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Teruru Dungeon, 6th floor.

Dinner will be curry, was what Emily said, so I went over to the Teleportation Room to gather some potatoes.


Even though it was night time, there were still some adventurers who were searching for monsters in the 6th floor.

While walking for a while, a monster spawned beneath my leg just in time.


It was the Parent-Child Slime.

It’s characteristics was a huge Slime with several small slimes, as if a parent taking their children for a walk in a park.

The more [children] you defeat, the more your drops increases if you defeat the [parent] Slime the last.

Just so you know, even though it’s called the [Parent-Child Slime], it’s still 1 entire body.

Though it’s called children, but rather it’s closely resembled to its limbs or hair.


A curry for six, and since we wanna keep it [curry for 2 days], it’s better to get around 10 person worth of potatoes.

While thinking as such, I took out my revolvers, around the corner there was a guy who was already attacking the Parent-Child Slime.


[Oi, that’s my…..]


The hands that was stretched stopped when I heard the loud voice that was directed towards me.

The man that was going after the Parent-Child Slime looked like he was about to die. His face looked so pale even when we’re inside a dungeon.


He looked like a Zombie Salaryman that OT-ed for 3 nights in a row, but not as bad as a monster itself.

His attack missed, and the monster countered by knocking him, sending him flying towards a nearby wall.

He would stop moving at this rate.


I’ll obviously pursue the Parent-Child Slime, but this time I went from the side and attack.

I fired a normal bullet at it. Then defeating about 10 plus child Slimes, I went for a full swing body blow on the parent slime.


Though the body of the Parent Slime was as hard as steel after defeating 10 of its children, but I was still able to defeat its concrete like body.





[You finally up.] (Ryouta)

[…..This is! ?]


Finally waking up, he sat up and surveyed his surroundings in surprised.


[It’s the 6th floor of Teruru. We didn’t move anywhere.] (Ryouta)

[Did I lose consciousness…..? How many hours did I pass out?]

[Around 5 minutes?] (Ryouta)

[Ku, that long…..can I still make it?]


With a bitter face, the man tried to get up.

However, as he tried to get up, he’d became dizzy and plop down on the ground again.


[Don’t push yourself. It looks like you didn’t sleep for days. I can tell just by looking at your complexion.] (Ryouta)

[If I don’t push myself, I wouldn’t be able to make it.]


The man whispered as he tried to get his body up again, but his posture was weird and he couldn’t get up properly.

That’s obvious, I was once that kinda person.

Having OT-ed for a few days, the harshness of it gave a relap to my body, and my body was reaching its limits.


No matter how much he tries, he won’t be able to get up.

After trying for a few times, the guy gave up.

He crossed his legs while sitting down, and his shoulders drooped.


[So it’s impossible….]

[What exactly happened to you? If you’re alright with it, mind telling me what’s up?] (Ryouta)



The man looked at me, and sighed as he talked.


[I’m Leon from the Joel Family. To be honest, since 1 week ago, our boss Joel took a job from someone, and the contents were to deliver potatoes at a specific date.] (Leon)

[Fumu.] (Ryouta)


Upon receiving a request, you’ll need to deliver said numbers within the deadline.

I’ve also sent watermelons to Ena’s parents house, also giving the Gourmet Eric some bamboo shoots occasionally.

It was a so-called custom-made production order, which wasn’t common in this world.


[And because of the boss’s mistake, we had to cover 10 times the number of the original amount.] (Leon)

[10 times? Isn’t that too unreasonable?] (Ryouta)


I looked around closely, and saw that they were others that had a bad complexion like Leon.

I wonder how many were caught up with this mess, and most of them were exhausted while resting against the wall.


[The boss you’re talking about…..is it the girl over there?] (Ryouta)

[No, the boss isn’t here.] (Leon)

[Huh?] (Ryouta)


I was shocked as I gazed at Leon.


