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Waffle’s Friends


We who had stepped foot into the World Tree’s Dungeon, the sight of a giant fish(?) was flying around.


『『『Wafu! It’s Cetus Obaa-san!!』』』


Looking at the entirety of the giant floating around midair calmly, Amy-san and I couldn’t utter a single word.


Only Waffle and his brothers were bubbling with joy.


…..Eh? Wait a minute what did they just say? …..Cetus? That Divine Beast Cetus-sama!?


「Aah, if it isn’t Fenrir’s families boys?……Which means, that boy, is Myne the hume?」


『Ooh! That’s right!! It’s Myne! He’s my friend you know!』


Though Waffle was talking to Cetus-sama, but when he had to look up all the way to the edge to be able to talk, it was quite troublesome.

…..Wondering if it’s because he’s part dog, but when Waffle and his brothers were talking with Cetus-sama, they seemed happy that they’re wagging their tails in excitement, and they don’t seemed bothered by it.


「Heeh, so it’s you, Myne…., and that is, I assume the elf girl?」


After listening to Waffle and his brothers talked, Cetus-sama turned and looked at me and Amy-san’s face, and spoke.


「Cetus-sama, nice to meet you! I’m Myne.」


「N, Nice to meet you. My name is Amy, a High・Elf.」


I was the usual energetic, whereas Amy-san refrained herself while introducing herself.


After we introduced ourselves, Cetus-sama’s entire appearance was glowing in a light blue colour.

…..This feeling, it’s probably the protection.


Name: Myne

LV: 63

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Hunter


【Protection of the Divine Beast】

Telepathy ≪Cetus≫ new!


Name: Amy

LV: 11

Race: High・Elf

Gender: Female

Age: 121 years old

Occupation: Elder daughter of the chief


【Protection of the Divine Beast】

Telepathy ≪Cetus≫ new!


Yeap, I knew it.


Which means out of the 10 pillars of the Divine Beasts, I have collected 4 of the protections so far.

But for now, the protection’s effect is to be able to communicate with Cetus-sama through telepathy.


I wonder if they’re other roles or something meaningful in the protection.


A while ago, Fenrir-sama said that in order to accomplish our goal, I have to obtain all 10 pillars of their powers.


…..Our circumstances so far, we might be eventually received all 10 pillars of the protection.

Well originally, the Divine Beast’s protection wasn’t a thing to be received so easily.


In fact, we shouldn’t even know that it exists.


Being able to receive such protection so easily.

I’m sure this protection will be necessary for me in the future?


And if we gather all 10 pillars, there might be some clue for us to travel back to the past as Fenrir-sama said.


Somehow thinking about such things, Cetus-sama started talking.


『So you’re the rumoured Myne, Fu~mu, you’re weaker than I thought.』


Certainly I look small but…..while looking at me with such eyes and saying that directly, it hurts a little…..


Towards Cetus-sama’s sharp words, I should eat it up or not our talk would not progress.


『Well then, those childrens have already called my name, but I should still say it properly.

My name is Cetus, the one that governs the sea race, and as you can see, I’m a whale Divine Beast.』


Whale? What’s a whale?

Amy-san was also like, what? While having that expression, she probably doesn’t know either.


『Aah, you don’t know what a whale is. I see, have you seen the ocean before?

It’s a creature that lives in the sea, which is also called the king of the sea!

…..Well, whatever, just remember that I’m a whale…..please….』


Even though Cetus-sama explained and we still had no idea what it was, Cetus-sama frown in sadness while looking at us.

…..No wait, because it can’t be help you know!?


It’s not like I’ve ever seen the ocean before, what’s more I have never heard of a thing called a whale!?


Aah, but Cetus-sama… still frowning!?

I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry.


Amy-san and I desperately apologized to Cetus-sama.

…..After apologizing for a while, Cetus-sama who managed to recover her feelings started talking again.


It seems like this Divine Beast changes expressions often…..


Like with other DIvine Beasts, I could feel an overwhelming presence, but now it seems like a relaxed feeling, which was similar to when you’re having a conversation with your neighbours.


『Amy, don’t worry about the World Tree. I’m diligently protecting it.』


I see…..after that incident, the elf race greatly reduced in numbers, and those who survived scattered.


