Level 1 Guy: Chapter 159 – Requesting the Joker

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Teruru Dungeon, 4th floor.

After putting the bamboo shoots that was dropped by the Bat Slime into the Magic Cart, I head back to the mansion by teleporting.

And that was how I obtained 1 Million Piro today.


There were nothing much going on lately, thus I decided to earn at least a million Piro a day.

If I were to do it seriously, I could technically get more money, but having 1 Million Piro as the benchmark was good enough to sustain the current lifestyle that I’m living.


[Uun, slightly off a million?] (Ryouta)


Mentally calculating the amount in my head, it seems that there’s still a little left to a million. I’ll probably be frustrated to round up the 990k Piro to a million as it would mess up with the entire routine.


Just to be safe, I’ll at least hunt for a few more monsters, as I took out my revolvers and searched for the next victim.


While I was searching for a monster, I saw a party stopped directly in front of me.

Well it’s not that they stopped there on purpose, but it seemed that one person was saying something while the rest showed unsatisfactory faces.


[We left around 100k Piro, so you don’t have to hurry, we only need the drops by tomorrow morning.]

[ [ [………] ] ]

[Then I’ll head back up first.]


After the leader-like guy said that, he waved his hands and walked up with a smile.



Is that so, so it wasn’t overtime.

Although they don’t have to hurry, but he wants the drops to be handed to him by tomorrow morning.

So proceed to overtime, bring your work back and do.


It was a technique often used in my company.


Wiping away the past memories, maybe I should help them a little—-was what I came up with as I walked closer to them.


[Geh! It’s Ryouta?Satou.]


The guy who wanted to go back saw my face and stopped.

So he knew who I was, then this’ll be a lot more quicker.

Let’s have a word with him, as I was about to open my mouth.


[E, everyone! It’ll be tough but let’s do our best!]


He immediately turned a 180 and went back to his teammates.

What did he say just now? As if caring for his teammates, he forced himself to be enthusiastic before defeating a spawned Bat Slime.


[Alright, let’s do our best.]


He further raised his enthusiasm.

The guy who tried to take the initiative to leave his teammates ended up having to work overtime.


Since I missed the timing to say a word to the guy, I looked at them for a moment before heading back home.




The next day, Shikuro Dungeon Association.

The Association Chief—–Cell called me over to his office.


[…..If my memory serves me right.]


I wasn’t looking at Cell who was sitting down at the opposite end, but the surroundings of the office.


[Wasn’t this place an ordinary looking office when I came yesterday?] (Ryouta)


The office was now revamped into what seemed to be fitting for a King to be in.


[I ordered them to renovate the office. There were some necessary changes.] (Cell)

[In just one night, you did that?] (Ryouta)


It wasn’t just a light reformation. The room looked like it nearly doubled in size….


[There were necessary.] (Cell)

[Is that so.] (Ryouta)


So as long as you have money, you can do whatever you can? Or is it due to a monster drop?

I don’t know the details, but regardless it’s amazing in it’s own way.


[But that’s surprising.] (Ryouta)

[What is?] (Cell)

[I figured that you would clearly decorate your office with figures of me, but there’s none of them here.] (Ryouta)

[…..] (Cell)


Cell silently shutted his eyes.

Oii, why did you close your eyes there?


[We, well anyways I’m glad that you’ve come Satou-sama. There’s something I dearly need your assistant in.] (Cell)


He diverted the topic.

So he does display them….Well whatever.


[So what sort of request is it?] (Ryouta)

[Umu, there’s two.] (Cell)


Cell’s facial expression changed.

His facial expression was now in serious mode.


[If you have any free time, I would like for Satou-sama to show his face to each and every floor in the entirety of Shikuro.] (Cell)

[Just my face? But why?] (Ryouta)


I did not understand the meaning behind Cell’s request.

Just showing my face, it doesn’t make sense to just show up in the dungeon?


[Among the adventurers these days—–especially the leaders, they’ve conspired to {Not getting involved with Ryouta?Satou}.] (Cell)

[Don’t get involved with me? Did I do something to piss them off?] (Ryouta)


Cell laughed.

It was an unbelievable laugh.


