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I went to see Alice and observed her way of hunting.


[Toge-chan go behind, Pon-pon, hit 3 times and stop, Boney-chan wait for the signal——over there.] (Alice)


With Alice commanding them, the 4 of them battled the Slime.

It wasn’t like how she used to fight, going all in and attacking all at once, to some extent, she had to look at the timing before dealing the final blow, which was hard at times.

That wasn’t all.


[Jumpy-san, melt once.] (Alice)


Watching it from the sides, she gave instructions which had no meaning whatsoever.


And even though I could not fully understand the intent behind her movement, the drop would always be at a 100% drop rate.

When you defeat an enemy you will always get a drop, just like a person with Drop A status.


Doing that for a few rounds, Alice’s earning exceeded half a million that day.




[Uuuun, still can’t do it.]


In the city of Shikuro, by using the Restraint bullet to restrain a rogue monster——or more specifically a Frankenstein that was at a distance, Alice was observing it for more than a minute before giving her conclusion.


[No matter how many times I defeat it I won’t get any drops from it.] (Alice)

[So it really is impossible.] (Ryouta)

[The only one being able to get a drop from defeating this is only Ryouta.] (Alice)

[Seems like it.] (Ryouta)


After testing, we figured out something.

The ability of Alice, and the mechanism of this world.


Alice has an ability which [if a monster can produce a drop, then I would understand the timing in obtaining that drop]. That was if the monsters were inside the dungeon and if she’d done the timing right, then the drop would be a 100% of the time, though the opposite happened if it’s a rogue monster.

If the probability was 1%, then she could’ve continued trying until she gets it, but if it was 0%, then there is seriously nothing that can be done about it.


And so, the drops from this world would relate to a sort of roulette game.

The higher the status drop, the larger the area of that roulette.

All monsters would have a space for the roulette, and rogue monsters would be a mechanism of having 0 space in that roulette.


And, my Drop S that doesn’t exist in this world would equate to having hit all the numbers I want in the roulette all the time, be it monsters or rogue monsters.


[Thanks.] (Ryouta)


After saying that, I fired the Penetration bullet that pierced the head of the Frankenstein, causing it to die.

In the meantime, gaining a Homing bullet in the process.


[You’re mistaken Ryouta, I should be the one who should say thank you. Thanks to Ryouta, I could get so much drop for today. I even earned 300k Piros~] (Alice)


300k Piro, that was her income.

Though she has a 100% drop rate, it takes time as she needs to follow a procedure while timing it right.

Hence why she’d only earned 300k Piro.




[I’m glad, with that Alice is also a 10 Million Player too.] (Ryouta)

[Yes!] (Alice)


Earning 300k Piro per day, that means that her annual income would exceed 10 Million with simple calculation.

This was one hurdle, an iconic figure.


Alice who reached it was super happy.


[Really, it’s all thanks to Ryouta. Thanks for having me as your friend.] (Alice)

[The pleasure’s mine.] (Ryouta)


Though she thanked me, I was also happy for her.

Having a maximum level of 2, whichever family she apply would never agree to take her in.

Seeing her grow up from the day I met her, I was glad that I took her in.


[Oh?] (Alice)

[What’s wrong Alice, suddenly stopping.] (Ryouta)

[Over there….] (Alice)

[Over there? Aah, the magic tools shop.] (Ryouta)


Alice was staring across the magic tools shop.


[…..Do you wanna go in?] (Ryouta)

[Yes.] (Alice)


Alice wasn’t paying attention to anything else but the store.

When I suggested her to go in, she immediately went inside.

I chased after her. As I went in, the shopkeeper Isaac which I was familiar with, was with another customer who I wasn’t familiar with.


[Ah.] (Alice)


As soon as Alice looked at the customer holding the Magic Fruit, she raised her voice.


[What’s the matter Alice?] (Ryouta)

[That magic fruit….] (Alice)

[You want that?] (Ryouta)

[Un.] (Alice)


Alice silently nodded, and while she was doing that she simply stared at the magic fruit.


[Can’t it be the others?] (Ryouta)

[Out of all of the fruits, that is different. Only that has it.] (Alice)


I tried to grasped Alice’s ability by deciphering what she was saying.


Out of all, that is different, and also [has it].

Probably the magic fruit has turned into a lottery box—–no wait, has turned into a roulette.

