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Even if they’ve already prepared themselves, it still wasn’t easy to divide as such.


After Amy-san went inside the black vortex created by my 「Unique Magic・Spacetime」, she arrived at the “Forest of the Divine Spirit” in an instant, but with the atmosphere surrounding her, her body stiffened up.


「…..So this is the place where Fenrir-sama is staying…..The Forest of the Divine Spirit.」


While Amy-san was muttering, from behind her, the figure of Fenrir-sama could be seen.


「Thanks for coming, elf girl.」


Suddenly seeing a giant wolf appearing behind her, she let out a 「Hiii!」 voice unintentionally. Her legs gave out as she sat on the ground.


『…..Fenrir-sama, I think you should be a little more careful around her……』


I unconsciously said so, and she seemed to have noticed that her way of appearing surprised Amy-san.

…..Well, she’s a Divine Beast after all… existence which is always superior to that of a human being, thus they never need to take others into consideration, so I guess it’ can’t be helped…..


「Aah, did I perhaps surprised you? That, I’m sorry.

But even so, this was midler than usual…..」


That’s true, usually I could feel the strong benevolence(presence) of Fenrir-sama.

The aura that is emitting from Gods could not be felt right now.


I’m sure she was careful enough not to make Amy-san anymore nervous then she already was.


Restricted, I see…..there’s no doubt that she was concerned about it.

I’m so sorry Fenrir-sama.


Whether she caught hold of Fenrir-sama’s feelings, Amy-san stood up at once and greeted her.

Yes, greetings comes first before anything else!


「…..E-Excuse me! This is my first time meeting with you, my name is Amy, a High Elf!

Taking care of someone like me, T-Thank you very mu-ssh !」


…..Aah, she bit her tongue.

She’s still nervous huh, can’t be help…..Alright.


「Kukuku, you don’t have to be that nervous girl.

Self introductions, is it necessary? Well it’s fine, I, am Fenrir.」


That’s right, the moment Fenrir-sama said so, Fenrir-sama’s body shone brightly.


Aah, this is…’s one of those, a protection….I’m sure of it.

Name: Amy
LV: 11
Race: High?Elf
Gender: Female
Age: 121 Years Old
Occupation: The daughter of the Chief


Unique Magic?Wood

Magic?Recovery L


10 Times EXP


?Protection of the World Tree?

Blessings of the World Tree

?Protection of the Divine Beast?

Telepathy ?Fenrir?  new!



I knew it… wasn’t a contract, but a protection.

Just so you know, the 【10 Times EXP】 and 【Concealment】 was secretly pasted by me.


『You have received my protection, with this you can talk to me whenever you want, anywhere at anytime.

If something happens, you can contact me.』


To have suddenly heard Fenrir-sama’s voice inside her head, Amy-san became restless as she constantly looked around the area.

That’ll obviously surprised her. Even I was surprised once…..


「Eh, Eh? Wh-what’s this? Eh?」


The confused Amy-san wants a follow up from me.


「It’s alright Amy-san.

You have just received Fenrir-sama’s protection!

The ability to talk telepathically, 【Telepathy】, the protection received.

If you have that, no matter how far you are, you can always talk to Fenrir-sama!


After explaining to her, she finally calmed down and lowered her head in front of Fenrir-sama, probably to thank her.


「Thank you so much, to be able to receive a protection from a Divine Beast is certainly wasteful…..」


『You don’t have to speak you know, just talk telepathically.』


While looking at the both of them talking, I’ve completely forgotten something, where’s Waffle?


Finally realizing it, I looked around….and…..


「 「 「 Waaaafuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu♪」 」 」


Aaaaaaaahhh ! ?


The three siblings of Waffle, suddenly pounced on me.


「Ugu ! !」


…..I know that’s their usual thing but…..could they have come a little more gentler next time…..

The 3 children of Fenrir including Waffle, was excited to see me as they licked my face while hugging me.




Seeing Waffle and the 3 siblings pushing me down, both of Amy-san’s eyes had a heart mark…..

…..No, don’t just look at me, please help me.


『Boys, I know you’re happy that Myne is here, but we’re going on a picnic later.

Alright boys, let go of Myne now.』


After Fenrir-sama said that, the children reluctantly moved.


Then, a Wafu~ squeal was heard as Waffle jumped on top of my head, and the second eldest(?) was on my right shoulder, and lastly the third child(?) jumped towards my back.


「Mu mu mu, it’s quite hard to keep a balance…..」


『Fuu, can’t be helped….., I’m sorry Myne but you have to take care of the boys for now.

Then, hurry and connect with the World Tree, it’s time to meet with that Jii-sama Ymir.』


Suddenly hearing the name Ymir-sama popping up, Amy-san’s movement suddenly stopped.


『Waffle, I choose you, Go to Amy-san-!』


After saying that, Waffle was like 「Wafu!」 and jumped from my head and landed onto Amy-san’s chest.




The sudden Waffle that was flown towards her, although she was still staggering, but it seemed to have succeeded as she was hugging him.


With that, I hope that it would lessen her worries.


Alright, let’s go to the World Tree then!


Using the 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, the usual black vortex appeared in front of us.


Well then, let’s go inside and meet with Divine Beast Ymir-sama!




≪Previous Day≫


『…..Do I have to meet with them so soon?』


『What? You promised that you’ll meet with her? Was that all a joke?』


『It’s not a joke, but meeting…..I know that I did too much at that time.』


『If so, then decide right this instant!』


I, Ymir, the Divine Beast Ymir.


Amongst the 10 pillar God has sent, we were the ones who governs the world.


And, Fenrir who plays a role as the leader among the 10 pillars, she was sending angry signals towards me.


She, has the power of the moon and the gravity.


It’s gonna be hectic if the Divine Beasts sees this, and it’s troublesome if she goes out of control too.


Seriously, and this was a good year too, and it’ll soon be gone.


I should live in peace more often,


『…..N? You, were you thinking about something strange just now?』


『NO NO no no no, I didn’t think about anything, nothing…..』


『Heh, is that so…..I thought for a fact that you were bad mouthing me or something.』


『You’re wrong about that ! ! !』


Fuu, dangerous….. What a sharp and piercing glance…..


First of all, why am I being bullied by her.


A fool who tried to harm the World Tree 10 years ago, and I was just emptying out the garbage that’s all.


It’s mysterious why would they want to hurt the World Tree that the God gave them, thus it can’t be overlooked if they were to do something like that.


…..But, even Divine Beasts make mistakes occasionally !


I was heated at the moment, not only harming the foolish ones, but also the elf race was caught up by my attack.


That really leaves a bad taste.


As the elves had not sin but was progressed to a step before destruction.


One part of the elf race, were managing the World Tree, so I was hated by the Divine Beasts.


Among them, in particular the one in front of me, Fenrir was angry.


Those guys, not only I was scolded in front of the 10 Pillars, but I was also scolded at a place where their children were there!


Thanks to that, the image of the Divine Beast to the children has been deformed!


『Well, whatever it is. Anyway for tomorrow, the elf girl who survived miraculously will come tomorrow.

If you think you’ve done something horrible, apologize firmly.』


Of course I want to apologize, but for a Divine Beast to lower his head to a human.


Well, what wrong is there…..Thus I have decided it in my mind.

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