either. In the first place, there weren’t any value on this 【Skill Seed】.

If a demon that absorbs the seed dies, it’ll once again be taken away(Return to) by the World Tree.』


『…..In that case, there’s no meaning in collecting this then?』


Listening to Fenrir-sama’s explanation, it was a great disappointment as Fenrir-sama strongly denied.


『No, remember when I said “until now”. I’ve only heard of this 【Skill Seed】 from God.

And God wanted me to tell you about this. Which meant that there must be some use if God wanted me to convey this to you.』


From God!? And the meaning behind Fenrir-sama saying “until now”.

Which meant that it probably had to do with my 【Appraisal・Complete】 and 【Cut & Paste】 which made it appear.


…..Or maybe, it had to do with what God said about the other skill that combines with 【Appraisal・Complete】.


Whatever it is, as long as I have the skills for it, the useless 【Skill Seed】 would eventually be of use.

I guess that’s what God was trying to say.


『…..I understand, if I have the time I’ll go to the Dungeon of the World Tree and conquer again.』


Yeap, I won’t know when I’ll be doing that…..

But I’ll be sure to conquer the Dungeon of the World Tree.


『Aah, the road will be far ahead, so do it without hurting yourself.

Even if you don’t know what that would do, you could just collect it first until you’ll figure out what it does someday.』


Fenrir-sama reassured me.


Then, looking at Kuu who was flying high up, she lightly sighed.


『…..Though, the daughter of Cetus sure is energetic as usual. She could really compete with my boys.』



Because the topic related to her came out, she looked at us and tilted her head.

Then, she slowly floated towards us.


『Kyuu! Fenrir Obaa-sama, did you call for me?』


『No, it’s nothing big, just asking you to continue to be friends with my boys.』


『Yes! I will! We’re all really close! Right!』


As Kuu said so, she flew on top of my head where Waffle was on the verge of sleeping.




『Hey, please get a hold of yourself!』


U~n, doesn’t he look like he’s about to sleep…..Even Maple and Louvre were already asleep.

I wanted to talk with Fenrir-sama a little longer, but I guess I’ll leave it to next time.


『Waffle, you look like you’re about to fall asleep anytime soon, let’s head home then!』


After saying then Fenrir-sama stood up, she licked my face before saying 『Get home safely』.


Then, Amy-san who was close by, once again licked her face.


『Amy, please take care of yourself. It might take some time.

I’m sure Myne is trying his best to fix the bad things that have happened in your past.

So, you’ll have to be firm and work hard too, alright.』


Amy-san who was suddenly licked in the face stopped moving out of surprise, but when she heard the words from Fenrir-sama, her facial expression tighten.


『…..Yes, I’ll do my best.』


With that, we all head back to our home, Lucas.






We passed through the black hole to our home, and the person waiting for us at home was Aisha.


The first who went in the black hole was Amy-san. Then it was me then Waffle….then Kuu.


Aisha’s word stopped mid sentence when she saw Kuu drifting in the air.


「……What’s wrong Aisha. It’s only Danna-sama that has returned….wait a minute!!!! What’s that creature!?」


Aah, Sylphy too.


『…..Onii-sama, am I…..not wanted here?』


With tears filling up on in her eyes, Kuu flew into my arms.


It seems that Aisha and Sylphy only heard sounds like 「Kyu, Kyu, Kyuu~~~~~~~」, but it seems like Sylphy knew that she hurt her feelings.


『It’s okay, the two of them were just surprised to see Kuu, that’s all.』


Somehow, my feelings match with my two wives.


「Uhm, let me introduce. This is the daughter of the Divine Beast, Cetus-sama. Her name is Kuu.

Cetus-sama herself strongly desired to let her daughter stay with me just like how Waffle was put under our care.

So similar to Waffle, she’ll be a member of our family.」


As I said that, Kuu turned towards the two of them angrily and said 「KyuKyuKyuKyuu!」 while lowering? Her head.


「W, what did you just say!? This child was?」

「Th, the divine beast Cetus-sama!?」


「She just said, 『My name is Kuu, please to meet you.』.」


The two of them each have their own reaction, as Aisha murmured 「…..cute.」.


「I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings, please forgive me.

I am one of my Danna-sama’s wife, Sylphid・Fortuna. Please to meet you Kuu.」


Sylphy sounded like a knight, as she straightened her back while talking to Kuu.


「Kyu, kyu!」


「…..I’m sorry, Kuu-chan. Nice to meet you, I’m Aisha, Aisha・Fortuna.

I am also one of Myne’s wife. Let’s be friends!」




After hearing the introductions of the two of them, Kuu’s bad mood was left as she flew towards them.


Yeap, it doesn’t seem to be a problem.


With that, a new family was born in our Fortuna family.

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