Cut&Paste: Chapter 136 – Dungeon of the World Tree(1) Namings and mysterious skills

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Hurriedly heading inside the dungeon, and having a new member joined our family was completely out of my expectations.

If normal people were to know that we’re living with the childrens of the Divine Beasts, I’m sure they’ll faint.


For now, let’s focus our minds elsewhere and fulfill our original purpose.


Originally, I was to bring Waffle and his brothers for a walk, and thus we went to this dungeon and explore.

In the meantime, I too wanted to see some of the unusual skills that Fenrir-sama mentioned.


This time, we were just strolling around. We had no intention of diving too deep, but since we’re here why not see the first 2 floors.


「For now, let’s go into the Dungeon of the World Tree as planned.」


Everyone agreed to my proposal as we decided to go ahead.

We bid farewell to Cetus-sama.


『Well then, Myne. I’ll leave my daughter to you. If something happens, please contact me immediately.』


『I understand, since I’ve accepted her as part of my family like Waffle. So I’ll do my best to protect her, so please be relieved!』


After separating with Cetus-sama, we passed through the hall that we were at and after walking through a sideway, we stepped into another hall.

After that, the child Cetus that was floating around my right shoulder spoke to me.


『Myne onii-sama, I want you, to give me, a nice name too!』


O, Onii-sama!?

I feel like going crazy…..


『Waffle, is such a cute name…..I’m extremely jealous! I wish to have a cute name too!』


…..Anyways, a name huh. It’s true that I would have to give one since we’ll be living together from now on.

It would no doubt be convenient to give her a name so it would be easy to call her.


『U~n, a name huh.』


As I was pondering, Waffle’s 2 brothers broke out.


『Not fair, us too, give us a name too!』


…..Mu, you guys too? This is rather troublesome…..


In any case, it’s alright to give these two good names too. They’re brothers too.


Looking at the situation of these children, it seems like I won’t have time for a family meeting…..

If I don’t give them now, it would seem that they would make a huge scene.


『…..I got it, then let me think up of names for y’all.』


First is a name for the child Cetus.

Since Cetus-sama said she was a “whale”.


U~n, let’s see…..


How about something like “Kuu”-chan?

I think it’s cute, but would she like it?


『Hmm, then how about “Kuu”?…..”Kuu”-chan, un, isn’t that cute?』


As I said so, the child Cetus’s eyes shone brightly and began circling around my face.


『Onii-sama! That’s it! That’s good!』


Apparently she likes it. That’s a relief.


『Then, let’s decide on Kuu?』


『Yes! I’m, Kuu. Kyuu~Kyuu~!』


Seeing the cheerful Kuu, Waffle’s brothers eyes also shone with expectations.

…..They’re really staring at me.





Should I follow how I name Waffle…..


『Alright, the second son! Your name’s Maple!』


『Wafu! I’m, Maple!』


『The third son! Your name would be…..Louvre!』


『Wafufu! I’m, Louvre!!』


Waffle, Maple, and Louvre, all three of them were circling around me.

Then, Kuu was also doing acrobatic floats(?) in front of me.


It feels like…..I can’t gather anymore names.


『Alright guys, let’s go. I understand that y’all are happy, so put that feelings while we explore!』


As usual, while calming down the excited children, we advanced to the back of the hall.


「…..There it is.」


Name: Mandragora

LV: 21

Race: Fairy race

Gender: –



Wide range Sleep【Small】


【Seed’s skill】

Wind Seed

…..Huh? What’s this 【Wind Seed】?

This was the first time I saw a monster called Mandragora, so I have no idea what kind of skill that is.


Perhaps this was the unusual skill that Fenrir-sama was saying?


Let’s 【Cut】 it for the time being.


【Wind Seed】 : Wind magic.


…..Huh, even after appraising it, I have no idea what it means??

Only the word Wind Magic was written…..


『Hey, Kuu. If you know about it I want you to teach me but, does the monster here have some strange skills?』


『Kyu~, I don’t quite understand.』


I see, even if Kuu lives here, she doesn’t know either…..

Well, no choice if we don’t know, at any rate, let’s defeat it first.


『Myne, could we defeat that already?』


Un? It seems like Waffle and co were being impatient. Aah, it can’t be help if they want to go wild?


『Un, go ahead.』


After saying that, the three brothers got closer to the prey immediately which was similar to the time when they were hunting in the Spirit Forest.


『Myne, do you have any, good skills?』


『U~n, I’ve obtained a skill that I don’t quite understand.』




『For now, let’s advance.』


Name: Mandragora

LV: 26

Race: Fairy race

Sex: –



Wide Range Sleep【small】


【Seed Skill】

Wind Seed


Name: Mandragora

LV: 26

Race: Fairy race

Sex: –



Wide Range Sleep【small】


【Seed Skill】

Wind Seed


More Mandragoras?

Their levels were different, but their skills were exactly the same.


…..For the time being let’s 【Cut】 their skills.

For now, I pasted 【Wide Range Sleep【Small】】 onto Waffle… for the 【Wind Seed】 that I’m not sure off, I pasted it on the stone.


Aah, that’s right! Let’s paste 【10 Times EXP】 onto Kuu too.


…..While I’m at it, let’s paste it onto Maple and Louvre too.

I’m sure they’ll fight together with us in the future!


It wouldn’t be a dream where the Super Waffle and the brothers becomes a reality!


Equipping Lighting edge, I took a battle stance.


