Cut&Paste: Chapter 126 – Aim for an unknown dungeon

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After getting off from the bath, Waffle sat on my head with a happy mood, and we went to the living room.


「Danna-sama, welcome home.」


Sylphy knew that I returned, as she called out my name.


「Un, I’m back!」


It seemed that Aisha and Amy-san were still busy preparing dinner.


「It feels like, Waffle is strangely happy for some reason…..」


「Yeah, he happily explained to me various methods to improve the bath.

Waffle was the one who proposed the idea…..and it was felt pretty good!」


「Heh, that’s something to look forward to later!」


I wonder if they heard of our conversation, while holding the finished dishes, Aisha called out to us from within.


「Would the bath be even better than before!?」


It seemed that Amy-san was extremely interested in the newly edited bathroom.


「For now, let’s talk about the bathroom afterwards, it’s time to eat.」


With one sentence from Aisha, Sylphy and I both went ahead and help served the dishes.

Soon after the arrangements were completed and the usual hours of family and fun started.


「…..Ohh, so it’s a method to not let the water temperature cool down. As what Danna-sama said, truly a wonderful thing to be had!」


As predicted, the idea of Waffle to change some stuff for the bathroom had a good impression towards everyone.

Well, our family all love taking baths, so it was an expected result.


After all the excitement with the bath story, Sylphy faced towards me and Waffle.


「If you have already taken a bath, it means that you’ve came back slightly early, right?

…..Did something troubling happened today?」


Aah, that’s right! Now that she mentioned, I had something to discuss with the both of them.

Because of the bathroom, I’ve completely forgotten about it.


Dangerous, dangerous…..


「No, we were hunting Slimes all day, but Waffle and I got bored of it pretty soon.

Should we go to some other place to hunt? Was what I wanted to ask…..

The places that I could go are limited, and thinking of where I could go, I thought that discussing with the both of you was better.」


I talked about the story of when we’re hunting Slimes.


「…….I see, if that’s the case why not descend further down into the Labyrinth Dungeon of Power?

If it’s Danna-sama and Waffle, I’m sure the both of you could reach the deepest depths of the dungeon?」


I see… I expected, the Dungeon of Power was the better option?

It’s true that if Waffle and I used our entire strength, we might make it to the deepest depths of the dungeon.


And speaking of the last floor, I could even get more amazing Skills than the ones I have right now.

Alright, in that case let’s go to the Dungeon of Power…..


「Wait just a moment, Myne-kun.」


While placing the Dungeon of Power as my next objective, Aisha suddenly came and put a stop to it.

What’s the matter? It was rare of Aisha to do that.


Don’t tell me that she wants to object me from going to the Dungeon of Power?


「Hey, since you have the time right now, why not increase the place where you can go?

Myne-kun has the 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】, which can only go to where you’ve been before right?

If that’s the case, why not expand the range in which you can travel, wouldn’t it be easier for the Clan to do full scale activities in the future?」


Aah, I see! It’s true, why haven’t I thought of that before.

Going to different towns or labyrinth Dungeon, if I travel around more especially when I have nothing to do right now, it would definitely come in handy when the time comes.


The Claude incident the other day.


If the place where the Dragon’s baby was caught was a town other than Adol, I won’t know whether I could solve it that smoothly.

It was no doubt that the incident was settled only because I’ve been to Adol once and could go there.


……The merit of being able to move long distances in a second.

I thought that this was a really huge deal.


In a sense, this idea of Aisha may be more important than conquering the Dungeon of Power.


「……I see, this might be good!」


「Fumu, as expected of Aisha. You have a solid point.」


Both Sylphy and I agreed to Aisha’s proposal and decided to increase the number of places we could go until the Clan House is completed.

Though, it was easy to simply say, increase the number of places to go, but where should I go first?


「….So, where should I go first?」


As I asked, Aisha and Sylphy both crossed their arms and thought in silence.

Then, Amy-san who was silently listening to our conversation, suddenly interrupted the conversation.


「Uhmm, I have a question from a while ago…..but what is this 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】?」


Aah, I see.

I did not tell Amy-san about my skills.


How should I deceive her.


『Myne-kun, Princess, I’ll talk to her so don’t worry about it.』


Aisha spoke to us using telepathy.


「About Myne-kun’s skill, it’s a skill where you can go to anywhere you want so as long you’ve been there before.」




Aah, I get it.


Instead of speaking of the 【Cut&Paste】 skill, she only spoke of the 【Unique Magic・Spacetime】.

With that, I guess we can trick her with that as well.


As expected of Aisha.


「Etto…..if you like, how about going to the Labyrinth of the Sky and the Labyrinth of the World Tree, would you put those as your candidates?」


Nn? The names of unfamiliar labyrinth popped up?


If we’re talking about a labyrinth, as for the Labyrinth of Power, you will surely be able to get a variety of skills and items.


If I could go to those places, I think it would be useful.


…..Though, not just me, it seemed that Aisha and Sylphy have not heard of these names before.

All of us had a strange look as we turned and looked at Amy-san.


「I’m sorry, Amy.

It’s the names of the 2 labyrinth, but I have never heard of it before.

What sort of labyrinths are those?」


「……Both labyrinths are in the old elf territory.」


Ooh, the old elf territory.

That is, the home of Amy-san!


In that case, if we were to go to those 2 labyrinths, it means that Amy-san will be able to go home anytime she wants?


Well then, maybe we should head to these 2 labyrinths then?


「Only the Elf race knows of the existence of the Labyrinth of the World Tree, an unknown labyrinth, so to speak.

The World Tree Yggdrasil that was given by the Gods, and under the influence of it, a labyrinth was born, it is different from the other labyrinths.」


In the first place, a labyrinth is a place where demons set up a huge manastone in a space of a certain size which is how it’s born.


However, the labyrinth of the World Tree that Amy-san mentioned is said to be a labyrinth created by the World Tree.

She mentioned that monsters different from the ordinary ecosystems would roam inside the special labyrinth which was influenced by the World Tree.


Yeap, I feel that I could get some unique skills there!

It’s decided! Let’s head to the destination of the Labyrinth of the World Tree first!

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Please take care of me from now onwards.


TLN Note:

Gosh the amount of Labyrinths and World Tree this chapter has, driving me nuts just typing the word labyrinth.

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