Level 1 Guy: Chapter 148 – The Strongest Magician

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Selen Dungeon, 7th floor.

Snowing inside the uninhabited dungeon, a horse was straddling with a peculiar face.

It wasn’t just any horse, there were 2 horns protruding out of it’s head, and that horse is the worse monster of this dungeon.


A Dungeon Master polluting the very purity of its surrounding, the Bicorn.


The Bicorn was walking nonchalantly as it activates an aura that degrades one abilities if within that radius.


And Alice and I finally found that Bicorn while we were dungeon crawling from the first floor till the 7th floor.


[It’s right there, it’s such a pain to locate it.] (Alice)

[A Dungeon Master that corrodes the purity of the dungeon floors. Can’t make any huge moves on it either.] (Ryouta)

[When I tried chasing after it, it just hop to a different floor.] (Alice)


The surprising limit of the Teleportation Room was revealed.

If there’s something you want on a floor, you can just teleport there, but opponent such as a Dungeon Master, you’ll have to know exactly which floor it resides before using it.

We had to teleport to the first floor, and slowly descend till the 7th floor where we finally caught up with the Bicorn.


The Bicorn noticed our presence. With angry eyes, it stared at us.


[It looks angry.] (Alice)

[Well of course, there were already adventurers challenging it and failed.] (Ryouta)


It reminded me of the sudden request that was sent by the Dungeon Association Chief.

A Dungeon Master has been spotted inside Selen Dungeon. The first batch of adventurers were sent to exterminate it but failed and came back.

If the Dungeon Master was prolonged, it would have an adverse affect on the production and ecosystem of the dungeon, so it is desired to hasten the extermination as soon as possible.


[Let’s hurry and defeat it immediately.] (Ryouta)

[I’ll go then.] (Alice)

[If you think it’s too dangerous, immediately retreat.] (Ryouta)

[No prob no prob, just leave it to us~] (Alice)


While talking face-to-face, she had both of her hands with a peace sign on her forehead before heading towards the Bicorn.


[Firstly, the small ones. Boney-chan, Jumpy-san, Bon-bon, and Toge-chan~] (Alice)


Calling out their names, she summoned her fellow monster friends.

The 4 doll sized monsters hopped out of her back, and returning to their original deformed size, attacked the Bicorn.

The Skeleton Boney-chan and the Slime Jumpy-san were the vanguard, and the little devil Bon-bon was at the back firing magic, and lastly the Needle Lizard Toge-chan was beside Bon-bon firing needles as a supporter.


2 Vanguard and 2 rearguard, an orthodox but balanced party.

Their cooperation were great too, most monsters would not stand a chance against them.


However, the enemy right now was the Bicorn. A Dungeon Master.

With an ability [The one who sullies purity]  to decrease the opponents abilities, the Bicorn kicked the 4 of them with its horns and hind leg.


Even with the 4 of them, they still could not beat the Bicorn up, instead it was even more of a challenge, as the difference in ability was apparent.


[As I thought, it’s impossible. Can’t be help, time to use my trump card!] (Alice)


Alice raised both her hands up, as if energy surging from within her body with a [Gu Gu Gu] effect, and a [Bam!] sound was heard.


[Ryo-chan!] (Alice)


Alice’s summoning magic. The space was split open, and within it a person wearing a department store like costume came out.

Well, the costume was me alright. The me but deformed, it had a sort of charm and cuteness.


[Go get ‘em Ryo-chan~] (Alice)


Without a word, Ryo-chan ran straight towards the Bicorn.

With the revolver—–not, he used his fist first.


Using magic, he held his hand and immediately lighting struck the Bicorn.

Thunder magic, Lighting.

A roar was heard and the lighting was discharge, but it did not have any effect against the Bicorn.

It’s 2 horns shine and around the Bicorn was surrounded with a spherical barrier, which deflected the lighting.


[That’s how it is.] (Ryouta)


I mumbled, as a beginner magic Lighting, couldn’t possibly penetrate it’s barrier.

