Cut&Paste: Chapter 137 – Dungeon of the World Tree(2) Fighting against the first floor boss

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「Myne-san, I’ve hit it with a stone!」


After hearing Amy-san’s voice, I used a short sword to defeat the aggro-ed Mandragora.


Even though we’ve went quite far ahead, the only demons that we’ve encountered were mostly Mandragora and Crayfish.


They had 【Seed’s Skill】 and some rare items, but the same demons would always have the same items and skills.

The Mandragora would have 【Wind Seed】, whereas the Crayfish would have 【Water Seed】.


「U~n, I would expect a mountain of treasures as what Fenrir-sama said.

Honestly, I don’t even know whether to call it a treasure…..but seriously, what’s this 【Seed’s Skill】?」


Amy-san, Kuu, and even Waffle had low levels at first, but as we dwelled deeper, their level’s increased in leaps and bounds, but now it doesn’t level up anymore, similar to me.


According to my experience, the most effective way to use the 【10 times EXP】 is to defeat a high leveled demon when you’re low leveled.

Then, if you were to defeat a demon that is lower leveled than you, your level would not increase it seems.


Which meant that there wasn’t any skills to hunt, nor would our level increase anymore, which made me felt like I wasn’t using my time wisely.


Although Amy-san did not directly participate it the battles, even she felt used to it.


Well, originally we came here as a picnic with the 3 brothers, so it would be a good time to head back once we defeat the boss on this floor.

Probably, the essence of this dungeon lies deeper within the dungeon.


『After we defeat the floor boss, should we head back to the Forest Spirit?』


When I suggested it, both Maple and Louvre started shouting, “Dont’ wanna, don’t wanna!”.


When I asked the elder brother, Waffle to please somehow convinced them, he pat his chest and barked 『Wafu, leave it to me!』 and talked to his brothers.

Wondering whether the persuasion of the eldest son was successful, the two of them were more obedient, but they were still silently saying “I don’t wanna.”


『Wafuu…..』 Waffle made a weak sounding voice, and Kuu was floating around new Maple and Louvre.


『Cut it out right now!! Onii-sama would be troubled!』


Her fin was flapping left and right, and her tail was wagging up and down, and she started to lecture the two spoiled brothers.

Being poked by a sharp sword, the two brothers gradually turned silent.


『…..Do you understand!?』




Somehow, the explanation was over. And with a satisfied expression, Kuu swam(?) back to me.


『They’ve become quiet! Please praise me! Onii-sama!』


Kuu’s expression flipped a 180 and Waffle’s tired expressions was gone.


『Both of you……good work, thank you.』


As a reward, I gently patted Kuu’s back and Waffle’s head.


『Maple and Louvre, both of you, come here.』


I also patted the slightly saddened duo, and their energeticness slowly returned.


『…..Well then, Waffle, do you know the directions to the boss?』


Perhaps among us all, Waffle would be the best in the awareness(detection) ability.


The scene around us all looked the same, so it was hard to pinpoint the location of the boss.

It wasn’t a bad idea to paste the awareness ability on Waffle.


『Wafufuu……I’ll try searching!』


Having his spirit regained by me patting his head, Waffle started sniffing on the ground to locate the boss.


「Waffle-chan, does that work?」


Amy-san heard the conversation between me and Waffle, so she decided to ask.


「Yeap, Waffle’s awareness ability is top notch!

I too have 【Awareness・L】, but it losses against Waffle’s!」


When she saw me praising Waffle, Amy-san snuck a smile.


「Myne-san, you really do like Waffle-chan huh♪」


Hearing that sentence, Waffle’s tails started wagging like crazy. Seems like he was quite happy with that remark.


「Un, I love him! Because his my important family!」


『Onii-sama! Do you also love me!?』

『『Myne~Do you love us too?』』


『Un, of course! I love both Maple and Louvre, and even though I’ve only known Kuu for some time, I still love y’all!』


After hearing my response, Waffle’s brothers and Kuu were extremely happy.


『Myne! Boss, found him~』


His tail was swinging like crazy as he told me about the whereabouts of the boss.

I scratched Waffle’s lower chin for the great job he did, and he narrowed his eyes in happiness while growling Waffle~ while wagging his tail.


「Alright, let’s go there then! Let’s do our best and defeat the boss!」


Having Waffle leading the way, we headed to the area where the floor boss is.


Along the way, we encountered two Crayfishes, but it was defeated instantly by the hyped Waffle and co.


Of course I 【Cut】 the skills, but as expected they have the same things.

As I thought from the Dungeon of the World Tree, if it’s the same demon species, then they all would have the same skills.


Though the Dungeon of Power and the Orc Settlements had the same species, but each of them held different skills, so this dungeon itself was special in it’s own way.

Because of that, I had a bunch of 【Water Seeds】 and 【Wind Seeds】 that I have no idea what it’s usage is for.


Once I returned to the Forest Spirit, I’ll immediately asked Fenrir-sama what these skills are.


As for the two skills 【Support Magic・Direct Hit】 and 【Magic・Water L】, I’ve already pasted it on everyone.

If Amy-san has two of these skills, I’m sure even she could participate in the boss fight!


Even though it’s just throwing stones, but with the amount of times she’s done that, I’m sure even she would get used to it.

…..Yeap, let’s try asking her to join in on the boss fight.


『Wafu! We’re here! After this, the boss is there!』


Waffle used his right paws to point at a direction, where a huge door composed of complex vines of trees was present.

Similar to the Dungeon of Power, I guess if you touch the door, you’ll be send inside.


『Then, before we head in, let’s prepare ourselves!』


After saying that, the Divine Beast Corps(Waffle and Co and Kuu), Amy-san and I gathered in a circle.

We won’t know what sort of Demon it’ll be, but let’s fight with all we have.


