FF: Chapter 67: A Dark Night

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A Dark Night

Lin Xii wounds fully healed after sleeping the night.

Even if there’s plenty of unique female mercenaries that he could hire in the <Base of Evolution>, but he gritted his teeth and used those 100000 or more points to enhance his attributes.

Only getting stronger would allow him to kill more bosses, hiring even better mercenaries.

His own strength is the most important factor!

From the 10 different attributes,there’s 3 main attributes:

Strength, Speed, Physique.

Next is 4 sub-attributes:

Mental sensing, Elemental Affinity, Reflexes, Cell’s Activity.

Lastly is the 3 different types of defenses:

Physical Defenses, Energy Defenses, Abnormalities Defenses.

What’s worth mentioning is that the physical defenses are mostly correlated to a person’s physique, there’s exception of course——for example the ghoul’s bloodline, their physique isn’t much but even bullets cannot go through them.

Lin Xii enhanced every single attribute 10 times, each time for a thousand points, totaling to 100,000 points! It was enough to make anybody gape at his luxuriousness.

Originally each of Lin Xii’s attribute was about 10 times the normal human being, now it’s 20.

What’s more shocking —— or rather, ‘wild with joy’ is that after enhancing, Lin Xii realized the the storage of biological energy is twice more than before!

“What’s going on?”

After pondering for a few moments, Lin Xii thinks that it should be due to his body getting an overall upgrade.

Biological energies comes from the cells in his body, so with his body upgraded evenly to twice what he was before, so it’s natural that his biological energy reserve should’ve doubled too.

This really was something unexpected to him, it meant that ‘Burst’ could be sustained for 2 minutes! Flying 6 hours straight with his Ukaku! Keeping his icy aura on for 12 hours in a shot!

Also, due to the upgrade, his body is now much more resistant and the damage of ‘Hot Blooded’ to his body greatly lessened.

‘I need to enhance more!”

But thinking that now enhancing another 10 more times needed 200,000 points, Lin Xii felt a surge of faintness; 400,000 points for the next next time……

The following few days was uneventful, the troop continued their journey without any really dangerous foes. As they had enough food from the supply base, their pace was quick.

Lin Xii did not went hunting for more monsters, instead focusing on getting used to his new body.

As what he did during the ‘battle of the creek’ really impressed the others, so when Qing, Zhong Hou, Mu Tie, Wang Wei and Ling Ling came up to him for advice, they told him about the energies that they used.

Wang Wei uses ‘ki’, a type of energy that comes from the cells.

Lin Xii’s biological energy too comes from the cells, but a more basic form. ‘Ki’ is more of a outer form of energy that needs the user to have a strong mental and body strength to utilize it.

Mu Tie uses ‘Internal Force’ (内力, Nei li). It’s a type of force that flows within one own veins.

Ling Ling uses ‘Mana’, similar to those western magic powers, her strong point is mostly mental strength.

As for Qing, she uses ‘Touki’ which has similar characteristic to ‘Ki’ but it needs strong emotional strength for it to appear, like anger or a strong belief during battle.

Zhong Hou has the power of ‘Holiness’, tightly correlated to the devotion to his knightly cause.

Lin Xii tried training and really did managed to use ‘Ki’——Mai also uses ‘Ki’, she got hers through arduous training of her mentally strength and body.

He mistook Mai’s answer the last time he asked her about her ‘Ki’.

Why does she need to undergo arduous training? The answer to that is to train her mental strength the same time as she trained her body. The important part is that ‘Ki’ needs a strong mental strength to guide it out of the body, so without that no matter how strong the body is you would never be able to use ‘Ki’.

With his body currently enhanced 20 times the normal human, the requirement for ‘Ki’ was already achieved. Also as he absorbed the ice seed, his mental strength too passes the requirement.

So it was easy to get his ‘Ki’ out.

