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Today, Waffle and I had our custom(?) Slime hunting.


Before the Clan house is complete, I want to avoid going out with the entire family as much as possible considering Amy-san’s safety.

…….That’s what I said, but spending the time lazing around at home all day made me feel uncomfortable.


Having a trusted family, it was easy to take a rest at home.

Until the Clan house is complete,  I won’t change the policy of a chilled life, but it was good to move our bodies once in a while.


Thus I discussed with my wives, and decided that in the morning I was gonna go around a variety of places by myself to gather some skills.

If Waffle’s with me, then he would be able to deal with most enemies, as long as it’s not a strong one.


With that agreed upon, we went out to continue hunting for Slimes, though it was little by little, I still stocked the 【10 times EXP】 and 【Concealment】.


If our Clan gets more active in the future, the number of Clan members will naturally increase.

Though less, Airy was supposed to join too.


…..Still, no contact has been made as of right now, perhaps she could not persuade King-sama.


To me, besides Airy and the rest of the royal family who received the 【Contract of the Divine Beast】, I would like to secretly paste 【10 times EXP】 to their statuses too.

Even if they’re not conscious of the skill, it would invoke by itself.


I’m sure that the royal family would be exposed to various evil intentions.

I thought that it was okay to get stronger with this skill, even if it was just a little bit, and using that to not lose against such evil intentions.


『Waffle, should we go home soon?』


『Myne~, I, am bored. I want to go to somewhere else~! Gao~!』


……Certainly, I was also getting bored as well.

I wonder how many Slimes I’ve defeated so far.


The amount of Slime Oil was also ridiculous…..

Using 【Alchemy】 to make materials out of it, I wonder if I could make something useful?


It might be nice to talk to Onii-san about Alchemist again next time!


But, another place huh…..

Was it possible to go to “Labyrinth『Dungeon』 of Power” or the “Forest of the Divine Beast” now?


Aah, I wonder if I could go to “Labyrinth『Dungeon』 of Prison” too.

However, my level for Appraisal has not risen……..


『For now, go back~, and head to the bathroom~』


That’s true, might as well go back and have a talk with Aisha and Sylphy first.




「Eh? Myne-kun, isn’t it early for you to come back?」


Aisha who saw us coming home a little earlier, cried out.


「Yeah, we were hunting Slimes for awhile….then we got bored.

Waffle was starting to get bored too, so we came back for now……」


When she heard my reply, Aisha replied with 「Ah, I see.」 nodded, while realizing why.


「What do you wanna do? It’s a little early but we can have dinner?」


「I wanna go and have a bath first before eating, Waffle did say he wanted to enter right now.」


「I got it! Well, I will prepare the dishes so you could eat it as soon as you come out of the bath!」


I was sent off by Aisha, and I followed Waffle towards the bath.


『Waffle, wait for the water to boil okay.』




Waffle climbed up to my head and looked at me working on the bath carefully.


Waffle who watched me do the usual procedure to heat up the bathtub suddenly shouted 『Wafu!』 and jumped off my head.


『Eh! ? What’s wrong Waffle?』


『Myne~, I have something, that I just remembered!』


I tried asking what Waffle remembered…..

My word, I can’t believe for the sake of bath, he thought of something, I’m impressed.


For now I was placing the 『Constant: Water』 and {Constant: Heat』 stones separately to make hot water.

With this method though, the temperature would cool down while bathing.


Except for Amy-san, our family would go in together often, so I never really mind about the water’s temperature.

Everyone within my family loves to bath, including me of course, but Waffle love the warmth of the bath.


Waffle would always enter with Amy-san, afterwards only the rest joined.

Sometimes the order would be reversed.


In other words, we were taking baths twice as long as them.

For Waffle, it seemed that he didn’t like that the hot water would cool down.


And, what Waffle thought of was how to solve it.


…..And that method was.


【Constant: Water】 【Constant: Heat】 was pasted to one stone, which was to make hot water from the beginning and to keep it running.


Indeed, with this we can keep the temperature hot all the time.

It was a luxury that could be done as there would always be 【Constant: Water】 which springs out water infinitely.


「Waffle really does love bath huh…..」


Immediately thinking of the skill allocation to make hot water from the beginning.

If we don’t strengthen the heat, it would not warm up the moment the water gushes out.


First, attaching 3 【Constant: Heat】, then paste 1 【Constant: Water】.


Phew, it’s warm, but it’s still low if you were to say it’s a bath.


Next, add another 2 【Constant: Heat】.


Probably, it would get to a nice temperature, but the heat would be too strong that it would start evaporating, the amount of water gushing out would be considerably less.


Then, let’s double each.


…..Uuuun, I guess it’s a bit too hot this time?

This is, quite difficult to allocate.


『Myne, Myne, a little more, hot please, it feels good!』


If Waffle says so……let’s try it out then.


With then, we finally started bathing.


Isn’t it too hot at the beginning? Was what I thought, but as time went on my body gotten used to it and it felt comfortable.





While floating on his back and paddling, using his tail to steer, Waffle was enjoying the bath to the fullest.

While looking at that figure, I thought it was good that I changed it.

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

Please take care of me from now on as well.


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