FF: Chapter 66: Plotting Secretly

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Plotting Secretly


As expected from a final boss in a world, killing him got Lin Xii 33000 points.


Lin Xii’s points now totaled up to 80000!


“Ultimate Dinosaur Gene’s Vial?”


Lin Xii picked up a vial from where the two head dragon had disappeared.


What’s more shocking is that this vial was applicable to normal humans.


But of course after using it they wouldn’t be a normal human anymore, by turning into a dinosaur man. It would be like Dr Fessenden’s first form, plus there’s the potential to evolve into the second form.


Those who had already obtained a bloodline are unable to use this vial.


This was because this vial contains a huge amount of dinosaur’s genes and will definitely clash with those evolutionaries with bloodline.


Keeping the vial, Lin Xii set up to find the Tyrant——the biological weapon definitely did plenty of work in the fight against the two headed dragon and he definitely took quite a hit, one after the fireball was smashed and a tailwhip into his chest.


With the Tyrant’s defense and vitality, he managed to survive. But with those wounds he definitely need a lot of time to rest.


Lin Xii too.


After spending 2000 points for another restraining overcoat, he took out rotten meat for the Tyrant to replenish his energy.


The Tyrant need those extra energies to regenerate his wounds.


Lin Xii that had dealt with Dr Fessenden slowly trode across the valley. He wasn’t worried about the battle over there, with Hoover and Annie that were bosses of the Attack on Titan world and 5 huge pets holding the fort.


Whereas for Bull, Xiao Qiang, Zhen Tian and Zhong Hou that had already upgraded, adding on Qing and Mai, it would be weird if they couldn’t deal with 4 watered down version of the bosses.


He was right.


After 4 of the bosses were promptly kill and they did not find any vials, only providing a couple thousand points, they rushed over to help the pets and kill the 5 dinosaurs. Finally, the huge T-Rex too was killed under their surrounded attacks.


As Hoover and Annie would not get any points for killing these monsters, so the last hit was all obtained by Bull and his totemic pole.


Of course, these points will be distributed fairly.


Even though the watered down bosses did not drop anything, but the hooligans did. They drop a whole lot of recovery vials and foods. The 5 dinosaurs dropped an egg each instead of their meat.


The 5 dinosaur’s egg could be hatched into a dinosaur——the condition for doing so was unspecified, but it could also be a lovely omelet.


Also, the huge T-Rex too dropped an egg after defeating it. A huge 2 meters wide egg. If it could be hatched successfully, it definitely will be a scary mutated T-Rex.


One big five small totaling up to six eggs, if even they could not be hatched, it’s still very much valuable as ingredients.


These eggs are definitely recovery food ingredients!


Lin Xii did the most during this battle and adding on the fact that Bull, Zhong Hou, Xiao Qiang and most of them were really impressed with him, so the T-Rex egg was given to him. The other 5 eggs were split evenly between the teams——Xiao wan herself was considered a team.


Lin Xii took out the Ultimate dinosaur gene’s vial and exchanged it for all of the dinosaur’s eggs.


Most of the chocolates and sweets in his storage space was mostly gone, these dinosaur’s eggs were the perfect thing to restore his energy in times of need!


Zhong Hou’s group returned the 40000 points that they owe from the 2 vials earlier, they finally gotten enough from killing those dinosaurs and hooligans.


Lin Xii points now totaled to a whooping 118000.


He could use these points to hire a mercenary way stronger than Mai.


But thinking back to his battle with Dr Fessenden, he decided to first enhance his attributes.


Different from the battle in the forest, this time there was only one casualty: Xu Ping.


Other than her parents, there’s probably not anyone else that would shed a tear for her.


The evolutionaries were happy with their loot of recovery food and strengthening vials, adding on to their points they gotten from the battle. The soldiers and civilians too had their fill of viewing such an exciting battle.


The fight of the Titans against the Dinosaurs was something a movie could never do justice.


There’s was also those evolutionaries that showed their mysterious abilities——especially Lin Xii that activated his Ukaku and flew in the air dragging a huge dragon behind him, it was a very shocking scene.


If there’s someone that’s disappointed with the outcome.


It would be Wu Yan.


Due to him wanting to take all the bosses on his own, he broke off with the rest of the evolutionaries, got so frightened that he almost lost control of his powers from the Phantom and also getting kicked by the Ruffian. After activating his shield and started shouting crazily under his anger, he definitely pissed off everyone here.


With Lin Xii only using 4 slashes to kill of the Phantom and also killing the final boss off by himself, it’s just like he basically piss on his ‘strongest’ bloodline face.


Originally, most of the evolutionary gave him a certain level of respect.


But now, none of them would even look at him straight.


His position basically fell rock bottom!


With this kind of ending, how could Wu Yan not be pissed?


If there’s someone that he hates the most,


It would be Lin Xii.


The more Lin Xii shows his strength, the more weaker he would seemed, selfish too——this bloody bastard hid his level of strength so deeply.



What about killing him off to quench his anger?


Wu Yan really wants to, but he knows……


Someone that’s able to kill of the Phantom in 4 slashes and move with afterimages behind him, is someone that he definitely he could not stands against.


“I’m not a match for you right now, but in the future……if I grown, I will definitely pay you back for this humiliation!” Wu Yan gripped his fist so tightly that bloody started seeping.