Furthermore as Lin Xii’s mental strength was much stronger than Wang Wei, he could push his ‘Ki’ out of his body to act like ‘Touki’.

Also, after receiving information from Wang Wei of the skills that he could use with ‘Ki’, Lin Xii decided to give it a go and try it out.

Ripple Fist, Rising Dragon Fist, Hurricane Kick.

Ripple Fist is releasing ‘Ki’ in a ‘ripple’ form, forming a flying wave of energy. It has the properties of explosion, force impact and consecutive damages.

Rising Dragon Fist is by further concentrating the Ripple Fist on your fist, jumping and uppercut the opponent.

Hurricane Kick was slightly more complicated. Other than concentrating the rippled ‘Ki’ on a leg and doing a roundhouse kick, there’s also utilizing the air to make a hurricane to increase the area of damage, plus there’s also being careful not to rip your leg apart from all that forces from different direction.

Of course these moves wasn’t much of a problem to Lin Xii, in fact he really did not gain much after getting ‘Ki’.

This was because ‘Ki’ was just utilizing one’s mental strength to guide their biological energy that otherwise would be unable to use, Lin Xii already could utilize his in the first place.

It did not count as a new type of energy.

Could the Ripple Fist be stronger than him using ‘Hot Blood’? Could it be compared to him with ‘Burst’, using omnislash? It was just something fun to play with——also Ripple Fist consumed a large amount biological energy.

But no matter what Lin Xii managed to learn ‘Ki’ and their moves in such a short while, making Wang Wei envious.

“How could be such a huge difference between one human and another?” Wang Wei said while crying hot tears.

Other than playing with ‘Ki’, Lin Xii’s also currently thinking of more ways to utilize his energies. He did tried fusing kinetic energy and his blood to shoot out droplets of blood.


Those droplets were enough to break through a wine glass.

As blood is essentially liquid, just adding a little kinetic energy really wouldn’t do much to increase its power. But what if he infuse his blood with an elemental energy and his kinetic energy?

After using his blood controlling powers to create a drop of blood, freezing it and infusing kinetic energy, he shot it.

It’s penetrating power really isn’t all that bad!

But as ice too was fragile, so really all this effort was still worse than using a handgun.

Lin Xii also tried, but realized that his heat energy couldn’t be fused with his ice energy.


As they crossed through the dinosaur’s area, they next encountered some more monsters, but it was nothing much as there weren’t any major bosses. They were mostly: Mutated Pigs, goats and wolves and the occasional three-legged crows.

They soon quickly passed through these low level monster area, with some more civilians joining them. Finally, they arrived in LuZhou City.

Seeing the ‘LuZhou Welcomes You’ sign on a bridge, Elder Lee could not help but burst into tears. The evolutionaries too felt emotional, even though it wasn’t that far from Pearl City to LuZhou but they had to walk inch by inch. Also, they couldn’t even count the amount of times they encountered a dangerous situation.

Thirty thousand died in the forest, and they were in the risk of getting wiped out entirely.

After getting out from there, they were faced with the problem of lacking food.

If it wasn’t for the ration supply base, it would spelled the end for them!

“As a major holding point, LZ city built a wall around their main city and they gave up on the outer parts of the city. But……due to that ambush in the forest, our wireless contacting equipment were wrecked and we lost contact with them.”

Elder Lee was currently slightly worried, in the midst of his joy, “Anyways, everyone be careful.”

To make sure they reach the main city before night falls, the troops did continue walking as fast as they could, only resting for half an hour after lunch.

During 5 pm in the evening, they were about 3 hours to reach the outer wall. But it was at this moment that everyone felt something was wrong.

One, they did not encountered any monster after stepping into LuZhou.

They were used to the monsters attacking them during the whole journey, eve if there weren’t any major bosses, but there should be small ones like goblins or mutated wolves right?

Second, it’s too quiet and desolate! They did not encountered any humans, could it be that all of the survivors were in the wall? Maybe, but with not even a corpse in sight, it was just not right.

