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『I see, so you have decided.

Then, as said earlier, we Divine Beasts would do our best to help reached your goal.

…..Well, even without that, I would still cooperate with you regardless.』


Fenrir-sama said to us.

The cooperation from the Divine Beasts…..I kind of feel bad that they had to help someone like me.


Maybe he knew what I was thinking, this time Ymir-sama spoke.


『Don’t mind it, originally it was my fault that caused it, so I’ll have to take responsibility to clean up this mess.

It’s not my place to say this, but this case has the general consensus by all 10 pillars of the Divine Beasts.

Rather, I should be the one that has to worry about it.』


When Fenrir-sama heard what Ymir-sama finished saying, she shouted at Ymir-sama and said.


『…..You don’t have to say that!』


…..I see, even Fenrir-sama said so.

The consensus of the Divine Beasts, they somehow wanted to fix the situation of the elf race.


After discovering a new combination with my 【Appraisal・Complete】, and by going to the past and fixing the problem, it was also the wish of the Divine Beasts.


『I understand, I’ll do my best.』


After saying that, I bowed my head down towards Ymir-sama, and with delightedness he nodded.

As for Fenrir-sama, she kind of clicked her tongue, but let’s ignore that…..


『What’s more, y’all have an interesting Protection.』


An interesting protection? What sort of protection would that be? …..what’s more y’all? So it isn’t just me?


『…..The protection?』


Everything that Ymir-sama said, Amy-san, me, and Waffle, the Protection that was given to us by the World Tree was rare.


Speaking of the Protection of the World Tree, originally only the High・Elves that were taking care of the World Tree would be granted the Protection.

Plus, the power granted by the protection would differ from person to person, be it increasing in power or being able to use magic, it was truly random.


Although Amy-san received the protection, she said that she herself didn’t know what sort of ability it was.


『The protection that y’all received from the World Tree, it’s the ability to revive after you lose a life.』


…..Eh? I, I didn’t appraise it!


【Blessings of the World Tree】 : Automatically invoked when owners life ceases. When Stamina reaches 1/10, it’ll revive. After reviving, stamina recovery cannot be used within 24 hours. Also, a cooldown time of one year is required before using it again.


It, it’s true! It certainly says that it can revive!

Th, this sort of ability…..


『…..I see, I, because of the World Tree’s Protection….At that time, I came back to life….』


Amy-san looked at the World Tree, and muttered.




『Then, everything’s settled. Should we head back?』


After seeing that Amy-san and I calmed down, Fenrir-sama asked.


At the foot of the World Tree where we were standing, we were wrapped in green light and we didn’t really mind it, but certainly the sun has completely set so it was getting dark.


『『Don’t want, Don’t wanna~, I want to play with Myne!, We want to have a picnic!』』


Waffle’s siblings that were clinging onto me, started to whine again.

…..Un, Fenrir-sama did say that we were 「going on a picnic」 before we left.


Seems like Fenrir-sama wasn’t able to tell the children strongly before going.


『Fu, can’t be helped. I’m sorry but Myne, can you play around with them for awhile?

I’ll bring Ymir back to the Divine Forest, so in the meantime can you play with them until they’re satisfied?』


After saying that, Fenrir-sama and Ymir-sama went off.

As Ymir-sama knew of the existence of 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, even when seeing it for the first time, he wasn’t shocked or anything.


『Well then, what should I do…..』


I was being tasked to protect the children, but what exactly should we do.


「…..Uhmm, Myne-san…..since we’re here, why not explore the Dungeon of the World Tree?」


Amy-san made a suggestion.


Aah, now that she mentioned it, the reason why we came here was to go into the dungeon and fight…..

Due to Fenrir-sama suggesting all these, I completely forgotten about that.


…..That’s right, it certainly was a great idea.


Fenrir-sama did mentioned that there were a lot of unusual monsters over there. Appearance wise it doesn’t look that bad.


Since I secretly pasted the 【10 times EXP】 onto Amy-san, let’s help level up Amy-san too.


『Alright, that sounds great! Waffle and co, are you fine with it?』


『Wafu! It’s good, it’s been a while since we explored!!』


『Oo, exploring with nii-chan!』


『I’ll, do my best~』


Yeap, seems like the 3 brothers are happy about it.

Though it isn’t a picnic, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll be a problem.


「Then, let’s go! Amy-san!!」


After saying that to Amy-san, she stepped forward intensely.

It was interesting, because her face was pale.


…..I briefly looked at her skills, and it seemed that she has never fought for a long time.

So, when she said that she wanted to explore the dungeon, it can’t be helped that she was like that.


「I, I’m going as well!?…..If possible, I would like to refrain from doing so….」


「It’s a good opportunity, in the future we will protect Amy-san, but in the end you’ll still have to protect yourself when the time comes.」


The existence and concepts of EXP and Levels was never in her dictionary before.


After that, I explained about the 「10 times EXP」 that I pasted on her secretly, and somehow persuaded her.


『Amy, don’t worry about it! I’ll be with you!』


On top of her, Waffle was comforting her.


『Onee-chan, we’re here too, so don’t be afraid!』

『We’re, strong you know!』


…..Y’all, it’s because they really want to go…..

Looking at the way the 3 of them persuaded Amy-san, I smiled wryly.


「…..I understand, I’ll do my best….」


Amy-san said as her head drooped sadly. Conversely, the 3 brothers were delighted.


Alright, let’s head to the Dungeon of the World Tree!


Guiding Amy-san, we walked for about several hundred meters before arriving at the entrance.

There was a cave where one person could fit in.


「Is over here alright?」


「Yes, though it’s narrow, but that’s the passage.」


Yes, while encouraging her, we went inside one by one.


It was quite narrow, so Waffle and co walked by themselves.


Then, after about 10 minutes of walking, we arrived at a big hall.

Yes, we have finally entered the Dungeon of the World Tree.


「…..I heard from Fenrir-sama that there are unusual monsters here.」


I muttered, and something huge floated out from nowhere.




Aah, that’s right.

Fenrir-sama taught me before.


Inside the Dungeon of the World Tree, there said to be a Divine Beast that resides here…..


Yes, something gigantic suddenly appeared before my eyes, it was the Divine Beast that Fenrir-sama said.

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