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The next day after persuading Amy-san.


Using 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, I went back to the place where we left off, the Town of Lunawan.


Before we departed, Aisha who heard of Lunawan asked me to deliver the Slime Oils to the Adventurer’s Guild of Lunawan in bulks.


As she expected, the shortage of oils wasn’t resolved yet so they were surely in trouble.


Today, the total number of oils that I brought over for the time being was about ⅓ of what I had in hand, which were 10,000.


Even when the receptionist girl saw that amount, she stopped dead in her tracks, but as expected she was still a pro.

Awkwardly she said 「With this much, thank you so much for helping us!」 with a smile on her face.


Yeap, when Lucas delivered it to them, it was only 1/10 of this amount.


Looking at this amount, even Aisha was surprised.

Logically speaking, the receptionist girl’s reaction was normal.


As the oils that I bought over was sold at a higher price, and before I left I told her that I would bring more oils over and she froze again!


…..Needless to say, Waffle was a huge hit over here too, even though nobody said so.


After various things happened, Waffle once again sat on my back, and we started on our journey towards the Labyrinth of the World Tree once again.

In the past, we, the human family 『Hume or Elf, the generic names of the beast race』 have not recorded most of the intervention.


The biggest event was probably the memory of Ymir-sama annihilating the Wills Country.


When I asked Fenrir-sama about it, as I thought, things such as what happened with Ymir-sama and the Wills country, the humans weren’t interested at all.

It seemed that the interests of the Divine Beasts were only those contacted by God.


…..By the way, about “me”, helping Waffle was one of the reasons that God notified me about the 10 pillar of the Divine Beast is a nonstandard existence.

In the presence of God, and as to why I was to come to know of the existence of the ten pillars of the Divine Beast, it seemed to be because he was curious about me.


Because I rescued Waffle before, the situation has turned out to be as such.


As to why Jormungandr-sama seemed friendly, it was a little strange but I was convinced after listening to this story later.


……Un, the story had diverted.


Then, why was Fenrir-sama happy about Amy-san’s case……


Actually, as the consensus of the pillars of the Divine Beast, ti seemed that they want to improve the current status of the elves.

Beyond what I’ve thought, Ymir-sama’s cause seemed to be a problem.


Waffle glanced and said it before where Ymir-sama was 「being scolded」 with that expression, and apparently it was a pretty cute expression.


『You did well, it seemed that you’ve convey the message to the elf girl while having her being calm.

If Ymir does something, I’ll punish him appropriately.』


Based on her words, I somehow understood that Fenrir-sama is seriously angry at Ymir-sama.

The saying “what goes around comes around”, we, the human family , for example we would say something like don’t mess around with me!…..


I wonder why, but I feel sorry for Ymir-sama.


Thinking of the consensus of the pillar of the Divine Beasts, the others besides Fenrir-sama were probably angry at Ymir-sama too.


…..Looking at Ymir-sama’s standpoint, I guess he’d like to apologize to Amy-san as soon as possible.

If he doesn’t settle this soon, it would probably destroy his image.


If that was the case, even Amy-san may not be too afraid of him.


『Wafu, Myne! Look, look, I can see it, that’s the World Tree!』


Un? Even though Waffle said so, but I can’t see it.


Even using 【Enhance Vision・Medium】 on one of my eyes, I still can’t see the figure of the World Tree.

The only visible thing was the streets that turned into ruins.


『Waffle, where did you see it? I can’t see it whatsoever…..』


To my question, Waffle tilted his head before answering.


『It’s infront of you~, Myne, is your eyes getting worse?』


…..Uu~n, in front of me? In front of me…..


『There’s nothing in front of me though?』




It seemed that asking Fenrir-sama at a time like this is better.


『Fenrir-sama, Fenrir-sama.』


『N? What’s wrong? You arrived?』


Immediately, Waffle butted in and explained the situation.


『Ka~san, Myne, his eyes is turning bad!』


『No no no no no wait a minute, that’s not it, my eyes won’t suddenly become worse okay!』


『…..Aah, that would be the barrier of the Divine Beast that is residing in the World Tree.

Wait for a moment, I’ll talk to the Divine Beast now.』


A barrier! ? Is there such a thing!

As expected of a Divine Beast.


…..However, I have absolutely no idea what kind of Divine Beast it is.

I wonder who it is.


I stopped walking, and thought of such things, as I was looking with my eyes the scene in front of me shook unexpectedly.

A low ringing sound rang around, and the scenery gradually changed.


After about a minute, the scenery in front of me changed to a completely different thing.


Yess, it’s what Waffle said, that is probably the World Tree.

It’s huge…..this is the tree worthy of being called the World Tree that reached the heavens.


「Th, this is…..the World Tree.」


Even when this was the first time seeing the World with my own two eyes, I can sense a sacred feeling.


…..Thinking about why would King Wills do such a thing to it…..


Looking at the appearance of the World Tree, I somehow understood Ymir-sama’s feelings.


「Anger」 was surely what Ymir-sama’s felt at that time, it must have been it.

It would be inevitable to feel such emotion when human beings were trying to overrun the World Tree.


Well, this World Tree had definitely got me to think of something.


For a while, I was shocked by the sacred things that the World Tree was releasing, but I was inspired by the warmth and returned back to myself.


「Aah, this is not the time to be drowning in such a place.

Let’s hurry up and go!」


I came back to my sense and started running again.


Even though the World Tree was visible, but there was still a considerable distance to it’s roots.

It wasn’t the time to be distracted by it.


Then, running at full speed, and 3 hours have passed.


Finally, Waffle and I arrived at the Sacred Tree・The Origins of the World Tree.

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

My friend has drawn an illustration of Ymir and sent it to me.

Please take care of me from now onwards.

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