FF: Chapter 64: A Serious Punch

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A Serious Punch


Biological energy, is the source that powers all of Lin Xii’s moves.


The most important thing to him isn’t attributes or equipment’s, but the upper limit to his Biological energy.


So how could he raise that limit?


By consuming and evolving!


Previously after he had consumed the Ghoul’s DNA and raising his cell’s rate of activity, the limit of how much energy he could store increased drastically.


But of course there’s risks involve in consuming and evolving.


First, if the genes are inferior to his current ones, his future potential will definitely degrade.


For example, there’s the Leech Virus that originated from the Progenitor Virus. If Lin Xii really follows that example and consume a leeches’ DNA, most likely all of his current ability like the Ukaku would be lost.


Second, if the genes that he choose to consume was vastly different from a human’s DNA; or consuming genes from a living being that’s so much stronger than him, there’s a high probability that his genes would collapse and breakdown in the consuming process and lead to his death.


G Virus was another virus that also stem from the Progenitor Virus that advocates ‘Unlimited evolving potential’. Dr William that was infected with it engulfed one too many types of genes and end up becoming a blob of disgusting meat monster.


Other than consuming and evolving, Lin Xii also can increase his energy capacity after using it to its fullest and allowing it to recover, just like working out a person’s muscles.


Now Lin Xii capacity already could store twice as much when compared to the him at the very start!


‘Burst’ and ‘Hot Blood’ could be sustained for a total of 1 minute now——of course, if he doesn’t care about the consequences of overusing the energies in his cells, he could extend that time for another ten or so seconds.


These two are the trump cards that could overturn the tables when he’s in a pinch.


Other than cruelty in his eyes, Dr Fessenden was slightly more wary than before.


Lin Xii with his shining red skin felt……flaming hot, berserk-ed……the red flames that shone within his eyes gave Dr Fessenden a slightly dangerous feel.




The huge dinosaur man let out a roar and rushed towards Lin Xii. The speed of the rush was immense, just one step would cover more than 10 meters; with just 5 or 6 steps, he had rushed to the front of the young man. As he rushed, the muscles on him trembled, signifying him gathering up his strength.


He raised his front claws, but instead of swiping with it he curled it up and formed a fist that came crashing down onto Lin Xii.


The reason that he did this was because the muscle strength of him punching downwards was much more stronger than him just swiping.


He’s much, much heavier too!


Because of the immense build of the Dinosaur Man with him being 2.4 meters when compared to Lin Xii’s 1.6 meters tall, the fist came slamming down onto Lin Xii’s skull.


Instead of dodging, Lin Xii too raised his fist and slammed onto the incoming fist!


As both of their fists collided, a sound that resembles the roaring of a thunderbolt came from the place that both fists met.


It was like time had stopped during that moment.


At the very next second, the ground underneath them gave in and sank a total of half a metes. Crumbles of the ground at the edge of the crater came flying out, some flew away and some floated in the air like there was no gravity in place.




A huge shockwave stem from the colliding fist, bursting out and turn those floating pieces of soil into dust. The shockwave spread and shook the leaves of trees that was about nearby.


Dr Fessenden felt his mutated body numbed as it trembled from the aftershock, he just couldn’t believe a human that looked so small had such immense strength!


As a scientist, he really thinks that——


This is not scientific!


Lin Xii too did not felt good after that punch, the shockwave blew his hair about and the the sharp gust of wind hurt his face.


The skin on his fist broke, the flesh on it was mushed and bones was almost visible.


But Lin Xii took the upper hand in this colliding of fists, this was because of he managed to stabilized his body first and absorbed the shock of the collision. Even if he took slightly more damage than his opponent due to the difference in their physique.


He deeply took a breath.


The oxygen was the fuel for his body. It continue to acts as a catalyst for the conversion of his biological energy to heat energy. His blood pumped faster and faster, not even his 10 times enhanced physique could stop the berserking hot blood!


Small droplets of blood started to seeped out from his body.


With all that in his body, how strong would a punch be?


So he punch.



The surrounding area around his fist was blurred, this was from the heatwave that resulted from his fist and the air around it.


The Dinosaur Man let out a angered roar and only managed to lift his right claw to block the punch.


The crater deepens yet again, cracks form so much more underneath them that it looked like a spiderweb. Admits the loud sound that resulting from yet another collision, a bone snapping sound rang out.


The punch sent the Dinosaur Man that was not stood in a stable position flying!


