FF: An Apology.

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Hello, it’s Fantasy Fall translator here.

I’m sorry.

I’ve decided to stop translating this series and this is my apology.

There are several reasons as why I stopped, I really would appreciate it if you would give it a read.

First, I’m working. I’m currently in an internship for my Mechatronics Engineering Degree, so that already prevents me from translating on weekdays and I do not want to waste my precious free time to translate on a weekend. After my internship I will be working on my graduating thesis so that too is a factor as why I decided to stop.

Second, the website. As you might know from Shiro, there’s problem with our revenue and he’s been working on another way other than ads to sustain this website. Now, to be honest that doesn’t concern me. I do not earn much from translating FF, which is 10 or so dollars a month. My main motivation translating was never money in the first place, I wanted to improve my writing skills as english isn’t my first language so I started translating, so it’s definitely not money that stopped me from translating.

Third, the story. This is actually the main point that turned me off from continue translating. I could squeeze time from my work to translate, posting a weekly update. Revenue doesn’t bother me so the problem with ads also never bothered me. But, it was the story itself. It made me gag when I read the chapters ahead. You probably didn’t know this, but I toned down the personality of the MC to a more……cool type. In the original chinese web novel, he’s more……disgusting is the right word. The author projected himself into Lin Xii, making the story his personal imagination diary. He loves to degrades the companions (the girls) of the MC, treating them as object or trophy. It wasn’t obvious at first, but as time goes on it worsen. I had to toned it down, change the way of his way of expressing his dialogue and thoughts so that it doesn’t disgust me. Instead of treating Mai as the MC’s companion, it was like she’s the personal(future) ‘toy’ of the MC. Fi Fi and Sui was there, as a ‘flower vase’ for display and create drama with evolutionaries.

Speaking of drama, you probably read the latest chapter of them entering the new city. That was the point where I gave up. The summary is this: Lin Xii registered as a 3 star and people somehow believes that bullshit. Wu Yan registered as a 6 star and everyone started sucking up to him including other 5 and 6 stars evolutionaries. They found out about his bad blood with Lin Xii and Lin Xii’s pretty ‘flower vases’. They suggest why not killing him off secretly as there’s hundreds of 3 stars evolutionary and there wouldn’t be a problem as they are high rankers. There’s a huge meeting and a 5 star evolutionary started suggesting that Lin Xii should give him the girls and he spares Lin Xii’s pitiful life. Lin Xii kills him, in front of everyone, including all the high ranking evolutionaries and military officers. HE GOT OFF KILLING A 5 STAR IN PUBLIC WHEN EVEN HIGH RANKERS WANTED TO DO IT SECRETLY. Why? Just because. Then everyone got scared of a ‘3 star’ and decided to not punish him cause why not? Next the 7 star evolutionary came to him, gave him a little girl that she’s protecting because a 3 star stranger can do better and she BELIEVES IN HIM!!!!!! More drama continues, and I gave up on reading.

Anyways, so sorry about that rant. I’m sorry about the cancellation of my translation and can only hope that you forgive me.



Highest Patreon Supporter: RegisRagnarok!!!

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  1. Thank you for translating this far and making it enjoyable for us to read. I really liked the idea for this novel.

  2. Your tweaks made the story enjoyable and I really enjoyed the story. It’s a shame that you wont translate it anymore but I understand. (If you ever wrote a book I would read it that is how much enjoyed the story you tweaked) I hope everything with your internship and school goes well. Thank you for the enjoyable read.

  3. …..I see I didn’t know about the story later and you change up how we read about the MC, it’s a shame love the story when you did your tweaks. I wish you best with your study’s.😎

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