Lin Xii’s currently laying down with his body and arms wrapped in bandages.


Blood stopping bandages that’s worth 1000 points x 3


Mai’s currently also feeding him.


A dinosaur thigh that was given by Bull was roasting on top of a fire pit, turning golden brown. Mai was nearby with her small knife, cutting off small pieces of those juicy meat and feeding it to Lin Xii.


Qing was nearby gritting her teeth.


“There’s just no way that a 3 star bloodline like you can move instantaneously fast!”


“Didn’t I already said? It’s just a slight manipulation of blood, creating more kinetic energy in me. Can’t you see that after using it, my whole body’s wreck?” Lin Xii swallowed the piece of meat as he replied, while Sui and Fi Fi is currently massaging his two legs.


The two girls cried after seeing Lin Xii came back bloodied, with both of his arms almost falling off.


Just like the other day, Lin Xii managed to convince the others that those were skills that he made up——Qing always thought that she’s the strongest on the team, even though she doesn’t make a fact of it. But her heart really cannot take the fact after witnessing Lin Xii killing the Phantom off in 4 slashes.


Lin Xii ignored her, he’s just waiting for his wounds to heal so that he could enhance his attributes with his 115000 points.


The troops stayed the night at the creek, instead of leaving……


At a forest inside the creek, Xiao Wan and Wu Yan was standing opposite of one another. The surroundings was wrecked, obvious that a battle had just occurred.


Wu Yan mask fell off, showing his scared face. His hands were trembling while his face was twisted madly.


Xiao Wan wiped the blood of the edge of her lips, 4 moving tentacles slowly retracted into her.


“A 6 star bloodline, but can’t even win against a 3 star bloodline……to be honest, I really want to label you as useless.”


“I did not win, but also did not lose!” Wu Yan shouted angrily, he then realized something, “You, your voice……you are a guy? Who are you!”


“Is it really important who am I? The fact is that my current name is Su Xiao Wan.”


Xiao Wan took out a bottle of clean water to washed her/his face and as she/he raised her/his face, her/his face changed——it wasn’t much of a difference from earlier, but there’s a distinct difference in the ‘feel’.


He still looked androgynous, but at the very least it resembles a male.


He then took off a pair of contact lenses off.


Showing a pair of black and red eyes.


“I’m a 3 star ghoul bloodline user.”


“What, you and Lin Xii, are……”


Wu Yan was shocked beyond words, this male that’s beautiful beyond belief, has the same bloodline as Lin Xii? Let’s ignore the fact whether two bloodline could be same or not, but what are the chances that there are 2 ghoul in the same city?


“Lin Xii’s not a ghoul, his ability is……very dangerous, I can’t tell what is it, but it’s definitely a high rank one!”


“The ‘ghoul’ bloodline that he uses to camouflage should come from me.” Xiao Wan said deeply.


“Could it be……”


Wu Yan thought for a moment and could not help but tremble, “He could take the abilities of others?”


“Looks like even though you are arrogant, but not dumb.”


Xiao Wan words pissed off Wu Yan, he replied coldly, “So if Lin Xii’s ability is from you, that means the both of you were in a conflict……you camouflage as a female while joining the troops, it means that you want to take revenge right?”


“Aren’t you afraid of me telling him?”


“You won’t.”


Xiao Wan face was calm, “With your personality, you definitely hate him at least 10 times more than I do. Also, there’s not much between you and me.”


Wu Yan went silent for a moment and replied, “What do you want to do?”


“I don’t really want to take revenge, even though he did almost killed me. But instead of hatred, I……admired him more, hatred is something that I don’t see a need for……”


Xiao Wan face was showing such a pitiful look, Wu Yan’s heart could not help but twinge a little.


“I obtained the ghoul’s bloodline, 3 stars. Not low, but not high either. I created some skills with my kagune, but I do not know the road for me to become strong.”


“In the anime, ghouls can see their own kind to become stronger. I do not know where to find my own kind but……Lin Xii with his Ukaku after consuming my ability, could be considered as my own kind right?”


The reds in his eyes expanded, trembling with excitement.


“Disguising as a woman, following him all the way, is to eat him! I just need, to eat him, to improve myself, to see the road in front of me!”


Saying this, Xiao Wan could not help but to stretch his blood red tongue to lick his lips. The excess saliva from the tongue trailed down.


Seeing his expression, Wu Yan felt goosebumps crawling up his skin.


“You want to kill him, I want to eat him. Let’s work together, after we reach LZ there’s a long future ahead of us……”

Wu Yan eyes flashed as he thought for a solid 5 minutes, he then gritted his teeth and replied, “Now that I witnessed your abilities, there’s no way the two of us would be weaker than him. But before we find a way to counter his speed, don’t act.”

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      • it just doesnt seem like equivalent exchange. He could just as easily eat a few full meals(or a little more i suppose) and achieve almost the same result. He gave away a massive stat boost that couldve also been used on normal humans. Literally the amount, and versatility of it definitely makes it worth boatloads more than a few eggs. He’s done a lot of things for the sake of pragmatism, constantly seeing what will be more profitable for him, whether its lying, trading or killing, this? This seems off.

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    Well anyway, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

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