FF: Chapter 68: Shadow Isles

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Shadow Isles

Bloody mist surrounded the dark plains, an ancient pillared looking island pierced the sky.

Dark clouds surrounded the isles.

The presence of darkness, the smell of death and the breath of the cursed……this tall, dark isle has a name:

The Shadow Isles.

The holy land of all undead in Leagues of Legends.

Wearing a dark robe that’s stained with blood red colour, donning a dark silver crown and a silver skull dangling at his waist. He’s the lich that lords over darkness and death, currently sitting on a black steel throne. His face covered by the darkness, only his two blue lights flickering where his eyes is.

The Deathsinger: Karthus!

Right in front of him is an old book, its pages made from goat’s skin.

The opened book was devoid of any words, instead were pictures of faces twisted from pain.

These faces let out blood curdling screams, seemingly trying to escape from the book. There were even a few that managed to popped out from the book, but there’s always an unseen force that pushes them back in an unending cycle……

Karthus closed the book, the faces disappeared and the screams stopped.

His eyes looked at a faraway distance.

At the same moment, a few other strong beings did the same movement as the Deathsinger.

A being wrapped in armor, holding a huge hammer. There’s nothing within the armor, just a black shadow with blood red eyes, it was as if an armor came to life.

Grey mist leaked out from the gaps of the armor continuously, a being filled with evil, destruction and hate towards the living.

The Iron Revenant: Mordekaiser!

A half corporeal being too covered in armor, tall and might centaur, filled to the brim with seemingly uncontrollable dark psion that’s leaking from the armor. Blue lights flicker like the flames from his huge long sword.

After wherever it galloped, the grounds would be sowed with curses and fear.

The Shadow of War: Hecarim!

A being cloaked in long robes with his hair, eyes and mouth covered in glowing green flames. He’s holding a scythe in one hand and a skull lantern in another. Souls flashes in green in the lantern, appearing and disappearing.

The Chain Warden: Thresh!

As Lin Xii flew over the looming sky, these strong undead beings noticed him.

Even though Lin Xii did not spot any of these bosses, but he still felt a strong sense of danger. He immediately burst his Ukaku to 10 meters in length, jumping to such a high speed instantly that his body before the enhancement would never take the sudden change well.

A huge dark green energy ball full of death presence suddenly burst behind him!

Some small clouds were attracted by the explosion, but as the clouds came into contact with the explosion, it instantly disintegrate……


Lin Xii broke out in cold sweat as he felt the explosion behind him, with the corrupting presence of death all behind him. He did not waste any more time and instantly flew as fast as he could.

The hidden bosses did not continue attacking him. As he flew, he saw there was an endless legions of undead underneath him that’s moving like the waves. There’s skeletons, zombies, wraiths, stitched monsters, meat puppets and even dullahans.

Over the other end was LuZhou City.

It was obvious that these undead was besieging the city!

“This……this is LuZhou City?”

There’s a wall where the city main entrance was. Since it was just an ordinary wall, there was just a couple of soldiers keeping guard on top of it instead of evolutionaries. Underneath that great stretch of wall was a row of plants.

Yes, plants!

The plants from Plants vs Zombies.

Lin Xii immediately spotted the Pea Shooters, a plant that’s about 1 meter in height with a bell shape mouth. From its mouth it continuously shoots out pea after pea the size of a fist, exploding on contact with the undead.

There were also Cabbage Pults and Corn Pults, continuously catapulting cabbages and corns the size of a human head.

Occasionally the Corn Pult would flight a huge slab of corn butter, sticking it onto the incoming skeletons and zombies.

Other than those skeletons and zombies, there’s also wraiths that were immune to physical attacks. But with the icy Pea Shooters that shoots out icy peas, these icy peas could freeze those wraiths as they pass by them.

Small and big mushrooms would then spit acid to dissolve those wraiths.

Lin Xii even spotted potato mins and spikes on the ground……

A few openings of the wall was plugged shut with those huge nut.

“This is really……I wonder which evolutionary has the power to summon these plants?”

There’s a ton of things for sale in the Base of Evolutionary, but Lin Xii had never seen these plants for sale ever before.

“But the amount of plants here, isn’t it too much!?”

How long is the perimeter of a whole city? The main gate isn’t here, so this means that this isn’t the main besieging point and they already have so many plants here; there’s even a frozen watermelon pult every so often on the wall!

A fat stitched monster that resembled Pudge from DOTA ran and managed to chop down a few Pea Shooters, but his head was immediately crushed by a frozen watermelon.

After his head was crushed, the remaining body was frozen solid.

Lin Xii that was flying in the air was spotted by the soldiers, a young man with blood red wings streaking behind him was very obvious after all.

“There’s a boss flying over!”

“No way? There’s no such hero in League of Legends, much less the Shadow Isles. Could it be an evolutionary?”

“Who care what is it, just hurry up and inform someone from above!”

“Xu Commissar’s just right behind!”

As the soldiers were panicking, Lin Xii lowered his altitude and activated his icy aura.

As the icy aura appeared on the ground, the hexagonal shape ice flowers rotated. It started affecting a large amount of undead, slowing them down.

Then they were shot to pieces by peas, cabbages and corns.

“An evolutionary!”

“Thank god!”

The soldiers on the wall let out an excited cry, Lin Xii with his wings and icy aura looked exactly like a boss. He’s definitely a strong evolutionary!

As Lin Xii landed on top of the wall, Xu Commissar just arrived at that moment.

