FF: Chapter 65: Seismic Toss

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It is one of the most famous move that dragon uses in fantasy worlds, ‘the breath of a ice dragon’, ‘thunder breath of a dragon’, etc.

As the saying goes, when there’s an enemy, give it a breath before anything else!

But there’s definitely something weird with dinosaurs of the ancient able to shoot out ‘dinosaur’s breath’.

Dr Fessenden second form, which comprises of several strong dinosaurs’ genes and mutated into a two-headed dinosaur was able to form a fire breath.

Rather than a dinosaur, this is definitely a dragon now.

Also the breath was not a spread out fire wave type, instead it was a compressed ball of fire element that’s the size of a basketball. The fireball was so hot that it looks almost white, so unstable that it would definitely explode at the slightest contact!

A flash.

Lin Xii did not hesitated and instantly activated ‘Burst’.

In all seriousness, the fireball that the two headed dragon produced wasn’t all that fast. Lin Xii could definitely dodged it with his Ukaku, but he does not want to risk it——what if he was hit by it, who knows whether he would survive it.

Since his reserve of biological energy was still enough, Lin Xii continue to dodge the incoming fireballs and try thinking of a way to deal with the dragon.

The two headed dragon continuously spat out fireballs, eat of them flashes by with afterimages and creating a 3 meter crater in diameter. The ground of the crater was entirely scorched, showing how hot the fireball is!

Explosions rang out again and again, it was like a entire battalion of artillery was continuously firing their cannons in this small area.

Most of the trees were lit up by the residue flames of the explosions, burning vigorously.

“A large body with insane vitality, I don’t think even with my ‘Burst’ coupled with ‘Omnislash’ could kill it instantly……I reckon another full strength punch in ‘Hot Blood’ on the head should do it……”

“But with the current situation of my body, it definitely cannot handle the stress of another punch. Also there’s the fact that I could only deal with one head with my only healthy left arm.”

Lin Xii continue thinks of ways to deal with the opponent, but alas there wasn’t any ideal way of doing so.

He tried using his icy aura, but with Dr Fessenden first form already immune to it, it was even useless against his second form.

“Oh right, Shinki.”

The Frosty Moon.

As Lin Xii continues his ‘Burst’, he gripped the golden staff in his hand and started pumping icy elemental energy into it.

Out of the three icy blue crystals embedded on it, the lowest crystal started shining. Light blue particles started gathering around it and finally formed a ball, a huge icy ball that’s about 1 meter in diameter.

Icy Ball!

It was the same move that the Ice Witch used to severely injured him.

The Icy Ball shot towards the two headed dragon, but as it spat out a fireball each from its two mouth, half of the Icy Ball disappeared in the midst of the explosion. After yet another blast of two fireballs, the rest of the shattered ice sublimated into steam instantly.

Lin Xii thought about using the staff as a blunt weapon and hit the dragon with it, having a chance to activate either Icicle Fall or Meteor Summoning with it even if the blunt weapon doesn’t injured it.

But after hesitating for a couple of seconds, he decided not too.

Getting close to that thing was just too dangerous!

Fire was just too much of a counter to his Virus, just by taking a few blast of those fireballs, Lin Xii doesn’t even know how much of him would be left intact.

It’s true that he’s currently safe in his ‘Burst’ mode, but how much longer can he stay in that mode? With only a 2% chance of triggering, who knows how many time he has to hit with the staff, or maybe it wouldn’t even trigger? Betting his victory on a probability this low would be really ridiculous.

“What other ability do I have……”


Something flashed within Lin Xii’s mind.

“That could work! But I need a helper.”

He let out the Tyrant that was inside his storage space.

With the resonance that he and the Tyrant has, Lin Xii gave out an order through their linked consciousness.

After the Tyrant received the order, he held Judgement in his right hand and using his left hand to remove the chains that was wrapped around his torso——this was originally the chain that was connected to the meat hook that was snapped off——the thick chain totaled 9 meters in length.

The Tyrant started running.

At this moment, Lin Xii in his ‘Burst’ mode dashed to another direction with afterimages trailing behind him.

The two headed dragon was still after Lin Xii, other than continue chasing after Lin Xii the dragon also continue spitting fireballs.

The distance of the Tyrant and the dragon was now about 20 meters.

Even though most of the dragon hate was focus on Lin Xii, but it too cannot ignore the incoming Tyrant. Both of the heads swirled around and spat those basketball size fireballs at the Tyrant.

A magnificent rain of fire exploded in the air.


It was due to the Tyrant using his Judgement, using it to intercept the fireballs and smashing it!

The compressed fire element was originally extremely unstable, so as it collapsed the flames exploded and splashed over a huge area. Fist sized fireballs splashed everywhere like rain.

It was like a fireworks show in the middle of a summer night!