「Amy-san, Waffle and co and I are gonna start fighting them, will you pick up stones around us and throw at the monsters?」




「Yeah, well if you don’t attack them, you won’t get any experiences. So, please hit both of them.」


「Experience? I don’t quite understand, but I understand.」


Ah, that’s right. I explained about the skills but I did not talk about the experience values and skill levels.


「Aah, I’ll explained to you later. For now just focus on throwing the stones at them.」




After Amy-san said that, she started looking for some reasonable sized stones from the ground.


『Myne Onii-sama, how about me?』


『Does Kuu want to attack together with us?』


『I understand! I’ll do my best!』


Kuu’s tails were moving up and down while putting in spirit.


『Alright, let’s go!』


Making sure that everyone’s ready, Waffle and the brothers, Kuu, and I went straight for the Mandragora all at once.


『You can’t defeat them before Amy-san hits them okay.』





Perhaps noticing our presence, the Mandragora also rushed towards us with a weird 「Kyupi!」 voice.


…..Mu, it moves faster than expected!

Are they too strong of an enemy against us? Aah, but Waffle and co easily defeated them, did they not?


Thinking such, maybe they’re just small fries?


Repeatedly using the 【Demon Eye of Shock】, I restraint the movement of the Mandragora.


I hit one, but unfortunately the other one avoided it.

….Still, the skill was originally to restraint them.


If they escaped it, it’s no problem. Because the ones that are actually attacking are Waffle and co!




Kuu spewed out a lot of small balloons from her mouth.

Those balloons(?) hit the Mandragora which was under the effect of the 【Demon Eye of Shock】.


Then, the Mandragora who avoided the 【Demon Eye of Shock】, the youngest child of the three brother, Louvre hits the body, dealing damage.


『Nice, Kuu, Louvre!』




While talking to them, I could hear Amy-san’s voice from behind.


「Myne-san, I’m gonna throw the stone!」


From earlier, it seemed like she had a hard time hitting her target with the stone.

Well, her level was low, so it was natural.


『Alright, let’s defeat it!』


While I was using my dagger to stab at the Mandragora that was hit by Kuu’s balloon attack(probably the skill called 【Bubble Shower】…..), I heard Kuu calling out my name!


『Onii-sama! It’s dangerous!』




Looking at the direction in which Kuu’s voice was at, somehow a large crayfish hurls it’s scissors like claws towards me.

This is bad!? Where did it come from!? While in a panic, I used 【Absolute Avoidance】.


…..Apparently I avoided it in time.

The crayfish’s big scissors slipped through my body and pierced the ground.


Time for payback! 【Martial Arts: Shark Glow】


With it’s scissors pierced through the ground, I strike the stuck crayfish with Shark Glow.

At the same time, it seems that Waffle and co also defeated the two Mandragora.


『…..Fu, that was dangerous, thanks Kuu for saving me.』


『I’m glad! Kyuu Kyuu~!』


『Myne, this, it seems to still be alive.』


Waffle was poking at the crayfish which was on the verge of death.


Name: Yggdrasil・Crayfish

LV: 32

Race: Crustaceans

Sex: –



Support Magic・Direct Hit



【Seed Skill】

Water Seed


…..A Crustacean, it’s the first time meeting such species.

It has a body like armor, so maybe that’s why it could withstand my Shark Glow?


It’s also the first time seeing this 【Support Magic・Direct Hit】.

Let’s 【Cut】 it for the time being.


【Support Magic・Direct Hit】: Raises the hit ratio of the enemy’s physical attack. Once used, it needs a cooldown time of 3 minutes.


Eh? Isn’t this useless? Wouldn’t it be a pinch if you increase the enemy’s hit rate.


『What’s wrong? Myne.』


Waffle looked at me while I was thinking of the skill 【Support Magic・Direct Hit】.


Explaining the skills that I’ve got from 【Cut】, instead of Waffle speaking, Kuu was the one that started speaking first.


『Onii-sama, if you use that on a friend, wouldn’t that be better?』




I see, I did not notice that.

That’s true, it’s not like I have to use it on the enemy or a magician.


Perhaps, there are other magics like this that can be used for other people!


『Kuu, thanks for teaching me!』


『Kyu! You’re welcome!』


When I thanked Kuu, she was clearly happy as she flew around me again.

While watching such a cheerful face, I called Amy-san over.


「Amy-san, please come over here.」


Amy-san came to me from my call.


「Myne-san, what’s wrong?」


「This, please hit it with a stone.」


I’m sure that since this level is high, she’ll get a high amount of experiences points too.

After making sure that Amy-san defeated it with the stone, Kuu pointed at a direction.


Alright, with our condition, let’s go to the boss room!



Name: Myne・Fortuna

LV: 63

Race: Hyume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Hunter



Support Magic・Direct Hit new!

Magic・Water【Large】 new!


【Seed Skill】

Wind Seed new!

Water Seed new!




Name: Amy

LV: 11 → 55 Level Up!

Race: High・Elf

Gender: Female

Age: 121 years old

Occupation: Elder daughter of the chief




Name: Waffle

LV: 31→56 Level Up!

Race: Divine Beast

Gender: ♂

Condition: Tamed (Myne)




Name: Kuu

LV: 23→52 Level Up!

Race: Divine Beast

Gender: ♀

Condition: Myne’s sister(?)



Divine Beast’s Assault

Divine Beast’s Defence

Bubble Shower

10 times EXP new!




Pebbles: Wind Seed (2) new!


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