Third, the sky’s too dark. It’s currently autumn, it shouldn’t turn dark at 5 pm in the evening. (TLN: Autumn in china is much brighter, unlike autumn in england where at 5 pm it would really be all dark)

After marching along for a little longer, they realized the ground underneath them turned dark black. It was as if the ground was polluted itself, making them uncomfortable. Also, occasionally there were disgusting smells of rotten flesh and blood wafting around.

Elder Lee issued an order to stop and came to Lin Xii, hoping that he would fly above to check on LuZhou.

Lin XIi did not refused as he’s currently not lacking in biological energy, also it’s about a 10 minute flight from here to the main city.

He activated his Ukaku and flew over to the main city.

Less than 5 minutes from where he was, the sun totally disappeared and the air around him suddenly turned chilled. Heavy clouds were everywhere, covering the skies. A faint yellow moon showed itself from the cracks in the clouds, a bone chilling wind blew about.

Lin Xii that was flying couldn’t help but trembled slightly, with his sensitive mental state, he felt that there was a sort of negativity in the air. It was like the air around him was embedded with someone’s will.

A sort of revengeful, hateful will towards the living!

The cold wind blew about, messing up Lin Xii’s hair and flickering his wings.

The originally black ground suddenly turned blood red.

“What’s happening?”

Lin Xii was unsettled.

The coldness in the air, the weight, and the negativity made him breath raggedly. There was a sort of impulse in him that made him just want to turn back!

Pushing down these emotions, Lin Xii continue flying.

At this moment, the ground starting moving. A arm stretched out from the black ground tattered with blood red streaks, like a floorboard with old blood stick to it.

Hands after hands broke out from the ground underneath! It was like a forest of spears when gazed from above!

“This……” Lin Xii eyes widen as he witnessed what was going on.

One by one, white skeletons, rotten zombies, and even wraiths surged from the ground……

In a short amount of time, an impossible number of undead stood of the once empty ground.

The amount of undead was endless, it numbers stretched as far as Lin Xii could see!

Coldness, Darkness, Death……

An army of endless undead……

As Lin Xii with his blood red wings soared across the sky, streaking long red trails behind him.

The undead beneath him noticed Lin Xii.

At this moment, tens of thousand of undead turn their head towards the sky! They open their jaws, but no sounds came out. They could only scream in silence; their empty eye sockets could only silently gaze with only green flickering light in them, devoid of any blood or tears.

It was a dark night across the blood coloured fields.

So dark that even the moon could not,

Illuminate the endless dead.

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  1. “More stronger” isn’t proper,
    its better to either go with “More powerful”, or just “stronger.”

    “As blood were(Is) essentially liquid.”
    Blood is a singular term, hence
    “As blood is essentially liquid,” would be the proper wording. This is applicable to all liquids, incidentally. I say “Is” instead of “was” because typically when describing some object, person or substance, present tense is used. As it just sounds strange when absolutely everything is past tense. Another reason would be that past tense would imply that for example, blood is no longer a liquid? Now that wouldnt make sense, unless it was part of the story, hence “Is.”

    “so it’s natural that his biological energy reserve should doubled too.”
    “Should be doubled too.” or “Should’ve doubled too.”

    “But as ice too was fragile, so really all these effort was still worse than using a handgun.”
    Either “all this effort,” or “all these efforts were.”

    “they next encountered some more monster(s).”
    it was nothing much as there wasn’t(weren’t) any major bosses. (wasn’t is only applicable to one entity.)

    they realized the ground underneath them turn(ed) dark black.
    ““What(‘s) happening?”

    They could only scream in silent(silence); their empty eye socket(s) could only silently GAZE with only green flickering light in it(them), devoid of any blood or tears.

  2. Now an endless horde of undeads and the boss? It’s either a Necro or a Some kind of demon. Well a new battleground to challenge to evolution.
    Well anyway, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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