After flying in the air for 15 meters straight, he crashed into a tree and finally stopped. The huge tree snapped from the impact and slowly fell backwards.


“Impossible, a human with such strength! I had already gathered up the genes of all the most terrifying dinosaurs of ancient times……why would a human be stronger than me!”


Dr Fessenden crawled up, a limb hung limply. The bones in that limb was most likely totally shattered from blocking that punch.


Dark red with a hint of green blood dripped from the dinosaur man’s mouth. He’s furious and shocked at the same time, that punch had not only shattered his limb, but also gave him internal bleeding from his injured organs!


Pain showed on Lin Xii’s face, his arm could not take the force of swinging out that punch and cracks appeared on the bones of his arm.


“Even though my strength is stronger than my opponent, but my physique cannot handle it……I really need to enhance my stats after this battle……”


As he bite on his jaw, Lin Xii made a decision.


“Worst come to worst it’s just my entire arm getting trashed. I’m betting my entire arm on this punch, using my fullest on this punch and it has to hit onto his vital point!”


Lin Xii started running, although his movement wasn’t earth trembling like the Dinosaur Man, but it was fast.


The running footsteps could not cover the sound of his thumping heart that was like a huge drum, it too could not cover the sound of his blood pumping like the waves on the beach——as he ran, more and more droplets of blood covered his body, covering him in blood.


“Take. This. One. Serious. Punch!”


The muscles on Dr Fessenden face twitched, he felt a strong sense of danger from his punch. He lift up his healthy arm to block the punch, but Lin Xii suddenly jumped.


It was too sudden a change of movement, and there was no time to react. The punch was targeted at……


The Temple!


As Lin Xii landed on his target, he heard a sound similar to watermelon that was smashed apart.


Dr Fessenden was slammed away to the left, as he flew in the air, large amount of blood came bursting out from all of his orifices.


“Alright, battle’s over——even if that did not shattered your skull, the shockwave from that punch should be enough to turn your brain into soup.”


Lin Xii stopped ‘Hot Blooded’ and wheezed wearily.


For this one-hit-kill, he punched to his strength’s limit——no, over the limit! It was so much more than what his body could take, not taking his skin and veins into account, even small cracks appeared on his heart. The arm that swung the punch was totally trashed.


The bones on that arm and fist was totally shattered, it’s only in one piece due to the skins and tissues that are barely hanging in place.


If it was any other evolutionary they would be crying, but Lin Xii wasn’t worry——even though it really hurts——the regenerative powers of the Progenitor Virus was enough to heal it thoroughly after a good night sleep.


As for his opponent……


Dr Fessenden has a second form in the game, but Lin Xii doesn’t thinks that he still could go into that form. He’s confident that with his brains turn into a soupy mess it was enough to kill him.


As he’s about to head over to grab the drops of a world’s Final Boss, Lin Xii’s eyelids twitched.


Dr Fessenden that laid sprawling on the ground did not turn into light particles. Instead his body started swelling like the G Virus when it mutates, the whole body was covered into sticky flesh, green skin and blood.


“This is not scientific! How is he still alive when he’s brain dead?”


After the glob of meat stabilized and finally formed a shape, it really was the second form of the dinosaur man in the game. His originally green skin turned red just like the titans with their exposed muscles, his physique expanded several times their original size with his height reaching above 5 meters!


The red dinosaur that resemble to a reptile with their skin skinned off, possessed three heads!


Both heads at the side was a huge dinosaur head, eyes bloodshot with sharp fangs. Its eyes let out a ferocious, mad gleam; it seemed like it would turn someone cold with just a glare——just like 2 dinosaurs about to pounce and devour you!


The two dinosaur head was a chance that came with the mutation, it’s devoid of any intelligence with only bloodlust as its instinct.


At the middle of the dinosaur’s chest, was half a person. The man was covered in flesh, with his lower half buried in the monster’s chest. It was Dr Fessenden!


But Dr Fessenden’s head was hung sideways, with saliva dripping from his opened mouth. He clearly turned retarded.


Without any intelligence controlling the dinosaur, instead of becoming weaker it became stronger!


This was due to the lack of ‘human restrain’ that was holding it back. The two headed dinosaur could now utilize its full potential that dinosaur during the ancient times had, which is battling with only their instinct!


The 4 bloodshot eyes scanned around and spotted Lin Xii that wasn’t far away. The two mouths open and fire started gurgling from within their maws.

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