Cut&Paste: Chapter 130 – The Protection of the World Tree

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TLN Note: I’ll be away for a trip during the weekends, so if there aren’t any chapters for a few days, it’s because either I’m having fun or I’m lazy or exams are coming~

The second day, after running with all I had, we finally arrived at our destination.


The Sacred Tree・World Tree(Yggdrasil) that God planted on this ground.


From what Fenrir-sama said before, it seemed to have a role of supplying mana/magical power to all of this world.

Moreover, it does not talk nor does it move, but it is an existence with it’s own will.


If there’s a will, then there’s one thing that I’ll have to do first!


「Nice to meet you! World Tree-sama!

My name is Myne, Myne・Fortuna!

This here is my most important friend, his name’s Waffle!」


「Wafuu! Wafuu!」


Obviously, because it could not converse, there wasn’t any response to our greetings.

Though, this to me is something that is ingrained to me, so it’s important.


……Nn? What is it.


I could feel something warm…..the warmth of a mother.


I wonder why I’m feeling as though mother is suddenly hugging me with that kind of warmth.

This feeling….is it from the World Tree! ?


That was what I thought, so I looked up onto the World Tree, then Waffle and I were enveloped by a green light.


This feeling…..isn’t it the same as when I received the protection from Fenrir-sama and Jormungandr-sama! ?

Name: Myne
L V: 63
Race: Hume
Gender: Male
Age: 15 years old
Job/Occupation: Hunter
?The Protection of the World Tree?

Blessings of the World Tree new!











Name: Waffle
L V: 31
Race: Divine Beast
Gender: ?
State/Condition: Tamed (Myne)
?The Protection of the World Tree?

Blessings of the World Tree new!









…..I knew it!

We’ve received 【The Protection of the World Tree】, the same as Amy-san!


「World Tree-sama! Thank you so much! !」



When I give thanks to the World Tree, it wiggled it’s branches as if to say no worries…..that was what I felt.


Then, several leaves fell from the branches as it was rocking around.

The falling leaves then fell down slowly to my feet.


…….Does this mean, it’s trying to tell me something?


While thinking as such, the World Tree moved it’s branches gently again.

I was then given some valuable materials from the “Leaves of the World Tree” to the extent that it could trigger a war for it, and again I thanked it once again.


「Really, thank you so much! I’m extremely happy!」


Waffle had the same thought as me, so it laid beside the branch of the World Tree and took a nap.

Even though we’re supposed to head to Fenrir-sama right now, but it’s alright to rest for a while right?


The gentle wind blowing around and a warm air breezing, taking away the fatigue out of my body.

Somehow, the feeling resembled that of immersing in the bath of our home.


…..Perhaps, it might be due to the mana/magic power being emitted from the World Tree.

The bath in our home also contains mana too.


It seemed that I would fell asleep as it is because of how comfortable the situation is.

When I saw the sun was about to set, I thought ot myself, did we sleep for about 2 hours?


「Waffle, Waffle, wake up! Wa-ke u-p-!」


Lying on his back while sleeping, I shook his body to wake him up.

…..However, is he really a beast to sleep while exposing his belly?


『Wafu? …..I, can’t eat anymore.』


『…..Don’t daydream.』


After managing to wake Waffle up, I used 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.

Then, we hurried up and went home.


For 2 days, I ran at full power to arrive here, but with flick of a finger I reached home.


As I said many times, this 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】 is really outside it’s standards.




…..Is it almost time?

It feel like tens of years since time has stopped for me.


I, was the one that drove the elves to extinction.


《Divine Beast・Ymir》


In truth, humans must respect Ymir-sama, but now was not the time to make such feelings.


Because, isn’t it so?


The one causing the accident was not directly Divine Beast・Ymir.

That, of course I would know.


I understood that the King of the Hume Race had begun invading the Elf’s village.


…..However, even if Ymir doesn’t show up at that time…..

The elf race, my friends and parents might still be alive.


In the world, the King of Hume who went on to invade the elves were still strongly condemned even until now.


Back in the day, even if you were a slave, as long as you lived, there might still be a chance for other countries to help.


Yes, as long as you “live”…..right.


It was the Divine Beast ・Ymir who killed those fellows.

…..It was excessive violence to say the least.


I remembered.

Even until now, I remembered clearly.


The earth that Ymir splits every time he shook his hammer.

The appearance of the trees spreading out with tremendous momentum.


And hundreds of lives disappeared in the blink of an eye…..