As the Tyrant was covered in the fire rain, his overcoat was immediately scorched with his skin underneath.

The black scorched skin was blistering, showing red flesh and blood underneath.

But as the explosion was not concentrated, this level of flames was not enough to take the Tyrant’s life away.

The Tyrant that rushed out of the flames did not show any signs of pain, much less crying in pain. As he runs, his body expands and those scorched flesh started flaking down.

The bones in his fingers jutted out, his whole fist become a bony claw.

After using the Judgement to smash the fireball apart, the high heat from it conducted through the metal bat and melted the flesh of his fist. The now bony claw was holding the bat barely with melted flesh to support it, while his other bony claw was tightly gripping the chain.

He closed onto the dragon.


Towards the incoming metal bat, the two headed dragon lifted up its front claw and swipe! The claws and the metal bat collided and Judgement that still had some flames on it was swipe away, carrying along a huge portion of the Tyrant flesh that was fused on it.

The strength of the Tyrant wasn’t small, at the very least he’s much stronger than Lin Xii without ‘Hot Blood’. The reason for his Judgement being swiped away was because he followed the flow and let go of it.

Taking the chance, he lashed with the chain in his left hand. The chain strike onto both of the heads of the dragon, coiling around it with the momentum that follows.

The movement of the Tyrant was swift, yet steady!

The Tyrant then jumped, using his shining bald head and striking the jaws of the 5 meters tall dragon that was about to shoot out a fireball or two. As the dragon was caught up in the explosion that was happening in its jaws, the Tyrant immediately tied a knot on the chain.

As the Tyrant landed from his jump, he was whipped by the huge tail of the dragon. The Tyrant flew far away, his collapsed chest was very visible and it makes you wonder whether was he still alive……

But his mission was complete.

The 9 meters long chain was like a deadly lasso, wrapping around underneath the throat of the two headed dragon.

Lin Xii rushed over.

His hand grabbed onto one end of the chain.

He exited ‘Burst’, starting converting his biological energy into RC cells instead. Large amount of it started bursting from his shoulder blades, forming a moving red Ukaku.

“So heavy!”

Lin Xii with his Ukaku grabbed onto the chain and flew into the sky. But, he realized he couldn’t lift the two headed dragon up.

“Well, looks like going full blast is the only way left!”

The blood wings on his back suddenly exploded in intensity. Lin Xii pushed the thrust of the wings to its limits, pulling the chain and doing all he can to lift the dragon up into the sky.

His body was almost parallel to the ground, the thrusting Ukaku blew the ground up and creating clouds of dust.

The two headed dragon wanted to use its front claws on Lin Xii, but alas it couldn’t reach him. It then wanted to blast some fireballs, but the chain that’s strangling its neck prevented it from inhaling any oxygen for fuel.

As the two headed dragon was lifted up from the ground, it couldn’t even brace itself on the ground to struggle.

Now, the chain wasn’t grabbed by Lin Xii’s hand, instead it was wrapped around his arms and shoulders. Even if the thrust by the Ukaku was enough to lift the dragon up, but his body wasn’t tough even to sustain it; his arms and shoulders were in a lot of stress.

As he was flying, snapping sounds rang out continuously. It was the sound of his tendons snapping one by one from the weight.

The flesh on the shoulder connecting the arm to the torso was slowly ripping apart.

“A little more……”

Lin Xii gritted his teeth and continue flying upwards. To get rid of this damn dragon, the minimum height he needed to drop him is at least hundreds of meters in the air——so that when it drops, the weight of of the dragon would be enough to kill itself as it smashes onto the ground.

“Look at the sky!”

Those that was at a distance from the mountain was stunned at what they saw. They witnessed Lin Xii with long streaks of red light trailing behind him, carrying a huge two headed dragon and shot up like a rocket!

Finally, as Lin Xii finally couldn’t take it anymore, his arms was just hanging by a thread with large amount of veins and tendons snapped. If he continues any longer, his arms would just be ripped off.

“Enjoy skydiving! See ya.”

The 4 bloodshot eyes of the dragon was filled with madness, it flailed its claws around frantically, trying to grab onto something in the air. But it fell, fell with 10 or more tons of weight into the ground with gravity doing its work.


The two headed dragon that slammed into the ground from an insane amount of height was instantly turned into pulp. The huge impact pushes all of the blood out of its body, creating a lovely bloody flower pattern around it.

“En……looks like this really works again large sized monster, let’s call this move……uh……seismic toss!”

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  1. “More of a dinosaur, this is definitely a dragon now.”
    first part of the sentence doesnt make sense, it’d be better if it was something along the lines of..
    “Rather than a dinosaur, this is definitely a dragon now.” The phrase almost seemed like it was built to say that.

  2. Sorry that move busted all your Sp so you got to go to the Center for replenishment and health lol.
    Well, thank hou for this chapter! 🙂

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