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TLN Note: Yay finally back to the main story that everyone wanted!

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Today, Amy has finally moved out of the Guild, and temporarily moved into my home.

Ever since that slumber party, a month has passed by.


Since I rescued her from the Orc settlement, she was kept hidden in the Adventurer’s Guild till this day.


Originally, she herself lived in the Town of Lucas for a long time.

Therefore, I thought that there was no need for the guild to protect…..


If someone knew of the existence of an elf, the Guild Leader could not leave this case unattended.

After all, in the Guild Leader and Amy-san’s standpoints, it was probably an unavoidable correspondence.


When he heard that she was being left under my care from the King, it seemed that a load has been lifted from the Guild Leader’s shoulder, as I felt that he might’ve used too much nerve.


As soon as we decided on that, the procedure from the Guild Leader was quick.

Going back and forth using horses, he went to the royal palace and seemed to have had many meetings with brother-in-law about the procedures after this.


There were also quite a lot of talks about having a guard around her, and it took some months before finally deciding on one.

And thus, it was today that she was finally welcomed to move to our house.


Thank you for all the hard work Guild Leader, I really appreciate your work!


Well for now, if the Clan house is complete, she would be living there.

Unfortunately, it would take more than a month before it would be completed.


However, when I asked the craftsman-san, there seemed to be more workers coming from the kingdom, so it may finish a little earlier.

Well in any case, she would have to live with us for the moment.


Even if she was on our side, I will definitely not lay a hand on her.


Well, after all the Clan house isn’t completed yet, and we can’t work either.

If we disburse, then Amy-san would be staying alone at home.


Before the completion of the Clan House, Amy-san’s escort would be expected to arrive from the king, so I will endure it until then.

…….There were a lot more to do, but until then I decided to stay with my wives at home.


Thinking about it, I had been busy since I got the skill.

By spending my time resting, I felt that it was good as I was deepenging my ties with my family.




While talking about such things with my family, I heard a voice announcing from the entrance.


Yes, it’s surely Amy-san!

Based on the rumours, how awful….right!


While letting Waffle ride on my head, me and my wives went to the entrance to meet her.


「Hello! Welcome!」


As expected, Amy-san was at the entrance….and also with the Guild Leader.

Apparently, Amy-san’s escort has come together as well.


「Ooh, is it okay?」


The guild leader looked at me as he voiced out.


「Yes? What is okay?」


「Your majesty, as per request from the Guild, has gave you a security guard near your house.

Hence why, the team that I’ve selected would be roaming around here.

So please remember.」


Wow, as expected of King-sama.


Wait? But the escort that was picked by the King……would it be??

While I was thinking about it, the Guild leader continued to speak.


「To distinguish between the guard and our guys, he would be wearing a red cloth on his right arm.

And if it’s a guy who doesn’t wear it would be a thief」


「But, what if the thief got hold of this information and wears a red cloth?」


Sylphy asked the Guild leader.


「In order to distinguish it, we have placed 5 magic items on it.

Our red cloth is made of a special cloth called Spirit cloth.

Looking at it through a magic tool, it would look more silver than red.」


While saying that, he gathered a glasses-type magic tool and handed it to Sylphy.

…..I see, we could certainly distinguish it if that was the case.


Even so Guild leader……as usual you’re weak against Sylphy!


Then, after handing us the simple items, the guild leader went back.


「Amy-san, welcome.

From today onwards, I’m pleased to take care of you!」


As Aisha said that, she called Amy-san to sit inside the house.

Maybe because she stayed over the other day, she entered the house and started chatting it up with Aisha.


……Un, a good friend indeed.

Since she’ll be living together for a while, it would be troublesome if she was too refrained…..

It was the right call to hold the slumber party!


「Well, please use this room!

I’ve cleaned it thoroughly so please be relieved!」


Having 【Cleaning】 skill leveling up twice, was due to having clean the room with all I had.

The house is by no means a good building.


Age…..I do not know whether this expression is correct for elves, but a woman who is not a family will stay for a while.

Even if it’s not a luxurious room, I would like her to have a pleasant stay!


By the way, Waffle also helped with miscellaneous cleaning with a dust cloth.

While waving his tails, Waffle with a dust cloth while moving around to clean is cute as ever!


I steadily took out the furnitures that Amy-san brought from within my storage bag.

I assisted with arranging the large furniture, but when it came to arranging small items such as clothing, Waffle and I decided to head back to the living room.


As for that, as expected we can’t help with it.


After that, it might be due to some influence from the previous slumber party, but it seemed that Amy-san also gotten used to us.

I began preparing meals with my two wives.


Is there anything I could help? Was what I asked…..

「Danna-sama can go over there and sit down!」 was what they told me, so I quietly waited.


……But, I can’t seemed to calm down.


Anyway, is Amy-san’s stuff finally settled?


I have not heard the detailed story from her, but it must have been painful for her.

Let’s do our best to heal her wounds even if it was a little.

Author’s Note:

I’m sorry that the story does not seem to progress m(_ _)m


The “nichijou”(daily life) story might continue on for a bit.


Thank you so much and please take care of me from now onwards.

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