Level 1 Guy: Chapter 156 – Aristocratic Doggo

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Nihonium Dungeon 7th floor, instantly arriving here with the Teleportation Room, I was hit with a [Ugh!].

The floor which restricts magic, a floor that has a natural Magical Storm imbued in it.


Even without Magic, I could still fight, but along with the ability of the user—-which in my case my Intelligence is now at SS, the moment I stepped foot to this area, my head started throbbing real bad.

It feels like during a typhoon and your body just feels lethargic, it was around that level, but to be hit by it at one go after immediately arriving here was painful.

Breathing in and out, and after feeling somewhat alright, I started hunting for monsters.


It was the usual unpopulated 7th floor, and only Mummies were roaming around.

Mummies that have their bandages wrapped with a thin layer of electricity. As expected, any physical damage can’t pass through it ?ineffective against it ???????.


The Penetration Bullets have little to no effect at all, Homing Bullets on the other hand would aim at the gap of the bandages, but the moment it so as much as goes near to the mummy, the electricity would roast the bullets into dust.




On the other hand, Restraint Bullets were quite effective.

The Restraint Bullets that binds the opponent with a light rope.


Even a plain old Restraint Bullet without the Reinforcement Bullets could restrain the Mummy for a long time.


It was much longer than other monsters, nearly triple the time constraint.

Is it just this one? Or is it the Mummies themselves?


If there are individual difference in monsters too…., Thus I fired a Restraint Bullet from one end towards the Mummy of the 7th floor, and wait and see what happens.

With that, I found out that the Restraint Bullets work well for other Mummies as well.


If the Restraint Bullets work, how about the Sleeping Bullets?

As I thought, I fired a Sleeping Bullet this time.


A Sleeping Bullet which is the result of fusing 2 Recovery Bullets.

I fired it onto the Mummy from one end.

The effectiveness was as outstanding as ever as the Mummy stood still. The Sleeping Bullet kicked into effect as it was sleeping soundly, but since it was a Zombie Type, the expression has not changed much, and rather than a human’s expression, it feels more like a wax figure that does not move while standing.


That appearance was a little surreal. It was as if time itself stopped and only I could move. ( ?° ?? ?°)


Afterwards, confirming the normal and 3 times the effect of a Sleeping Bullet, I hunted Mummies with the make enemies sleep and punch them combo today.


After having them fall asleep, I whack them to death.


And my Mentality has rose from E to D.




During the afternoon, instead of going to Teruru, I went to the city.

Having listened to what Celeste said, you really can’t use any magic when the Magic Storm occurs, but I heard that there’s medicine that suppresses the headache of the side effects, and she said that it’s being sold normally, so I came here to look for it.


[That commonor over there.]


[Un?] (Ryouta)


While I was walking around, I suddenly heard a voice.

The voice was a young man with a haughty and high class attitude.

I stopped and turned around, the person was wearing an aristocratic clothing with intelligent eyes and an eye-catching silver-coloured long hair.

It was a good looking(ikemen) young nobleman.


[Do you know where I might find this Teruru Dungeon?]

[Teruru? Teruru is…..] (Ryouta)


I was lost for a moment.

I’ve always been to Teruru, but recently I’ve been using the Teleportation Room all the time, so my mind blanked out for a moment before I could process how to get there.

Although I blanked out for about three seconds, I retraced my memories with the buildings that I used as a landmark around Shikuro, and taught the young man how to get there.


[I see. I thank you, commoner.]


Thanking me, the young man went off.

To hear a stranger calling me a [commoner] and asked for direction was amazing in itself, but forgetting about it I continued to search for the medicine.




Suddenly, I heard a roar from behind.

The ground shook slightly, I turned around and looked at where the sound was, and there was a Gorilla.

It was the rogue monster that I defeated and dropped these revolvers for me.


It was ragging and the people of the town were stunned.

The majority of the people immediately ran at the opposite direction, but one of the aunt of a store ran a little too late.

Looking at the store, behind the counter there was a safe where money was taken out.


She probably was gathering all her assets before running off, which made it too late.

The grueling Gorilla came running to the shop and blocked her escape route.


[S, stop…..]



Pounding his chest with a ferocious face, the Gorilla roared at the aunt.


An instantaneous judgement.

I’ve been trying out many things everyday, and happened to find out that if you freeze the ceiling and the door still with a Freezing Bullet, you could quickly make a wall of ice to buy time.

While rushing towards them, I gained enough time by setting the Freezing Bullet to help the aunt—-instantly.


A man came out from the side.

The long silver hair glossing, and with a rapier he thrust at the Gorilla.


The raging Gorilla collapsed into the building, and debris was spread everywhere.


The man—-The young man that was asking for directions earlier.

He pursued the Gorilla with a rapier.

Defeating it, it pursuit the Gorilla who was struggling as is, soon it would be defeated.


Unexpectedly I lost my turn to act, thus I put down my revolver.


The young man was also checking his surroundings while holding a stance with his rapier, I know that sort of eyes, they tend to be adventurers, and are scanning around to see if there are any enemies left.


The aunt ran over to the young man.


[Thank you for saving me.]

[Do not worry about it commoner, there’s someone in trouble, and there’s someone with the power to help, that’s all there is to it.]


The young man said something pretty obvious.

He had an arrogant attitude, but there was no animosity on his words.