…..I remembered, even now…..


That Ymir and I will face each other.


To be honest, I’m still scared even until now.

I really wanted to run away from here right now.


Though at the same time, the 10 years of time that stopped in me started moving again.

I had such feelings in me.


Myne-san and her Highness Sylphid, and Aisha-san.

Waffle-chan too…..and Fenrir-sama.


They encouraged and supported me.

So, I made my decision.


…..I will not run away anymore.


It’s almost time.

A little more, and it’ll start.


Did my feelings went through?


A black vortex appeared in thin air before my eyes.


…..Yes, he’s here to pick me up.




As usual, a passing black votex connected to the living room of our home.


「I’m back!」


As I said so, I entered the living room, and Amy-san was already waiting there for me.

It seemed that she was quite relaxed, though whether or not she had made her resolution, I’m not sure.


「Welcome back, Myne-kun.」


Aisha greeted me.


「Will you eat before heading out?」


「If Amy-san is alright with it, I think I would go out first.」


As I said so, Amy-san looked at me.


「Yes, the preparations are over.」


Okay, then let’s go.


To return Amy-san’s fate to the right direction!


I linked the space to the Divine Forest to meet up with Fenrir-sama.

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Please take care of me from now onwards too.

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???;Renkinjutsu = Alchemy
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Renkinjutsu and Rensei in this series are different, yet translator translated both as Alchemy. Well, it is understandable that translator repeatedly had it wrong because Renkinjutsu (Alchemy) and Rensei (Synergize) are normally one and the same since the general understanding regarding alchemy is concerned with transmutation itself. But apparently, the meaning is a bit different in this series. One of the proof is the fact that Prince Lewis has both the Renkinjutsu (Alchemy) skill and Rensei (Synergize) skill [ch. 40].

In this series, Renkinjutsu (Alchemy) is a skill related to potion-making [ch. 4, 7-9, 38, 121] while Rensei (Synergize) is a skill required to upgrade Growth-type weapons (weapon-enhancement) [ch. 43-44, 118]

Renkinjutsu (Alchemy) skill owner: Myne [ch. 4], Alchemist-oniisan [ch. 6], Prince Lewis [ch. 40], and Amy [ch. 105].
Rensei (Synergize) skill owner: Prince Lewis [ch. 40], Queen Garnett [ch. 40], Princess Airiel [ch. 115], and a high-leveled Synergist who only accepts request from Queen Garnett [ch. 118].

I borrow the Rensei translation “Synergize” from Arifureta and “Transmutation” from Fullmetal Alchemist. I personally inclined toward Synergize since the definition is more suitable with the effect of the skill. By the way, Junkburst first translated Rensei as “Training” (same as Google Translate) before changed it to “Transmutation” on chapter 66.

[History Log]
– Chapter 4, Myne obtained Renkinjutsu (Alchemy) skill from one of the robber mobs.
– Chapter 7, Myne figured out that Renkinjutsu (Alchemy) is the skill used in potion-making.
– Chapter 8, Myne learned how to make simple potion from Alchemist-oniisan.
– Chapter 9, Myne succesfully made his potions.
– Chapter 38, Myne made potions.
– Chapter 40, Prince Lewis’ skills are; Renkinjutsu (Alchemy), Rensei (Synergize), and One-handed Sword ? Extreme. Queen Garnett’s skills are; Rensei (Synergize), Arithmetic, and Special Magic ? Ice.
– Chapter 43, Myne appraised the Dagger of Origin and learned that a skill called Rensei (Synergize) is required to upgrade the said dagger.
– Chapter 44, continuation from the previous chapter, this is the first time Myne discovered there is a skill called Rensei (Synergize) and thought that the chance Myne in obtaining the said skill in the future would be low.
– Chapter 105, Amy’s skills are; Special Magic ? Wood, Magic Recovery ? Large, and Renkinjutsu (Alchemy).
– Chapter 115, Princess Airiel’s skills are Rensei (Synergize) and Memorization.
– Chapter 118, Myne planned to have Airiel joins the clan so she could utilize her Rensei (Synergize) skill to upgrade the Weapons of Origin, but felt uncertain whether she’ll succeed since there’s a possibility it won’t be upgraded unless using a high-leveled Rensei (Synergize) skill. Sylphy said she knows a high-leveled Synergist but that person only accepts request from her Queen mother.
– Chapter 121, Amy made high-quality potions with the skill Renkinjutsu (Alchemy) combined with Special Magic ? Wood.

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