Cut&Paste: Chapter 127 – The World Tree’s role

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Together with Waffle, we were now running at full speed within the highway.

Pasting as much Body Strengthening Skills on our body as we could, we could run faster than a carriage, and with that constant high speed we ran along the highway road.


……Oh and by the way, Waffle had 【Paste】 at the back of me.


Before we departed…..


『I, will stick on Myne’s back when we go~』

Waffle who doesn’t have that many Body Strengthening Skills on his body declared as such.


『EEh!? Why? Doesn’t Waffle want to run fast as well?』


Even though he’s small, Waffle’s still a Divine Beast.

Even without the skills, I’m sure he could run as fast if not faster than me…..


『But but, we’re going to a ve~ery far place, I’ll be very tired, I’m, still a kid you know~』


…..In the end, I regarded him as a child as he claimed to be, and decided to paste him on my back as he wished.

Running at full speed with Waffle on my back, in order to not let him slip away from my back, as you can see I used 【Paste】 on him on my back.


『I find that the Dungeon of the World Tree is an interesting place.』


Just now, the person that was telepathically speaking with me was Fenrir-sama.

Waffle seemed to have contacted her about this trip, and thus Fenrir-sama decided to send a telepathic message to me.


And the first word that she said was this.


Interesting as in…..what did she meant by that?

It’s best to ask obediently!


『What do you mean by interesting?』


『Let’s see…..First off, do you know anything about the World Tree -Yggdrasil-?』


『…..Other than it’s a divine tree that was bestowed by the Gods, I have absolutely no idea.』


Now that I thought about it, I did not ask Amy-san for any details.


『S you knew that is was what God brought to earth?

Aah, so that High Elf girl told you about it?

…..About that, the World Tree is something that supplies magic to all of this world.』


Supplies magic…..what does that mean?


『Living beings of this world absorbs magic contained in the air and that’s how they live.

If for some reason they could not absorb these magic, they would never be able to use a single Skill or Ability anymore.

Usually, the energy and Skill that you used are all thanks to the World Tree.

In other words, the World Tree is what made Demons exist in this world.』


! ! !


Eh? Which meant if the World Tree is gone, then we would not be able to use Skills anymore? !

If that ever happens, everyone around the world would be in big trouble.


Eh! ? This meant?

That King Wills, what he tried to do was……


『The, Then…..because of that King who attacked the elf’s country…..something terrible happened?』


『Aah, that’s right, just as Myne said.

If someone tries to bring harm to the World Tree, it means that us Divine Beast had to make a trip to solve the issue.

At that time, Ymir was the only one available so…..

If Jormungandr and I went instead, something like the elf country being destroyed wouldn’t have happened.』


…..Ah, oh my.

A lot of stuff was connected…..


The elf’s race circumstances were just too sad.


『Myne, listen now. The World Tree-Yggdrasil- is something you must absolutely protect at all cost.

You better tell the King that is now your relative.』


『…..I understand, does everyone know about this?』


『No, they don’t.

To begin with, you’re the first one to tie a bond with us Divine Beasts.

We never had a chance to tell someone.

If that elf girl did not come to your place, then we would’ve never had this conversation to begin with.』


I better hurry up and tell King-sama once I return from this trip.

If they know about the truth, maybe the humans that wants the World Tree would eventually dissipate.


『At the moment, 1 Divine Beast is currently residing in the World Tree.

Just like me, with their children.

I’ve already told them that you’re coming over.』


…..Ah, that was dangerous!

If I who had no idea about the World Tree were to get close to the World Tree, I might have to fight with a Divine Beast.


Was that the reason why Waffle went ahead and contacted Fenrir-sama beforehand?


As I was thinking as such, Waffle who was on my back went 「Wafu?」 as he tilted his head at an angle while wagging his tail.


『What, it’s nothing to worry about.

Because we have the most gentle heart within us, ‘Ku ku ku~’.』


Really now, you saying that really made me worried even more……

Exactly what Divine Beast resides in the World Tree.


If it’s a gentle person, I don’t think it’s Hel-sama…..

I give up, I have no idea who it would be.


『Aah, and also, Myne.

I’m sorry but for the World tree, can you ask the High Elf girl to tag along too.

Ymir said he wants to apologize.』


Heh? A Divine Beast wants to apologize face to face with Amy-san….. Is there such a thing?

Maybe he knew I was strangely thinking of something, Waffle immediately told me.


『…..Wafu, Ymir Oji-chan, was thoroughly scolded by Kaa-san.』


…..Aaah, so that’s what happened.

I feel like I missed something important.


Amy-san, even when meeting Waffle who was a Divine Beast for the first time, she was already trembling in fear…..


If she were to meet with Ymir-sama, I wonder what might happen…..

I can’t imagine it…..


It might even be stronger.


『I got a feeling Amy-san might be too scared to face with Ymir-sama….Are you sure it’s alright for them to meet up?』


『…..Hmm, it can’t be help.

Then, stop by my place first, then I’ll follow you.』


……The Divine Beasts have increased to 2, won’t that make her even afraid than before?

If the Divine Beast who resides in the World Tree were to tag along too, there would be a total of 3 of them.


Won’t it be too hard on her…..


『It’s alright, isn’t she already quite used to my son?

If that’s the case, I don’t think she would be that afraid of me.』


Well, if that’s what Fenrir-sama said…..


『I understand, could you give me some time in trying to calm her down before that?』


『Aah, I don’t mind.』


…..Hm? Eh? Didn’t the main subject changed along the conversation?


『Fenrir-sama, so what exactly is “interesting” about the World Tree?』


Alright, let’s get back to the main topic.

I wonder how our topic get side tracked so far.


『Aah right, sorry for getting side track.

So speaking of the World Tree, the density of magic inside it is amazing.

In a place with such high density of magic, the Demons would be plenty and also different.

So yeah, go and take their unusual Skills.

It’s haven for you I assume.』


『I wonder what Skills I would get?』


『If you’re interested, why not just head in and find out.

It’s much more fun to experience it then just telling you.』


U~un, it’s making me even more curious.

I wonder what sort of unusual Skills Fenrir-sama said.


It must be some amazing Skills I presume.


I was afraid of the Divine Beast residing in the World Tree but…..

Let’s hurry up and go! Yeap, I’m having fun!


Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Please take care of me from now onwards.

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