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This is from Alto’s POV.

This is my father, the King’s office.


While waiting for a certain someone to come, I had a brief discussion about my future with father, then, I heard a familiar voice with the sound of the door knocking from the other side.


「Excuse me, but I believe I was called?」


「…….You came, come in.」


After the person behind the door knocked, I answered and he immediately opened the door to the office, where the person who was being called excused himself into the room.


「Your majesty Faren and Your highness Alto, I apologize for keeping the both of you waiting.」


Apologizing while bowing down to us, as usual he is a tough guy to talk to as I put on a bitter smile.


「What, the one suddenly calling for you was me. So you don’t have to worry about it.」


Father spoke up, and the person that was called…..yes the leader of the first division, Franz・Works raised his head.


Normally, the leader of the knights would have opportunities to come into contact with the royal family.

Especially when it’s a person whom I was intrigued when we frequently had mock battles.


「Hey Franz, I have something to discuss with you face to face. The things that you’re about here right now, absolutely do not leak it out from this room.」


Father tightened his face, and Franz who was nervous from what he was about to learn shouted with a 「Ha!」 while lowering his head.


Indeed, the topic that we’re about to bring up right now, is a very high confidential matter.


Most probably Franz was nervous about it, and though father and I both trust him completely, but as expected, he couldn’t hide his nervousness.


Inside such a high tension atmosphere, Father finally explained the reasoned why he brought Franz over.


「Myne who became my son-in-law, you have also heard of the case where he annihilated the Orc settlement awhile back right?」


In actuality, this case was also handled as a top secret matter, and only a few selected people were announced in the royal palace.

If you publicize the existence of a person who can independently kill a Orc King, I couldn’t even imagine what sorts of trouble when people know about it.


Plus, Myne is also a member of the royal family, in other words, he became a family member of ours.

I could not afford to give him any extra troubles that I know would happen inside our family.


「Yes, of course I’ve heard about it.」


「Also, when Myne annihilated the settlement, he was also protecting a woman…..」


From here, Father stopped talking as he stared at Franz.

With Father doing that, it seemed to me that Franz became increasingly tense.


「……..And that woman… from the elf race.」


「! ! ! !」 (NANI)


Franz is usually known for his calm demeanor, but even he was unable to stay calm after knowing such fact.

He opened his eyes as if interested, but immediately stopped himself from showing anymore emotions.


「……..S, so it is one of the survivor of the elf races……T, that means…..」


……As expected of Franz.


He understood the seriousness of things.


This topic could be a fight for conflict between nations if we do it wrongly.


If people knew that the elves are still alive, powerful people or good people from all over the world will forget their own positions to take that surviving elf for themselves.

Yes, like the former King Wills.


Also, other owners with decent intention would move to protect her because of the crimes of the abominable incident caused by the Humes.


Either way, the feeling of such desire in the Augusta Kingdom would get caught in a swirl of fight.


The dispute might cause the country to decline, and in some cases like Wills, they may be subjected to the divine beast’s judgement.

We, absolutely do not want it to come to that conclusion.


「About the female elf, for now we are protecting her in the Adventurer’s guild of Lucas.

……Though, things only matter……The guild leader asked me for protection.」


「Well, it would certainly come to that point eventually.

Even for the guild leader, it would be a handful for him to protect the elf.

…….Even if I were to be put in that same position, I think that I would ask Your Majesty for help.」


「Well, that’s true from what you said, and it’s my responsibility too.

However, there would be various problems with just simply protecting her in the royal palace.」


While listening to Father’s words, Franz thought for a second, and agreed as well.


「…….So then, what should we do about it?」


「I decided to let Myne handle it.」


「Let Myne handle it! ?……..No, it’s true……the safest place would be there…..

Of course his fighting power is the real deal, but it can be said that it is also safe in an outwards point of view.」


Father observed the state of Franz, and was convinced that this topic would not leak out from him.

He even told him the most important secret on what he would have to do with the elf.


「And that, is why I called you over.

Because I will keep an elf woman within Myne’s clan, I would like to ask you for an escort mission.」


He straighten his arms, truly a reliable man.

Me and Father could not think of anyone but him for this task.


……If he refuses, there is honestly no one else.


Whatever kind of decision was made, Father was waiting for Franz’s reply with a tense face.


「……..Does such a man like me able to meet that expectation of Your Majesty?

Yes, speaking of someone else, for example, Cecil of the 2nd Knights division……」


Cecil of the 2nd Knight, indeed he is also a reliable person.

However, if told whether he was a person who can be respected as a human, I can’t help but wonder.


There wasn’t any reason to tell such a person about a top secret matter.


And, the bigger problem was that he loves girls from other races.

If we left that to him, in time he might strike with the girl who was suppose to be his escort subject.


No matter how high Cecil is in position, I don’t think he could endure an elf who is said to be the most beautiful especially when he loves to have sex with women.


「Franz, You……do you think to yourself that it is impossible?」


I unconsciously gave a bitter smile towards Franz.


「……I understand, in any case, I was directly told of this story from Your Majesty and Your highness who greatly respects me.

I will happily accept it.

Will it be a squad? And what about the families?」


He accepted it!…..Truly grateful.

Father was also relieved to hear from him.


「I will explain it from here on out.

First of all, although you’re the leader of the 1st division, you will be treated as a guard under the Konoe Division.

Your position would be to report to me.

Your duty would be planned at Lucas, which is where Myne’s clan house will be.

We will prepare a resident there so that we will have your family migrate there.」


I explained the salary and the treatment, and others properly so it would get them to understand again without me repeating.


「……So, that’s the gist of it, any other questions?」


「Let’s see, as for the specific changes, I would like to ask in advance…..

Am I the only one who will be transferring to this clan?」


「No, we would need the clerk affairs and receptionist anyways.

I would have about 2 people that was trusted by the civil servants.

About the escort mission, you can’t go by yourself?

Then please choose 2 person who you can trust and bring them along.

I will interview with them and if there is no problem I will appoint them.」


Well, with this things could finally move on.


I have to set up talented people quickly and bring them to my brother-in-law(Myne).

Author’s Note:

Thank you for reading.

I hope that we can get along from now on as well.

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