Xu Commissar was an intellectual looking middle aged man wearing a black framed spectacle. As he saw the large icy blue aura and Lin Xii’s blood red wings, he was slightly shock and immediately came over, making a gesture that wanted to shake his hand.

“Nice to meet you, welcome to LuZhou!”

Lin Xii stretched out his right hand and shook his hand, “I’m an evolutionary from Pearl City, with me is a huge transfer troop just currently here. I came to gather info, could you tell me about what’s happening?”

There’s such a huge army outside besieging the city, how do you have so many plants?

Xu Commissar let out a sigh and answer, “These undead are from the Shadow Isles from the game League of Legend.”

Lin Xii winced, Shadow Isles? That Shadow Isles?! Other than it being the holy land of the undead, the heroes that belong to these isles are really crazily strong!

The Shadow of War that wiped out an entire legion of Demacia, the Iron Revenant with his immortality, Thresh that torture souls for pleasure……

The most terrifying of all is the Deathsinger, he’s the disciple of the strongest in League of Legend, Morello!

Adding on the Shepherd of Souls, Spear of Vengeance and The Spider Queen, even if it isn’t as strong as facing Deathwing, but it’s close enough! Fuck! LuZhou really got a hell level difficulty…….

“Thank god these undeads doesn’t attack in the day, allowing use some room to breath……”

With Xu Commissar’s explanation, Lin Xii understood that these plants aren’t summoned by any evolutionary, but something that the city itself summons.

As they finished building the city walls, an evolutionaries got an item called “The Heart of the City’ from a monster——it allows a city to have its own specialty.

What LuZhou has is “Heart of Plants”, by sacrificing wood, the city could produce plants with battling capabilities.

These ‘The Heart of the City’ items would only totaled up to a hundred, whether in the present or the future.

Also, it cannot be transferred.

LuZhou with its Heart of Plants was considered a slightly weaker one, from the news of other cities, the Royal Capital got ‘Heart of Dragons’, allowing them to spawn different kinds of dragons.

JinLing City got ‘Heart of Three Kingdoms’, allowing them to train normal humans to those special soldiers from the stories of Three Kingdom.

It also allows them to sacrifice resources like steel, silver, gold or jewels to obtain the souls of those that appeared in the Three Kingdom.

Allowing those souls to possessed their body during battle will allow them to obtain the strength of those generals!

Like Zhuge Liang with the power to command the weather……Lu Bu with his unbeatable strength……but of course, if the person’s body isn’t up for the task he would die immediately after the possession wears off.

Getting invaded by the Shadow Isles, LuZhou immediately chopped off all the trees in the city and summon every single plant they can. Adding that on the fact that the undead don’t appear in daylight, they could still hold the city.

But no matter what, they cannot give up on a special city that only has a hundred worldwide!

TLN Notes: My bad on not updating yesterday, I was quite busy with Mother’s Day. Also, this chapter was reallllly tedious as I don’t play LoL, knowing what the heroes name is in chinese selecting the correct hero in english is really tough. Ugh, and the description.

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  1. -instead was(were) pictures of faces twisted from pain.
    There was(were) also Cabbage Pults and Corn Pults

    -Other than those skeletons and zombies, there’s also wraiths that’s( are, or were) immune to physical attacks.
    Not really sure as you have almost entirely switched from past tense to present tense.

    -these icy peas could freeze those wraiths as it(they) passes(pass) by them.

    -A few opening(s) of the wall was(were) plugged shut with those huge nut.

    -There’s a ton of things for sale in the Base of Evolutionary, but Lin Xii (had) never seen these plants for sale ever before.

    -Xu Commissar was a(n) intellectual looking middle aged man wearing a black framed spectacle. As he saw the large icy blue aura and Lin Xii’s blood red wings, he was slightly shock(ed) and immediately came over, making a gesture that (he) wanted to shake his hand.

    -“I’m an evolutionary from Pearl City, with me is a huge transfer troop just currently(could do without currently, as just outside means the same thing anyway.) outside of here.

    -“There’s such a huge army outside besieging the city and how do you have some many plants?”
    don’t really understand this, as “and” would only really work if the first part of the sentence was a question too. So you’d be better off with

    “There’s such a huge army outside besieging the city, how do you have so many plants?”
    Although its also excusable since its dialogue, so Lin Xii could be shocked. If you wanna keep it the same, just do
    “There’s such a huge army outside besieging the city, and how do you have some(so) many plants?” But in that case, there’d have to be some signs of shock, so i’d go with the first one, as it reflects him calmly shaking the commissar’s

    -Getting invaded by the Shadow Isles, LuZhou immediately chopped off all the trees in the city and summon(ed) every single plant they can. Adding that on the fact that the undead doesn’t(dont) appear in daylight, they still could(could still would sound better, but it still works.) hold the city.

    and wow, plants vs zombies! that’s pretty fitting.

    • omg, so many typos. Ugh. Thank you so much.

      As for the past present tense thing, it’s mostly due to the original author……He bounces around past and present these and I really have a hard time trying to switch it all to past tense. So I usually miss one or two in the process. The thing with chinese WN is that, in a whole paragraph, every sentence is separated by just a comma with a first dot at the end of a whole paragraph.
      Plus english isn’t my first language haha.

      Seriously, thank you so much.

      • its alright man, unlike you i dont know chinese at all, so i cant even imagine the difficulties you face in terms of translating the grammar itself.

  2. Wow LoL! And PvZ?!? The Hell with this hahaha. This author really like to mix things and I like that hahaha.
    Well anyway, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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