So even though the race who took care of the World Tree has long gone, the World Tree still exists because Cetus-sama is still protecting it.


I’m sure Amy-san must’ve been worried about what happened to the World Tree over the past 10 years after she came out of the village.


I think Cetus-sama would have understood Amy-san’s feelings.

Hence why Cetus-sama talked to Amy-san.


『I’m truly thankful to Cetus-sama…..I’m relieved.』


While watching Cetus-sama talking with Amy-san, I noticed something.

Apparently Waffle and his brothers who were watching seemed to have noticed too.


At the back of Cetus-sama? It seems that a small shadow was moving about.




Waffle was extremely happy, while shaking his tail violently, he climbed onto Cetus-sama’s body.

Apparently, he’s running towards that small shadow.


And that small shadow…..




「Wafu Wafu!」


It was a small pink colour…..Whale.




『Myne, this is my friend!』


Waffle started introducing the small whale while striking his paws on it.


『KyuKyu! Nice to meet you.』


Uu, what an adorable little creature…..


『Nice to meet you! My name is Myne!』


As we greeted each other, it seemed that Cetus-sama who was talking with Amy-san noticed us.


『That child is my daughter, How about it, she’s as beautiful as me right?』


I’m sorry, I don’t understand.


Name: Cetus (Child)

LV: 23

Race: Divine Beast

Gender: ♀



Divine Beast’s assault

Divine Beast’s Defence

Bubble Shower



Dimensional Floating

Underwater Prison


Yeap, I have just saw something awesome.

Even though it’s the same size as Waffle, but it’s strong.


『Myne, I’m sorry but I have a favour to ask, would you listen?』


Cetus-sama has a favour to ask of me? I wonder what is is?


『Could you bring this child to the outside world?

For a long time, she wanted to see what the outside world looks like, and because she wanted to see she kept being noisy about it, but I kept telling her the outside world is noisy?

That’s why, I banned her from going outside.』


A Divine beast child that was curious…..And since I’m familiar with Cetus-sama, I could somehow understand her feelings.


『Though, if she were to be with Myne, the story would be different.

If you look after the child, I can also be relieved.

You’re on good terms with Fenrir’s kids, so I’m sure you would do a good job.

How about it? Will you take her along?』


…..U~n, I kind of understand but not really……

Though, unlike Waffle, wouldn’t it be a problem if people see her appearance?


I could somehow deceive others by saying Waffle is a variant type of Wolf, but I won’t know how to deceive others with a creature that just floats in mid air.


Plus, they’re lots of bad people like Claude in the outside world.

Speaking of rare monsters, a senior also told me before, that there might be a possibility that they would be kidnapped too.


Of course, I will try my best not not have such a thing to happen when it comes…..

But it’s not absolute.


That’s why my answer would obviously be…..


『No no no no, Cetus-sama!? That’s impossible!!』


I started talking to Cetus-sama while pushing my idea as if getting rid of something.

I’m really sorry about it, but it’s really hard to keep her.




When I tried to refuse Cetus-sama again, Waffle called my name with that puppy eyes of his.

…..Well, apparently Waffle wants to agree to it.


Both Cetus-sama and her daughter, stared at me for the time being.


Aah, this is impossible…..these two looking at me with those kinds of eyes, the decision has already been made has it.


『No, but…..』


While looking at them, as if an opportunity arises, Cetus-sama opened her mouth again.


『Myne’s worries are understandable, but this is my child after all.

I can’t keep pace with the human beings, it’s the same with Fenrir and the boys.

Plus, it’s true that a whale-type demon are certainly unusual, but it’s not like they don’t exist.

Humans who have entered the Labyrinth of Water should have seen a few before.』


While talking about it, she could get experience while fighting with us, and she wants me to receive it as a means to strengthen the connections between the Divine Beasts by being together.


『…..Am I, bothering you?』


As Cetus’s child looked at me with eyes on the verge of tears, and being asked if she was getting in our way, it hurts my heart.


『…..I understand, leave it to me.』


With that, a new family joined our house.

Author’s Note

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So in conclusion, our next pet would be Cetus(whale).

Details are in the activity report!

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