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Morning, the garden outside of the mansion.

Our whole team assembled, and were surrounding Alice in a circle.


[What sort of magic did you learn?] (Celeste)


Celeste was the first to ask as always. Her usual calm and cool expression was there, but her eyes were showing otherwise, as her eyes were sparkling with anticipation. This was normal because she is a magician after all.


[All Might, is the name of the magic.] (Alice) (HUH? Boku no hero academia too much? Author-san)

[All Might…..I’ve never heard of it before.] (Celeste)


The family’s number 1 Brainy?Intellectual Celeste was tilting her head.


[All Might huh…..] (Ryouta)

[Does Yoda-san know it nodesu?] (Emily)

[Based on the words alone, I guess it’s something to do with almighty or perfect or invincible? It seems like a title that resembles that of a God.] (Ryouta)


Recently, that phrase would also appear in a Hero’s name.


[Basically carrots.] (Eve)

[I knew you were gonna say that.] (Ryouta)

[Knew you were going to say that, you know.] (Celeste)

[Knew you were going to say that nodesu.] (Emily)


Eve’s stupid (though it’s not) remarks were all ‘tsukkomi-ed’(retorted) by everyone.


[If that were true, then this magic must be incredible. I wonder what it does.]


After Elza had eyes of expectation, Alice’s next sentence made it even stronger.


[The magic can only be used once per day.] (Alice)

[If there’s a restriction to it then……It must be rather powerful.] (Elza)

[Speaking a restriction, Ryouta’s Repetition is also under that too.] (Celeste)

[It instantly kills an enemy, so yeah.] (Ryouta)


Though it does zero damage to an enemy that I’ve never defeated before, but if I had, then it would instantly kill it, that was the [restriction].

The powerful it is, the more restriction is has, I can understand that feeling.

All Might, once per day, playing such a long game of roulette finally paid off huh.


The conditions have been met, even I was getting excited.


[Could you use it once to let us see….and is it something to be used on someone?] (Celeste)

[Now that you mention nodesu, if you use such an amazing magic at the garden, would it be alright nanodesu?] (Emily)

[It’s alright! That’s why I called everyone here.] (Alice)


Alice firmly laid it down for us, and finally our excitement has reached it’s peak.

In order to use it, Alice took a distance between us.

She slightly bent forward, ‘Gu gu gu’…..it felt like energy was surging from within her, as she placed both of her hands towards the sky.


[Ryo-chan!] (Alice)



The heck was that.

Ryo-chan? Wasn’t it called All Might?


I was conflicted, and the rest furrowed their eyebrows whilst tilting their heads in synced.


Immediately after, the space was sliced.

A cut was sliced open out of thin air, and something was coming out.

It felt like something was coming out from a different dimension.


The first thing that was seen coming out from the rift of the dimension was a hand.


I see so a summoning magic—–was what I thought.


[…..Yoda-san?] (Emily)

[…..It’s Ryouta-san.] (Celeste)

[……Oh it’s Ryouta-san.] (Elza)

[…..So cheeky even though you’re just a low level.] (Eve)


Was what my friends said.


It appeared from the crack of the dimension, that person Alice summoned was me.

More like it looks like me, it’s me but not actual me.

In a word, it’s like someone dressed up as me in an amusement park’s costume.

No matter how you looked at it, the model was me, but it was a deformed version, just like Alice’s fellow monsters.


My name is Ryouta.

Hence why that’s Ryo-chan huh.


[Alice, what in the world…..] (Ryouta)

[If you’re careless it’ll get hurt.] (Alice)

[Eeh? ———-!]


At that moment, Ryo-chan disappeared from sight.

No wait, it did not just disappear, just before it looked like it disappeared, I saw that his right foot was asserting power, so he was moving at a super high speed.


Right…..behind me? No it’s above!


As I looked upwards, Ryo-chan was already close to me whilst doing a jump kick.

I raised my arms and guarded it, the trajectory of the kick changed and instead of attacking me, he wrapped around my arms with his legs to restrain me.

He pulled 2 revolvers in that state, even the revolvers were deformed, making it cute.


I pushed the muzzle away, I wanted to avoid it—–but the huge bullet was already close to me.


I kicked Ryo-chan, forcibly peeling off the entanglement and jumping sideways.

Immediately after that, the place I was at a moment ago was destroyed by an Annihilation bullet.

The fusion of a Flaming and Freezing Bullet, the Annihilation bullet swallowed that space.


[He can use that too!] (Ryouta)


I shouted, as I turned on my switch.

Switching from my daily life mode to my battle mode.

I pulled out my revolvers, and repeatedly fired my normal bullets.


At the same time, I stepped on the ground with a force and ran with a SS Speed.

I fired the bullet and ran at the same speed as it was fired, and reloaded more normal bullets before firing again.


In addition to the barrage of normal bullets fired—–It all became Penetrating bullet as it went to 1 direction, which was towards Ryo-chan.


Ryo-chan fired a Freezing bullet, and frozzed some Penetrating bullets, grabbed one of it, and threw it to one of the Penetrating bullets.

I should’ve known.

While the Penetrating bullets are strong against straightforward enemies, it had a weak side when hitting sideways.

If you timed it right and hit it from the side, then it would be broken easily.

That was what Ryo-chan did.


After the first compensation was over, the battle was reaching its climax.

That was what I felt during this fight.


Although it was deformed, but Ryo-chan’s ability was almost the same as mine.

Also with the fact that he could use my bullets too, together with my Strength?Speed?and toughness. Whichever it was, it was strong——


[It’s the same as Ryouta-san.] (Celeste)

[Yeap! All Might is a magic that lets me summon the strongest person I thought of. And the strength remains too.] (Alice)


As I listened closely to Alice’s words, I thought that it was true.

Yes, it was exactly the same as me.

Even though it looked different, but ability side, it was exactly the same.

The battle wasn’t settled, and if I prolonged it——what I thought after wouldn’t be good.




It was the sound of air escaping, and Ryo-chan suddenly disappeared.


[Mu?] (Ryouta)

[Alright, that’s the end. Once per day, and I can only call it for a short period of time.] (Alice)

[So there was such restrictions too.] (Ryouta)

[It is nodesu. But I’m convinced nanodesu. That Yoda-san can be summoned nodesu.] (Emily)

[Even though you’re a low level, trying to act like a high level, cheeky.] (Eve)


I was completely burned out from that fight, but I now understand the effects of All Might.

A summoned magic which could only be called for about—–approximately 60 seconds per day.


[It’s amazing, Alice-san being able to summon Ryouta-san would really be the strong.] Elza said.


The surrounding friends were lifting Alice high up.

Alice was also pleased, but instead of thinking who was stronger, the deformed me=Ryo-chan is treated as a friend, hence she was happy.

I thought for a moment while watching such scene.


[What’s wrong Yoda-san?] (Emily)

[Aah, I have one thing on mind.] (Ryouta)

[What is it desu?] (Emily)

[If I become stronger in the future——by having new magic and seeds to make me stronger, I wonder if Ryo-chan would also follow suit.] (Ryouta)

[I see nanodesu!] (Emily)


I was concerned about whether Ryo-chan would stay the same, or maybe it would follow in real time and copy the person.


[It will become strong, together with Ryouta.] (Alice)

[Is that so?] (Ryouta)

[Yes!] (Alice)


She nodded firmly, I see.

Then, let’s try it. It’s important to test your ability and grasp it.

With that you could clearly see the changes.


[Magic fruit huh.]


The magic user Celeste as though reading my thoughts, I nodded.

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