People then gathered around, those that were running away gathered.

Everyone praised the young man, some young girls turned their eyes towards him with respect.




[It looks like the same trader as before desu.]


Night, the living room where everyone gathered, a place that could be called a salon, where everyone was drinking tea and waiting for their friends to come back, me and Emily were hanging out.

When I talked to Emily about what happened today, she told me that she too knew about it.


[Before, when Emily and I fell down.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu! It was exactly the same trader as that time, the same mistake where it then turned into rogue monsters. They were warned before, and it seems that the Dungeon Association issued a sales prohibition order on them desu.] (Emily)

[I see…..They made the same mistake twice and endangered the city….] (Ryouta)


It was the rogue Gorilla that got me to encounter my revolvers, but it would normally be a nuisance to everyone in town.


[The rubbish was also a problem before desu.] (Emily)

[About Cerberus right.] (Ryouta)

[Yes desu. Hence why there was a rumor that they would be stricter to those who simply throws rubbish and would get a huge punishment desu. For example, food that can’t be eaten, or foods with bones are prohibited to be takeout desu.] (Emily)

[It’s the same as with Singapore and their ban with gum huh….] (Ryouta)

[Sin–ga–pooo-ru~, desu?] (Emily)


Emily tilted her head as she heard of an unfamiliar place.


[Which means even Salmon fillets are dangerous desu.] (Emily)

[What the heck! Salmon skins are delicious okay!] (Ryouta)


This hit me right on mark.

No wait, I don’t think I ever takeout salmon in the first place.


While talking with Emily inside the living room filled with warmth, someone knocked the door.


[A guest?] (Ryouta)

[And at such an unusual time nodesu.] (Emily)


Don’t tell me it’s Clint again? It’ll probably something that happened again which can’t be said to the public.

With that, I went to the front door with Emily.


I opened the door.


[Excuse me, is this the home of Ryouta?Satou?]


The guest was a young man, not Clint.

Silver long hair, aristocratic clothing, it was the handsome young man who was in the city today.


[You…..] (Ryouta)

[Umu? Do I know you?]


Apparently the other side does not seem to remember the story.

Or more like, he asked is this the home of Ryouta?Satou, but what is this about?

Doesn’t he even recognize the person’s face?


[Yes desu.] (Emily)

[I see. My name is Cell?Stem. Is Satou-sama currently at home?] (TLN: Are you for real, stem cells???)

[The guy you’re looking for, that’s me.] (Ryouta)

[OO!] (Cell)


Immediately, the young man’s eyes shine in excitement.


[The honoured Satou-sama. My name is Cell?Stem.] (Cell)

[I’ve already heard you say it.] (Ryouta)

[I’m sorry for being rude, it seems that I’ve met with Satou-sama before and let it flew by.] (Cell)


Emily and I looked at each other.

What did he mean by that? Was what Emily’s face was saying, I’m sure making the same face too.




Inside the salon, I sat across the table where Cell was sitting opposite.

After drinking Emily’s tea with an elegant gesture, Cell stared straight at me.


[I’m, truly impressed by Satou-sama and thus became an adventurer.] (Cell)

[Me?] (Ryouta)

[Yes, I’ve heard of Satou-sama’s various achievements, and I was longing for it.] (Cell)

[Are you a fan of Yoda-san nanodesu?] (Emily)


Beside me, Emily who was holding a tray with the tea on top asked.


[That’s right. No, it’s more of a respect towards you. So I thought that I had to do the same thing as Satou-sama, but as I’ve only heard of all these from someone, I thought that I really have to meet the real person even once.] (Cell)


With an enthusiastic tone, Cell praised me so much which in returned made me embarrassed.

To hide my embarrassment, I decided to praise him too.


[You’re amazing too. I saw what you did today, it wasn’t easy to help someone out there.] (Ryouta)

[Eh? So that person was him desu?] (Emily)


Emily was surprised as I nodded.

So Emily was more surprised to see Cell, but Cell who was in question openly spoke.


[I was only imitating Satou-sama.] (Cell)

[Imitating? Like imitate me?] (Ryouta)

[Yes. After hearing Satou-sama’s various actions, and a word really struck with me when I heard of it. In other words ?f there’s someone in trouble, then there’s someone with the power to help.?.] (Cell)

[Aah…..this is a real fan nanodesu…..] (Emily)


Emily was embarrassed, while I was more surprised than embarrassed.

It was a word that Cell had said to the people in the city after defeating the Gorilla.

No way that the origin of that word was by my action.


[At that moment, I knew that I should know more about Satou-sama, so I came to Shikuro.] (Cell)

[Is that so…..But still, I’m just an ordinary adventurer—–] (Ryouta)

[In order to know everything, I decided to become the chairman of the Dungeon Association over here.] (Cell)

[——As I was saying wait what?] (Ryouta)

[Ch, Chairman nanodesu?] (Emily)


Cell said something as if it was obvious.

Becoming the chairman, then how about Clint?

What would Clint become?


I was surprised as I did not know about it, but Cell stared straight at me.

The eyes which I’ve seen somewhere before, this eyes—–


[He looks like Cerberus nanodesu.] (Emily)


Emily cut in, oh yeah, he looks just like Cerberus.

He reminds me of that dog that waited at the Shibuya intersection for his master till the day he died, those were his eyes.

The handsome young man looked at me with such eyes.

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