[It was said that it had started after Clifford’s case.] (Cell)

[Clifford? Oh the wheats.] (Ryouta)


Cell nodded.


[With just that one case, Clifford’s income has declined at a dangerous level. I’ve tried helping them, but the income went down even further, and all of this was due to Satou-sama intervening.] (Cell)

[Aah.] (Ryouta)

[In addition to that, there were also a few cases where Satou-sama helped the leader’s subordinates to break off of their respective families.] (Cell)

[That was—–] (Ryouta)

[I know, I know. Of course I would know everything regarding Satou-sama.] (Cell) (Creeps)


I tried arguing, but Cell cut me off with a serious look.

It wasn’t the eyes of a stalker, but was close to that of someone understanding.


[All of them reaped what they sowed. And because of that, people were saying to not be involved with Satou-sama as those who are, would get their punishment.] (Cell)


Were there so many Black Businesses going on around.


[Last night, just because Satou-sama passed by them, the situation changed.] (Cell)

[…..You’re truly a full fledged stalker at this point.] (Ryouta)


Though he is a stalker, he was still in serious mode.


[As it stands, if we show Satou-sama’s face around, maybe much unexpected things would be solved, so those who are in trouble would temporarily be off for the time being.] (Cell)

[I see what you mean.] (Ryouta)


I was wondering why such a thing happened yesterday, but after he explained it, I understood.


[Hence why I want Satou-sama to show his face at various floors in hopes that at least one person would be saved.] (Cell)


Cell said as he stared straight at me.


[It’s something that can only be done by Satou-sama.] (Cell)

[I got it. I’ll properly show my face.] (Ryouta)


I decided to accept the request.

I’ll be careful when going to new floors, and try to widen my range of action even if it’s a little to show myself.


[I thank thee from the bottom of my heart. As I expect from Satou-sama to accept this request.] (Cell)

[Anyways, you said that there are two request, so what’s the other one?] (Ryouta)

[Umu, it’s about Aurum.] (Cell)

[What’s wrong with Aurum?] (Ryouta)

[The adventurer hunting over there has recently increased.] (Cell)

[Adventurer hunting?] (Ryouta) (TLN: Think of them as PK’ers)


That’s the first time I’ve heard of such term.

Though it was a word that was easily understood based on the context.


[It’s easy to get expensive items compared to the volume in Aurum. So instead of hunting for monsters, they would target those who are collecting drops, and take their drops.] (Cell)

[So basically they’re robbers.] (Ryouta)

[Yes. Also there’s a problem that is even worse than these robbers, these adventurer hunting occasionally kills people.] (Cell)

[That is……they can do it huh. With their attitude.] (Ryouta)


They would just forcibly take their lives if they can’t get the items.


[And these adventurers are armed to the teeth. Most of what they stole from the dungeons were rare items which stabilized their group. Which means—–] (Cell)

[…..Rare rogue monster’s would come from the adventurer’s corpses] (Ryouta)


As I said that, Cell nodded.

This time, his nod was heavy.


[I want Satou-sama to stop this madness once and for all, this is something that I can only ask from Satou-sama.] (Cell)

[Only me?] (Ryouta)

[A regular adventurer makes a stable income, which meant that they would specialize in that particular floor. To others, an adventurer who isn’t good would sustain 99% of the time.] (Cell)


[Aah….] (Ryouta)


So it’s different in MMO where the monster and people.


[They’re highly capable, so I can only ask Satou-sama who is willing to work day and night to deal with these situations.] (Cell)

[Again, please stop stalking me.] (Ryouta)


I bitterly smiled. Why would you even know what I was doing in the dungeon.

Though I bitterly smiled, I was told that I could not leave it.


[I got it, I’ll somehow manage it.] (Ryouta)


When I declared so, Cell looked happy, and his face, relieved.


TLN Note: Sorry for the messy translation towards the end and maybe in the middle. While translating this chapter, I was feeling really sick. Then, what do you know, I’m sick and was unable to proofread the chapter, though at a further time I might go back to it, although I have a feeling it’ll be too late. Again, I apologize for the delay for the past two weeks and this chapter.


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