Cut&Paste: Chapter 133 – Possibility of 【Appraisal・Complete】

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『I’ve gotten the approval of God…..

How’s that? All of you, don’t you wanna head back to 10 years ago?』


…..Eh? Heading back 10 years? What’s going on?


Right now, Fenrir-sama looked at me for an instant, and proposed the idea.

Which meant, I’m involved with this too?


However, I have absolutely no idea why this is happening…..


Waffle too tilted his head sideways, while thinking about something.


「Wh, what’s the meaning of this! ? Heading back 10 years !!!!!」


Amy-san raised her voice, as she faced Fenrir-sama and asked.


『Calm down, and you do not have to raise your voice.

You can just talk to me telepathically, that’s why I gave you the protection to begin with.』


Having a conversation without actually saying a single word. Those who can’t do it would think it’s a strange sight, but it’s a very useful ability.

We’re having a short distance conversation now, so it doesn’t look like much of a benefit, but if you could talk normally in a long distance conversation, then the merit would be immeasurable.


Plus, even in a short distance conversation, you could telepathically talk to the other person while keeping a secret to the rest.


Amy-san had just received the protection not too long ago, so she wasn’t used to it yet.

I wonder if the more she uses it, the more she understands how useful it is?


…..Wait, that’s not what this is about.

I want to know what Fenrir-sama said about returning everyone to 10 years prior!


『…..Is it like this? So back to the topic, what do you mean by that?』


『Before answering your question, I want to hear from Myne. Do you mind if I talk about your skill to the elf girl?』


Eh? How did such conversation came about! ?

I thought that it would be best to let the least amount of people knowing about my skill…..


『What, you don’t have to worry about it. If the girl agrees to it, we can change the “Protection” to “Contract” then.』


『…..If that’s what Fenrir-sama says so, and I’m sure that if you don’t talk about my skill, the conversation wouldn’t be able to advance further, I suppose?』


『Well, something like that. So, what do you want to do? If you don’t decide on whether to talk about it, then the conversation would end right there and then.』


…..U-n, not fair…..This, I can’t think of anything else but to say it…..

Fenrir-sama did say she’s got my back too.


I guess it can’t be help then.


『…..Yes, I understand…..If Amy-san accepts the “Contract”, then I don’t mind.

Speaking of which, Fenrir-sama isn’t fair…..』


Briskly looking at her, Fenrir-sama chuckled.

Yeap, this is definitely a conviction.


Fenrir-sama then explained to Amy-san about the differences between a “Protection” and a “Contract”, and asking her to choose whether she wants to know about my skills or not.


『…..That’s the gist of it, so how about it? Do you want to form a contract?』


…..I think it’s pointless to even ask.


『Yes, please do so, I gladly accept it without a word.』


See, I knew it.


Accepting Amy-san’s declaration, Fenrir-sama then changed the protection into a contract.


『Now then, Myne. Tell the girl about your skills.』


Being shaken by Fenrir-sama’s words, while sighing, I explained to her about my 【Appraisal・Complete】 and 【Cut & Paste】 skills.


「…..That’s the gist. About this matter, it is a secret that only some of the royal family members know of, including the King and my family.」


After explaining to her everything, Amy-san’s mouth was wide open, being in a daze.

…..Having live a long life, even with the common sense of the elves, my skill was still out of this world’s standards.


「Myne-san, you’re amazing…..!」


That was the first sentence the girl spoke after regaining her consciousness.

I didn’t feel any fearful expressions from her when she heard of my skills.


「Amy-san, aren’t you scared of me?」


Without thinking, I asked her…..


「Eh? Why should I be afraid of you?」


「No wait, aren’t you scared that I would just steal away your skills?」


「…..Aah, I see! That’s what you’re trying to say. If that’s the case, I won’t be afraid though?」


Another unexpected answer came to me.


「Wh, why though…..」


「Well, isn’t it because it’s Myne-san!」


Amy-san had a face that was saying, why’d you even ask that?

While I was taken aback, once again Fenrir-sama chuckled in laughter.


『Well then, shall I get into the subject.』


After Fenrir-sama said that, the interactions between me and Amy-san was postponed.

The relaxed atmosphere tightened in an instant.


『…..Yes, please go ahead.』


『First, I’ll talk from the end.

Though it’s impossible now, but depending on Myne’s efforts, I can return all of you to the past…..there’s a possibility.』


Going back to the past! ? And based on my efforts! ? ?

…..I have no idea what’s going on right now! ?What does that even mean! ?


『The 【Appraisal・Complete】 and 【Cut & Paste】 skill that you have right now isn’t the best combination as of right now.』


! ! ! ! !


『It’s true that 【Appraisal・Complete】 and 【Cut & Paste】 being together, God didn’t expect that you would discover such a way to use the abilities together.

Therefore, God looked at what could be done with other combinations, including things that seemed impossible.

We have not heard about the details yet, but it seems that he found a skill that can be increased by combining it with 【Appraisal・Complete】.』


Fenrir-sama’s story was exactly a news that came upon me like a thunderbolt.


【Appraisal・Complete】 and 【Cut & Paste】


As was expected, there exist a better combination than these two.


And it was confirmed by God himself.

So it must exist somewhere.


Though, what kind of combination is it, and what would happen if the two is used.

It’s useless, I can’t imagine it at all.


…..Though, there’s one thing which is confirm, and that is to 『return to the past』, and I’m sure that combination is necessary to do so.


『Listen well.

Me and the ten pillars, what skill is necessary for it to work, God did not tell us.

However, only you would know whether you can reach that power or not.

And that path also requires considerable efforts to reach.

If you truly want to save that girl, you must aim for that power.

And, if you really want to aim for it, we, the 10 pillars of the Divine Beast would promise you that we will lend you our powers.』


…..I see….Is that why Ymir-sama gave me his protection too.

I’m sure that in order to save Amy-san, he already gave me his power to start seeking for that power.


『…..I understand, of course I would aim for it! Amy-san is a precious member of me!

It’s obvious to work hard to help a friend out!』 (Friend zoned)


Expressing my resolution, Amy-san, Fenrir-sama, Ymir-sama, and Waffle and his three siblings…..

And the World Tree that was listening.


Yes, the real purpose that I should aim for,…..I have finally decided!

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It’s obvious to work hard to help a friend out!? (Friend zoned)

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