『First, before we fight it, let me appraise it first.』


After saying that, I took out Lighting Edge and Steel Dagger as my preparations.

Then, I pasted 【Regeneration】(Or maybe it’s return to life, because the kanji word here is 再生) on Kuu and Amy-san which they didn’t have.


Since I’ve pasted it on Maple and Louvre before, so they’re A-okay.

…..I would never forget my lesson against the Black Dragon that we’ve faced before.


Alright, all set. Let’s do our best!


We then put our hands on the door in order, and immediately was sent straight into the boss room.


『Everyone all in?』


I looked around, checking that Waffle and the brothers, Kuu, and Amy-san were all present.

Then, I slowly turned to face the boss.


Name: Yggdrasil・Mega Beetle

LV: 48

Race: Crustacea

Gender: –



Driver Raid


Support Magic・Defence


【Seed’s Skill】

Wind Seed (L)


…..This boss, it was a huge golden Kabuto Beetle.

It looks to be pretty disfigured…..


「That, looks really disgusting…..」


Amy-san said that in a disgusted tone.

Since I thought it was disgusting too, when a girl like Amy-san were to see that, she would definitely hate it.


For now, let’s take away all of his skills.

It’ll be troublesome if he were to use the skill 【Flight】, so let’s take that away first.


…..Even so, this Kabuto Beetle has a Seed’s Skill (L).

I wonder if there’s stages in strength with this seed skills? I’m really curious now…..


Then, let the battle begin!


It’s the same with the Crayfish, just looking at this demon, it seems to have a really hard skin.

Raising my attack power, I was ready to fight.


I stacked 【Body Strengthening・L】【Physical Strengthening・Extreme】【Strong Arms・Holy】【Iron Wall】 and 【Strength Raise】.

Waffle also used 【Strong Arms・Extreme】【Body Strengthening・Small】 and 【Strength Raise】.


『Kyuu! Everyone, please gather at once!』


Kuu asked all of us to gather. Then using 【Defense of the Divine Beast】 on all of us which increased our Defence.


『Alright, now let’s go!』


After saying that, I used 【Support Magic・Defence Down】 on the Kabuto Beetle.


Increasing our attack power, whilst lowering our enemies defence.

With this, no matter how tough the Kabuto Beetle is, it wouldn’t be hitting him with no damage of that sort.


Getting hit by 【Support Magic・Defence Down】, the Kabuto Beetle started an attack stance.


….Though, I’ve already 【Cut】 his skills!

Being unable to fly, and also unable to use any of his skills to attack.


Wondering why it couldn’t activate it’s skill, the Kabuto Beetle roared in anger and started swinging it’s huge horns.

The swinging horn was headed to Kuu’s direction.




Kuu countered with her 【Bubble Shower】 skill that we’ve seen during her first battle.

Large impact noise spreaded around, and the Kabuto Beetle changed it’s trajectory in an unlikely direction.


Then, the staggered Kabuto Beetle lost balance and the impact was transmitted to the entire body.


Not letting this chance slip by, Waffle and his brothers charged in with their 【Divine Beast’s Twin Attack】.


With the violent banging sounds still reverberating from Kuu’s previous attack, the back part of the Kabuto Beetle which was hard and shiny was wide opened where the wings were hidden.


From that hole, the body fluids of the Kabuto Beetle blew out in a violent momentum.


「Now Amy-san! Fireeeeee—-!」


Hearing me shout, the nervous Amy-san continuously fired 【Magic・Water L】 with 【Support Magic・Direct Hit】.

The magic hit the huge Kabuto Beetle toppled with Kuu’s 【Divine Beast’s Assault】.


Kuu’s skills were amazing, though I wonder if it was effective or not.


The huge Kabuto Beetle was blown off several meters away with a furious momentum!


It bounced repeatedly on the ground, and flew near the door of the boss room we entered just now, then the Kabuto Beetle jerked in pain.


Then, I struck it at once and beat it down with 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】.


With multiple attack skills, the blow easily cut through the hard shell of the Kabuto Beetle, erasing it’s life.


『……Fu, is it over?』 (Death flag)


I took a great distance away from the unmoving Kabuto Beetle, and muttered.

Thinking that it might still be alive, I was cautious around it.


After waiting for awhile, I confirmed that light shunted out of the body of the Kabuto Beetle.


I tried disassembling the body using 【Cut】, and the dismantling was completed in a blink of an eye.


「…..Seems like we’ve safely defeated it.」


Well then, if it’s the boss of this dungeon, I wonder what amazing loots we’ll get.


【Robust・Shield】: A shield that was made from a very hard material. It has a strong magic power which greatly attenuates damage caused by physical attacks.


What was dropped was a shiny black shield with golden edges.


Based on the appearance, it seems that it has high defence, and it looks expensive!


I lifted it up, but it’s light enough which was opposite of its size.


Then, a girl would be alright holding it too.


This was beyond my expectations, we’ve good a good item!


For now, let’s go back to the Spirit Forest as scheduled.




Name: Myne・Fortuna

LV: 63

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Hunter



Driver Raid new!

Flight new!

Support Magic・Defence new!


【Seed’s Skill】

Wind Seed (L) new!




Name: Amy

LV: 55

Race: High・Elf

Gender: Female

Age: 121 years old

Occupation: Elder daughter of the chief



Support Magic・Direct Hit new!

Magic・Water L new!

Regeneration new!



Name: Waffle

LV: 56

Race: Divine Beast

Gender: ♂

Condition: Tamed (Myne)


Support Magic・Direct Hit new!

Magic・Water L new!




Name: Kuu

LV: 52

Race: Divine Beast

Gender: ♀

Condition: Myne’s sister(?)



Support Magic・Direct Hit new!

Magic・Water L new!

Regeneration new!

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