[Boss’s Vegetation drop is low, so we have to deal with Shikuro Dungeon’s drops.] (Leon)

[Which means…..] (Ryouta)


From my eyes, Leon already knew what I wanted to say as he bitterly laughed.


[It’s boss’s clumsiness. I seriously can’t stand it, that boss. Always making a mistake somewhere, and when she makes a mistake, she’ll head over to Selen and hunt for meats slowly.] (Leon)


Leon greatly grumbled.

The higher ups clumsiness, what’s more, the boss was taking her own sweet time which causes even more problems.

What can I say…..this is…..


[Hey, how much more do you need?] (Ryouta)

[Eh?] (Leon)

[What’s the time limit on this? How much more do you need?] (Ryouta)

[And what benefit would I gain once you hear it?] (Leon)

[Just answer my (god damn) question.] (Ryouta)


The time it took to explain was regrettable, and Leon reluctantly answered and wondered whether it was even worth it.


[There’s barely enough time. The amount…..around half a million Piro.] (Leon)

[Alright.] (Ryouta) (TLN: Good guy Ryouta saving the day again)


I surveyed around the place, and found a Parent-Child Slime that nobody was attacking.

I readied my revolver, and reloaded bullets.


[Hey, what are you trying to do?] (Leon)

[Just leave it to me.] (Ryouta) (Wonder why people don’t recognize him)


Leaving the annoying Leon behind, I started hunting for the Parent-Child Slime.

Firing at all of the child slimes surrounding it, I made good use of my double revolver, firing relentlessly.

With the normal bullets flying everywhere, the child slimes were easily cleaned off.

Then, the highest limit of the Parent Slime could harden—–it needed 5 bullets before I could defeat the Parent Slime.


[Repetition.] (Ryouta)


I fired.

The Parent Child was instantly killed, and huge chunks of potatoes dropped.


[I’ll leave that to you to pick all of it up. I’ll go around and kill more.] (Ryouta)

[You’re…..don’t tell me….?] (Leon)


The time for Leon to respond was also disappointing.

Storming around inside the dungeon, anytime I spotted a Parent-Child Slime, I would defeat all the child slime before using Repetition to defeat it to maximize the amount of potatoes.


Repeating the same process at the maximum speed nonstop, in around half an hour, I have collected half a million Piros worth of potatoes.




Shikuro Dungeon, I saw Leon’s friends carrying the huge amounts of potatoes away.

As there was a limit to their manpower, I had to use my Infinite Recovery Bullets on them from time to time.


Leon then see them off.


[You really helped us a lot. Uhmm…..] (Leon)

[Names Ryouta.] (Ryouta)

[That Ryouta Family, RYOUTA! ?] (Leon)


He was shocked beyond belief. He twisted and mumbled to himself.


[I see…..I’m sure your friends are really fortunate.] (Leon)

[Anyways, you should stay away from that boss. Based on my experience, those sorts of unreasonable requests would get way worse as time goes by…..A true convictor.] (Ryouta)



Leon didn’t answer me. Though based on his expression he might’ve knew deep down.


[Well anyways, I have no rights on saying anything, I’m just saying to think it through.] (Ryouta)


After saying that, I head back to the dungeon.

My friends were waiting for me, and I’m sure the curry is almost done.

Going down all the way to the 6th floor, I went back using the Teleportation Room.


[Aah, wait for a minute.] (Leon)


Leon called after me.


[Anyways thanks for helping me!] (Leon)

[Yeah no probs.] (Ryouta)


Shaking hands with him, I returned back to the dungeon.

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While they annoy the sh*t out of you… you won’t actually hate them… though you’d be pissed… but dropping them would be difficult..

On the other hand, if the boss is a d*** and looks creepy, even if he’s competent and does his job well, you’d still be willing to drop them..

Funny how humans are…

Thanks for the chapter XD

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also SS intelligence didn’t cure it maybe SS mentality would. nothing can go past the SSSSSSS denseness

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