(Not a chapter) Concerning Level 1 Guy and Cut&Paste

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Hello all, so if anyone was wondering why I wasn’t posting any chapters for the past couple of days is cause, as some of you might’ve guessed it already, I have my exams going on right now. Chapters for both series will resume at the end of next week so stay tune for that. As for patreon supporters, I’m honestly sorry I didn’t prepare any additional chapters for ya’ll so I might have to work extra hard after I finished my exams. 


Thank you and good luck to those who are suffering with exams or other stuff too~ 


Highest Patreon Supporter: RegisRagnarok!!!

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  1. Well by the time you return, you would be able to also check the raws for the first Manga chapter for both “Cut & Paste” and “Level 1” (by the way disappointed in the artwork of the face of the MC in “Level 1”).

  2. Oh too bad, gl with the exams. Welp I’ve done reading this novel too fast xD I’m off to using google translate :3 Thanks for the translation! May your scores be as high as the amount of chapters you translated so far 🙂

    • Novelupdates just sees the name in my title and assumes it’s a chapter even though I clearly put not a chapter =.= Oh well I’m sure they’ll delete it over at their site, happens.

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