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Eventually, without taking a break, we ran and ran but still could not reach the Labyrinth of the World Tree.

…..The elf’s territory is far away as expected.


Along the way I saw the Town of Lunawan and thought that it’s alright to take a break from our journey for today.

With this, it would be easy to get to this town in the future.


Traveling around to different places to widen our scope, let’s put a tick at this town as we cleared it!


When I still under the Adventurer’s Guild, well even though it was for a day…..

The quest to deliver the Slime Oil was this Town of Lunawan if I’m not mistaken.


When returning home and reporting it to Aisha, I was surprised that I went so far.


About the Labyrinth of the Sky, it may be even further than I thought, as it is said to take a long time to get there.


Well then, I’ll have to speak to Amy-san about the message Fenrir-sama passed onto me.


「Amy-san, Fenrir-sama has a message for you.」


When I spoke to her about it, her body shook for a moment and turned her face slowly towards me.

The case of Ymir-sama, and being traumatic of the existence of Divine Beasts, having a message from Fenrir-sama would obviously make her afraid.


「Fr, From Fenrir-sama….s, she has a message for me?」


U~n, this might be impossible after all…..

Just by hearing Fenrir-sama’s name, she was already at this state, if she were to face Ymir-sama head on I’m sure she’ll immediately faint.


Though, if I don’t convey the message that Fenrir-sama asked….


「Yes, I’m sorry but please be calm and listen to the message.」


「……Y, Yeeessh~」


…..I’m worried.


「Apparently, Ymir-sama wants to apologize to Amy-san.

Strictly speaking, it’s to apologize for the elf as a whole rather than for Amy-san…..was what I think.」


Before Amy-san reacted, my two wives responded to my words first.


「 「A, A Divine beast wants to apologize! ?」 」


Towards the two intense feelings, the words that Amy-san wanted to speak was swallowed back into her mouth.


「Wait a minute Myne-kun…..Is that for real! ?」


「Yeah, it’s the truth.」


Even now, Waffle is in front of us too, I also met Fenrir-sama as well, and you could say I’m close to her as well, but the existence of a Divine Beast was thought to be a myth in the first place.

It was not an existence where a person would casually talk to.


First of all, even the fact that I was friends with a Divine Beast was something that sounded impossible.

Saying something like a Divine Beast lowering their head towards a human. The two of my wives had no choice but to be taken back.


Conversely, if you look at the other party’s side, if she refuses this, it would be obvious as to what happens to Ymir-sama, but it would also make Fenrir-sama who was trying to be the mediator to lose face.


…….Because of that, I felt really really bad towards Amy-san but please come along.


I’m sure the both of them realized this as well.

Swallowing my saliva, I waited for Amy-san to respond.


For the crucial Amy-san to speak, it seemed she was about to burst into tears with us looking at her.


「If, if I say I do not need an apology, it’ll definitely be tasteless right?」


「……Yeeah, I’m sure it’ll be tasteless.」


“I do not need an apology.”

It was probably Amy-san’s true feelings.


However, if she let’s this past by, I’m sure she could imagine how it would become.

…..Precisely that, I need a confirmation.


That’s why I answered back with my real intention.

Then continue to speak to her to remove her burden even if it’s just a little.


「I truly understand how Amy-san feels.

However, the Divine Beast-sama… least towards the Divine Beast that I know…..

Amy-san shouldn’t be that worried about her existence.

If you take a look at Waffle then you’ll understand.」


Suddenly bringing up his name, Waffle was like 「Wafu?」 while tilting his head and looking at me. 『GAAAH -100HP』


When she saw that, I clearly saw that Amy-san was starting to calm down.


「……By Fenrir-sama, is it Waffle-chan’s mother-sama perhaps?」




Waffle who couldn’t speak to Amy-san lift his right paws up, as if to affirm her.


「Fufuu, if it’s Waffle-chan’s mother then it’ll not be so scary!

I understand, to be honest, no matter how many times I said to myself that Ymir-sama is not scary, not scary, I still can’t help it…..

But if Myne-san and Waffle-chan and Fenrir-sama were to follow me, then I think I could meet with up with Ymir-sama.」


…..She muster up what little courage she had.

You could see that even with a smile on her words, her hands were still trembling.


『Waffle! Cheer Amy-san up!』


As I said that, Waffle lively sprinted towards Amy-san and jumped at her!

Then, while Amy-san was hugging her, he started licking her cheeks.


「Kyaa! Wa, wait a minute Waffle-chan! No, please stop, it, it’s ticklish, Ahahahah.」

…..Un, good job. Nice one naisu naisu  Waffle!

Amy-san’s past is really saddening.


Even for a bit, I wanted her to feel happy.


I hope this encounter with Ymir-sama would have a positive influence on her mind and let it be the thing for her to take the first step in a sense.

In the end, we’ll try to make the best possible effort.


「…..Amy-san, let’s do our best!

This will surely be a big turning point for Amy-san.

We will do our utmost to support you! So it’s okay!」


Waffle was swaying around, and a smile floated on Amy-san’s face as she firmly conveyed her feelings.


「…..Yes, thank you.」


With this, it was decided that the encounter between Amy-san and Ymir-sama would be held.




『You understand right, Ymir-ji. “ji as in oji-san as in grandpa”

In no way, would you do something like crushing my face, right?』


『I, I understand alright…..I admit that it was certainly my fault.

…..So please don’t bully the elderly.』


I heard from Myne that the elf girl was extremely fearful towards Ymir, so I immediately contacted Ymir-ji.


『Seriously, whatever it was, to have the rule of Gods to drive away one race to the brink of extinction.

Besides, because it was the elf’s race which were the Protector of the World Tree, it can not be forgiven.』


『No, I’ve already heard that story many times…..』


『Then listen to it again and again! It was your fault to begin with! !』




Now, it’s Myne’s turn.

This thing is ready for it.


The rest is up to you.

Depending on the story with the girl, we may lend our power to help rebuild the elves.


Good luck and tell it to the girl.

TLN Note:

The first time when there’s no Author’s Note, interesting.

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