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「…..This is…..without a doubt, the World Tree.」


Passing through the black vortex, the place that we ended up, was Amy-san’s hometown.

And the World Tree is just around the corner.


「Over there, was once the place I lived in…..」


The location that Amy-san was staring at, had a huge burn mark on the ground, indicating a once village that was turned into ruins.


I wonder, what sort of imagery was shown in her eyes right now.

Was it the figure of her beautiful hometown where it used to be…..or was it this miserable ruin, which is it.


……What she was feeling right now, I couldn’t imagine.

All I could do, was stood there and watched her silently.


「…..As promised, I have returned.」


Looking at the World Tree, she murmured.


As though it had heard her whispers, the World Tree greeted Amy-san by gently shaking its branches, letting its leaves fall to the ground.


「…..I’m back.」


After 10 plus years, she has returned to her hometown, I think it’s best if I leave her alone for awhile.


Waffle who also read the mood, quietly stayed put on top of her head.


Speaking of which, I sat down on the ground while stroking the backs of Waffle’s brothers, as I decided to wait for her to settle down.


I’m sure Fenrir-sama was also worried about her.

She laid next to me while closing her eyes, and waited with me.


『…..Un? It seems he’s here.』


Fenrir-sama slowly opened her eyes, and her ears moved while she was saying.


…..Who’s coming? Oh right, that’s kinda obvious.

Yes, one of the 10 pillars of the Divine Beast that trampled this lands 10 years ago, Ymir-sama the giant.


The earth rumbled as the sound echoed throughout the earth.

Then, from within the shadows of the World Tree, a gigantic shadow could be seen.


「…..Y, Ymir-sama.」


I was unconsciously overwhelmed by that huge body.


『Aren’t you quite late?』


Fenrir-sama looked at Ymir-sama’s direction, as she raised her voice.


Ymir-sama looked at Fenrir-sama for just a second, as he turned to look at the face of Amy-san.

Then, Ymir-sama’s huge body was emitting a gold light as it shone brightly.


Me and Amy-san’s body were bathed in the golden light as it started to shine a little.


…..Aah, this is…..


Name: Myne

L V: 63

Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 15 years old

Occupation: Hunter


【Protection of the Divine Beast】

Telepathy  ≪Ymir≫ new!


Name: Amy

L V: 11

Race: High・Elf

Gender: Female

Age: 121 years old

Occupation: Daughter of the Chief


【Protection of the Divine Beast】

Telepathy  ≪Ymir≫ new!


…..I knew it.

We have received the divine protection of Ymir-sama.


Though, why did I received it as well?

While worrying about it, Ymir-sama calmly spoke to Amy-san.


『High・Elf girl, do you know who I am?』


『…..Yes, Ymir-sama…..』


While desperately struggling to keep her body from trembling, she quickly answered Ymir-sama’s question.


On top of her head, Waffle was patting on Amy-san’s head as if cheering for her.


『Amy, you can do it, it’s not scary you know! I’m here with you!』


『…..Thank you, Waffle-chan.』


Looking at the two of them, Fenrir-sama’s had a sense of joy in her eyes.

I’m sure she was happy as a mother that her child would cheer for Amy-san.


『…..High・Elf Girl.

Starting from 10 years ago until today, the rashness of me have caused much trouble to everyone.

To all of the elves who had lost their lives by me, let me apologize to them. I am sorry.』


Without any warning, Ymir-sama bowed down ! ?

A DIvine Beast, towards a hume race…..bowing down to them…..


Though I’ve heard that Fenrir-sama asked Ymir-sama to apologize but…..

I can’t believe, that the apology was a straight ball.


He really thinks that he did something terrible…..


…..H, How does Amy-san react to all of this?


While thinking about it, I hurriedly looked at her.




She held a complicated feeling, as she looked up at Ymir-sama.


Regardless, Amy-san was one of the victims.


I knew that Ymir-sama was seriously apologizing to her, so it was obvious.

Because I know about it, my heart couldn’t calm down.


「…..Why must all of this happened to us.

Even until that day, our elf tribe was living peacefully.

When I try remembering that day, my family….my father, my mother, the smile of my friends…..

Are they still alive somewhere, or have they really died…..

No, it wasn’t just my family, nor my friends.

Everyone in my tribe…..what had happened to them.

…..And, what’s more…..I always wondered if having me, the only survivor living right now, is it a good thing, or a bad thing?

Sometimes I wondered if at that time, if I were to have died too, wouldn’t it be great to not have to think about all of these.」


With an expressionless face, Amy-san blatantly blurted out what was on her mind for the past 10 years.


Silently, Ymir-sama listened to each and every last words.

Fenrir-sama, Waffle and the rest were also silently listening.


「…..Right now, I’m thankful that Ymir-sama would purposely come here to apologize to me.

What’s more, I thank you for being sincere about apologizing to us elves.

…..However, I’m sorry to say this but I… heart… matter what you say, I can’t forget about those things that have happened.

10 years have flown by, and looking at this very place once more, it caused me to remember back something.

As expected, these swirling feelings that I have…..I thought to myself, why must all of this happen.

That’s all there is to it.」


The expressionless face displayed, and each time she uttered a word, it came out distorted, and the tears that flowed out from her eyes the more she spoke.


『……I truly am sorry for what I have done.』


Listening to her spilling out all of her feelings, Ymir-sama replied.


『…..In the first place, we Divine Beasts should not be involved in any conflicts of any human activities.

It is a common recognition that the remaining nine pillars of the Divine Beasts deemed Ymir’s actions to be clearly beyond our expectations.

As for the matter right now, because it’s concerning of a Divine beast, we will use a letter of indulgence(Ablassbrief), we won’t do such shameless things like striking his crimes.』


Fenrir-sama who stayed put and watched the scene for awhile suddenly spoke.

What is she trying to do?


While thinking as such, I observed Fenrir-sama’s actions.


…..Then, suddenly, Fenrir-sama looked at me and smile, before speaking again.


『I have also gotten the permission of God…..

How about it? All of you, do you want to go back to 10 years before?』


…..Eh? Going back 10 years before? What the heck?

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