Though, the Lighting that was used was kinda huge.

Before facing the Dungeon Master, I used several Magic Fruits and one of the magic that I learned was Lighting, and Ryo-chan used that on the Bicorn.


Ryo-chan strength doesn’t stay stagnant the moment she learned the magic, but the strength was based on how strong I am in real time, which meant that as I grow stronger, it does too.




I clenched my fist and chanted, with the same magic fired towards the Bicorn, the same thing happened with the barrier deflecting it.


[Ryouta! Today’s my time to shine!] (Alice)

[Gotcha gotcha.] (Ryouta)


Alice was angry as I apologized.

I was testing something.

The power I released was the same as that of Ryo-chan, and even when Ryo-chan didn’t exist, it had the same firepower.


Using the Portable K-I-A board to confirm the ability, nothing has decreased.


When Alice summoned Ryo-chan, it seemed that there were zero demerits to it.

It was as if a summoning magic with nothing but merits.


Well, speaking of a demerit.


[Ryo-chan, use Repetition.] (Alice)


Ryo-chan clenched his fist and used the magic.

Repetition is a magic that defeats an opponent instantly so long as you’ve defeated that opponent once before.

Previously, I had already defeated the Bicorn before so it should’ve worked.


Even when Repetition was used, the Bicorn was totally fine.


[So it doesn’t work huh.] (Alice)


Alice seemed to have expected it.

Though Ryouta have defeated it before but Ryo-chan has not, it was probably as such.


The battle continues.

Although Ryo-chan was wearing a costume, he tried to trick the Bicorn by using it’s super speed which was faster than the wind.

Same speed as I have, a Speed of SS.

It had a speed capable of surpassing the Bicorn’s speed.


While firing normal bullets, he rushed and grabbed the Bicorn’s neck.

Then he fired bullets from a close range—–and the 2 horns made a crack sound.


[Now’s the time! Boney-chan, Jumpy-san, Bon-bon, and Toge-chan.] (Alice)


The horns broke, and the barrier disappeared.

The 4 monsters rejoined the game under Alice’s commands.


Together with Ryo-chan, the 4 monsters partnered up and beat the shit out of the Bicorn.


It was an interesting sight to watch, felt just like a game.

It felt like a team of SD characters that was deformed, and in a 2D game fighting in an RPG-esque setting.


Though the ability boils down to one person, Ryo-chan was the leader, and the 5 of them would beat the Bicorn.

The Bicorn fell, and struggled as it could not get back up.

The monsters swarmed it and beat it to a pulp.

I sort of sympathized with the Bicorn.


[Oh no, this is bad.] (Alice)


Alice suddenly said so, as she knew what she had to do.


[I do not have much time! Ryo-chan quickly deal the final blow!] (Alice)


By Alice’s order, Ryo-chan stuck 2 revolvers out at the same time.

The left Flame bullet, and the right Freezing bullet.

Firing Annihilation Bullets repeatedly.


And with that, Pan!, everything started disappearing.

Everything that was there from the beginning started to disappear.


The Bicorn desperately tried to dodge the barrage of bullets out of fear.


[Nice one everyone!] (Alice)


The remaining 4 kept the Bicorn still, making it impossible to escape.


The Bicorn being hit by the Annihilation bullets, pierced it’s body and disappeared in the same manner.


[Aah, it was impossible to see the drop’s timing.] (Alice)


Alice looked sad. Another difference found between Ryouta and Ryo-chan.

The ability of this world made it possible to copy my abilities to Ryo-chan, but something outside of that—–especially my S Drops, it couldn’t copy those.


With the summoning time barely outlast the battle, Alice couldn’t get a drop.


[Well, at least you defeated it.] (Ryouta)

[Yeap! Thanks to Ryouta~] (Alice)


With that we have safely fulfilled the request, Alice who defeated the Dungeon Master which stopped all the dungeon’s drop from producing.


Having a family with 2 person to solo a Dungeon Master, news quickly spread.

The Ryouta Family has became more famous because of that.

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