Cut&Paste: Chapter 138 – Question from Fenrir

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『Did anyone get hurt?』


Just to be sure, I placed the Kabuto Beetle’s materials and the Robust・Shield into the storage bag before confirming everyone else.


『『『Wafuu!We’re fine~~』』』


『Onii-sama, you’re actually worried about Kuu! I’m so happy!』


『Yes, there’s no injuries.』


Seems like everyone’s fine. That’s good.


Though they’re still children, but the 4 of them are still Divine Beasts, the floor boss would’ve still been defeated.

Although I stopped them, even if I wasn’t there, I’m pretty sure they could’ve just as easily defeated it too.


For an ordinary adventurers, probably the only tough time they’ll have is the hard shell of the beetle…..


I thought so too during the time in the Dungeon of Power that they would have no problems even on the deeper floors.


While watching Waffle and his brothers and Kuu chasing around each other, I summarized my thoughts on the strategies of the Dungeon.


「Did something interesting came up in your mind?」


Amy-san looked at me and asked.

Aah, suddenly staying silent while crouching, I’m sure she was worried about me…..


「No, it’s nothing! I was just thinking about the dungeon that’s all!」


「…..Are you sure? If you have anything worrying you, please tell me okay!

Myne-san and Waffle-chan and everyone, all of you helped me so much, so this time it’s my turn to help everyone back!」


Amy-san said with a refreshing smile.

Un, I guess a large weight has been lifted? The time where she met with Ymir-sama face to face went well, and because of Cetus-sama, she did not mind taking care of the World Tree, so now she’s gotten better.


What’s more, it all depends on how hard I put in, because there is a possibility that I can help the elf race.

I’m sure the situation right now, Amy-san has a huge hope in what was to come in the future.


We also have the Divine Beasts’-sama help. When we’ll meet with all of them, that I’m not sure but… thing I do know is to find another skill that mixes with 【Appraisal・Complete】.

Then, we can turn over the tragedy of the elf race!


Well, I put in my all to do it but…..either way it won’t be immediate.

Following our schedule, it’s’ time to head back to the DIvine Spirit Forest.


『Cetus-sama, can you hear me.』


Speaking of going back to the Divine Spirit Forest. Let’s meet up with Cetus-sama first before leaving.

Since I was asked to help take care of her beloved daughter.


So I’ll have to give a proper greeting!


『N, is that you, Myne? What’s the matter.』


『Yes, our objective of defeating the first floor boss has been completed, so before we head home, I want to greet you first!』


『As Fenrir said, what a rational kid…..Well whatever, it’s a good thing.

Go back safely you hear me, and please take care of my beloved daughter.』


『Yes! I understand!』


After finished greeting with Cetus-sama, it’s time to head back.


『Everyone, let’s go back home!』


I called out to the DIvine Beast Corps who were still running around cheerfully.


And then…..they answered with 『『『Wafuwafu』』』『Kyuu』 as they ran towards my direction.


Aah, not this again!!!


Leaving it to momentum, the three brothers jumped on me, making me fall, and started licking on my face until my entire body was sticky.

It’s a soft and comfortable feeling but we have to go home!


Then, this time Kuu’s among them, though for some reason was dancing on top of my head strangely…..


If this keeps up, we will never get back home on time.

So, while lying down, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.


『Alright, everyone that’s enough! Let’s go!』


After saying that, Waffle was first to jumped into the black hole.

Next was Kuu, then Maple, then Louvre.


「Fuu, what a hard time they gave me…..」


As I said that while standing up, Amy-san smiled and laughed with a “Fufufu”, while walking into the black hole.


「Then, I’ll head in first!」


Fuu, yare yare daze…..


I sighed, and went into the black hole.


Then, before I went inside, I turned to look at the Dungeon of the World Tree, and bowed.


「…..I’ll come again! Thank you so much!!」


With that, I went into the black hole which leads to the Divine Spirit Forest.




When I came out at the other end of the black hole, the first thing that flew towards me…..




….Yes, it was Waffle.


And as always, he climbed onto my head as usual, and yawned.


Then Maple and Louvre ride on Fenrir-sama’s head, and of course they too yawned heavily.


They looked sleepy, which made me think that when they jumped onto me awhile ago was a lie.


…..Well, seems like they’ve exhausted themselves.


Especially the moment Maple and Louvre came back home, aren’t they too comfortable already?


I bitterly smiled, and greeted Fenrir-sama.


『I’m home!』


『Aah, good work. The children seems satisfied too, thanks.』


Saying that, Fenrir-sama gently looked at the kids who were lying down while rolling around on her back.

Amy-san smiled brightly too when seeing such sight.


『Then, Myne… was it? The Dungeon of the World Tree.』


『Aah, yes! I’ve met with Cetus-sama!』


A I said so, Kuu was happily floating at a pretty high place in joy.


『Aah, it’s the daughter of Cetus. So in the end, she asked you to take care of her?』


Eh? Why does Fenrir-sama know about the conversations with Cetus-sama?


「You do not have to show such strange expression, because I told her about my children bothering you, and that one of my child was living with you.』


….Aah, Fenrir-sama….you knew then?

If you knew about it, then I wish you would’ve told me earlier.


As if reading the voices in my heart, Fenrir-sama continued.


『Wouldn’t it spoil the fun if I told you from the beginning? How was it, wasn’t it fun?』


No, it wasn’t fun at all…..


While murmurring in my mind, Fenrir said 「I see」 while laughing with a ‘Ku~ku~ku’ voice.

Seems like she was in a good mood because everything went well.


『…..By the way, I wanted to talk to Fenrir-sama about these interesting skills I’ve found…..What is this 【Skill Seed】?』


『N? Aah, that’s right. So you’ve collected quite a sum?』


『Yes, although…..what is it used for? Even with appraisal I couldn’t find out what it was…..』


Yes, even with appraisal, only the Magic Wind comes out.

I don’t understand with just that information alone.


『I too don’t really understand it well, I just heard it when God spoke of another skill to combine with 【Appraisal・Complete】.』


Mu….., even Fenrir-sama doesn’t know about it.

Really, what on earth is this?


『It’s just that, God has said one thing. Myne, let me convey what God said to you.』


Eh? From God!? Wha-what would that be?


『To whom did you paste the skill seed that you’ve 【Cut】?』


『Ehmm, first it was me. The rest of it was stuck to these pebbles.』


I took out the pebbles from the storage bag and place it on the palm of my hand before giving it to Fenrir-sama.

For a while, Fenrir-sama stared at the stone gently, then she asked.


『Have you tried appraising these pebbles?』


Eh? Appraising the pebbles that has the 【Skill Seed】 pasted on them? I’ve not tried it yet…..


Name: Pebbles




【Wind Seed】 x 8

【Water Seed】 x 12


Yeah, there’s nothing strange, but…..


『There seems to be nothing but…..』


I tilted my neck, and answered Fenrir-sama.


『…..Are there really, nothing strange with the pebbles?』


There’s definitely something that Fenrir-sama is pointing to me as a hint if she’s focusing on it.

…..What is it, exactly…..


I once again tried to appraise it.


Name: Pebbles


【Seed Skill】


【Wind seed (Large)】 (2)

【Wind Seed】 (3)

【Water Seed (Large)】 (2)

【Water Seed】 (2)


U~n, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it…..




….! ! ! !


Oh, is it perhaps……….!


I took out another pebble from the storage bag.


If my theory is correct…..! ! ! !Yes, it is so!

So what Fenrir-sama was trying to say was this!

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Thank you for reading.

Please take care of me from now too.


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