And only that magic fruit had the attention of Alice which has a magic that she wants.




[Oji-chan, can you sell that to me?] (Alice)

[Apologies in advance, but the item that you want has been bought by the customer as of just now.] (Isaac)


Isaac had an apologetic look while explaining.


[If you want, there are other magic fruits over here for your selection.] (Isaac)

[That’s fine. Hey, sell that to me please.] (Alice)

[…….Then, 10 Million Piro it is.]


That man stared at Alice while thinking for a second, before giving a ridiculous price for the magic fruit.

It was slightly higher than a regular magic fruit, but one magic fruit costs around 5 million piro.

That man saying he wants 10 Million from Alice, but I figured that she really wanted it.


The moment I heard the price, Isaac was frightened as he furrowed his eyebrows.


[1, 10 Million Piro……Uuu……] (Alice)


Alice made a troubled groan. She wanted it, but her face tells me she couldn’t afford 10 Million Piro.


[It’s 10 Million you know.] (Ryouta)

[Ryouta ! Bu, but…..] (Alice)

[But you really want it right.] (Ryouta)

[Yes! That’s true…..but.] (Alice)

[That’s enough to convince me.] (Ryouta)


I faced the man, and spoke again.


[So that’s the gist. I’ll take out 10 Million, please sell that to me.] (Ryouta)

[……..It’s now 30 Million Piro.] (WTF ! )


The man opened his mouth for a brief moment, before raising the price again.

He’s totally looking down at me. He was raising the price because he knew I could afford it.


What should I do, I could still forge out 30 Million, but if I were to do that would he increase it again.

At worst he would increase again, as long as he wants.


If that were the case, what could I do.


[Dear customer.] (Isaac)


Isaac suddenly cut our conversation.

Not me, but the man who he sold the magic fruit to.


[I have but one thing to advice you.] (Isaac)

[What is it, it’s not as if I’m telling him to buy it separately.]

[No, quite the opposite. I just want to let you know that the gentleman over there is Ryouta?Satou-sama.] (Isaac)


[He’s the Ryouta Family’s Ryouta, Satou?Ryouta-sama. Please thoroughly reconsider your actions.] (Isaac)

[The one who made the Clifford Family fall in business, that Ryouta?Satou !]

[Yes. If he wasn’t there then that case would’ve become [self-owned], do you understand?] (Isaac)



The man groaned, and Isaac stopped talking.

Unlike before, the bullshit situation was completely reversed.

I did not expect my name to be this effective.


This is it, as I waited.


[10 Million Piros.]

[Eh?] (Ryouta)

[This was what I agreed too, is that good?]

[A, ah yeah. That’s fine.] (Ryouta)


The man looked as if he was saved, shook his head vertically enough that he might break his neck.




At night, the living room of the mansion.

Alice gazed at the magic fruit that we just purchased.


[What happened to Alice-chan nodesu?] (Emily)


As her friend asked, I explained the new ability that she obtained recently.


[Probably the same thing would apply to the magic fruit too.] (Ryouta)

[Which means, that she would be aware of the timing at when to fire her magic.] (Celeste)


Celeste immediately understood the situation. Truly, the best brains of the family.


[What sort of magic ?] Eve shook my head while asking me.


[I’m not sure either, haven’t heard from her yet.] (Ryouta)

[But she seemed so serious about it nanodesu, it must certainly be an amazing magic nanodesu.] (Emily)

[Or maybe the person herself really wanted the magic.] (Celeste)

[Endless growth of carrots, something like that?] (Eve)

[I didn’t think it was that sort of genre.] (Ryouta)


The usual blur Eve was limited to this time as she did not say anymore.

There was that possibility, given the unique nature of Alice, so the possibility should be high.


Alice kept staring at the magic fruit while we were discussing.

I feel like she was staring at a roulette, the ball going round and round.


A few seconds in a dungeon, and a minute before she was convinced that the roulette was impossible for rogue monster, but this time she was looking at the magic fruit for quite a long time.

An hour passed, 2 hours passed.

Alice continued to stare at the magic fruit.


Eventually, dawn was about to appear.


Alice was stubbornly drawn towards the magic fruit.


I thought that it might be one in a million chance of confirming it before using the magic fruit.

Results are out!!!!! AND THE WINNER IS!!!! DRUM ROLLS………….

TOGE CHAN!!!!!!!!

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