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Side Note: I know that the debate for <Eternal> and <Everlasting> is over, but just to let you know why I chose Everlasting first, here’s a website stating the 2 meanings. Click here for that website. At the end of the day, I’m still gonna use <Eternal> because that’s what the Author wrote, and if I were to change what the author wrote, it meant that I’m changing the meaning he wanted to convey entirely, but I wanted to prove my point, so yeah. P.S: Kinji was the one who found it and showed it to me, further proving it.


Getting out of the inn, and stopping by a small village on the way, I rushed to the Town of Lucas.


Escaping to the highway, I thought about using a cart, but considering the fact that I’ll be meeting Demons on the way, I decided to go through the highway with the Transparent Medicine.

I was fortunate enough to have an abundant of the materials used to create the Transparent medicine.


Well, if perchance I don’t have enough materials, I could just head to the forest and search for some.


We elves are more knowledgeable in terms of plants than the Hume races.

What a Hume see might be weeds, but to me it might be a fine alchemy material.


One of the material to make the Transparent Medicine, 「Moon Grass」 could be found anywhere, but it is generally treated as weeds.

Besides the elf race that regard it as a material, the other races do not use it, hence it can be acquired in large amounts in any forest.


Because of that reason, I hid myself and used the highway as it was the safest way to traverse.


Just so you know, the effects of the Transparent medicine would be different every day.

At times the effect would last as long as 2 hours, and other times, as short as an hour.


Even if the effect was gonna run out, it can be used repeatedly, so nobody should be able to find me.


And with that I walked along the highway, and 2 weeks have past.


Finally, the location that I was going to, the Town of Lucas, could be seen from where I was standing.


…….In the end, nobody came to track me thus far.


When I was confirming the way to the capital and Lucas at the reception of the inn, I specifically told them that I would head to the capital.

I told the receptionist that I was interested in heading to the capital so that the old man would not think I would’ve went to Lucas when he tries to hear on our conversation.


I wonder if that strategy went well.


Or, if this was all just my imagination when I saw that old man.

Well, I wouldn’t even know if I asked him now.


「So this is the Town of Lucas……」


In order to enter the town, I lined up behind the people who were lining up while looking at the exterior of the town.

As described by that old man, this town certainly gave a quiet impression.


While looking at the exterior, I thought about my future and my turn came round.


I received some simple questions from the gatekeeper and after that they issued a residence card for me.


While I was at it, I asked how would one live in this town, and the gatekeeper patiently taught me everything.


First off, he told me to find a place to live in.

Fortunately, there seems to be many rental properties.


The next was to make an ID card of some sort.


Speaking of an ID card, it would be the famous Adventurer Guild card for adventurers, and the other, the membership card for the Merchant’s Guild.

You would register in the Merchant Guild if you want to do business and the adventurer guild if you wanna become an adventurer.


In my case, I would sell my potions to make a business, so registering under the Merchant Guild would be the better option.


After I receive my ID card, the next is the resident registration.

Heading to the government office, I should present the place of the residence that I want and ID card, pay the tax for 1 year and I would be able to complete my registration.


Thanking the gatekeeper who taught me everything in detail, thinking that there are still such kind Humes, I head into the town.


……..First, would be finding a place to live right.

Since I do not know where to apply, I decided to head for the Merchants Guild first.


Then while registering, I would ask the situation around that as well.

I could also sell some High Potions that I have to them while I’m at it.


Truly killing 3 birds with 1 stone.


I asked some older people how to get to the Merchants guild, and I was able to arrive safely while getting a little lost along the way.


「……Excuse me, I wish to register for the Merchants guild.」


Calling to the guy behind the reception, a smile floated on his face as he began to explain the rules of the guild.


「……And, that’s all for now.

If there’s anything you do not know, please feel free to read this document.」


I firmly grasped the documents and confirming the content.

Alright, it seems like I’m not being deceived.


「Name……Amy, and……sale……medicines, next……house…..what should I do about this.」


While being troubled by it, the receptionist onii-san asked what’s wrong?


「I, had just arrived at this town just now.

I was planning to stay in this town, but I have not decide on a place to stay yet……」


「Oh, I see……

If you’re alright with it, shall I show you how to get to the rental property from the guild?」


…….That is, something that I’m extremely grateful for.


If someone from the Merchants guild arranged someone to bring me there, then I would not be promoted to some strange properties.

Either way, after leaving the Merchants guild, I planned to find a property to rent.


Let’s receive this delightful offer.


「I’d love to, thank you so much!」


While lightly surprised by my overwhelming voice, the receptionist onii-san replied 「I understand.」 and walked away to take some documents.

Then, while waiting for a while, he came back with bundle of papers.


「For now, please decide a place that you would want to live for the time being.

Then would you like to continue with the registration of the guild?」


That’s obvious, so I have no objections.

He immediately showed me the documents of the rental property.


After looking at 10+ documents, 2 somehow caught my attention.


Although the monthly rent of the place would be troublesome…..


The first is a high-class property worth 5 Gold coins per month, and the other was a reasonable property worth 80 Silver coins per month.


Both fees were significant, but the 5 Gold coins gave an extra security in terms of the price.

Considering my own position, I cannot compromise on safety.


Since neither property was far from the Merchants Guild, I decided to look at the both of them before picking one.




「Heeh, it has the latest Magical Barrier. It’s wonderful….」


「……There’s a bath inside too!」


「With this amount of space, I could make a workplace too…..」


After looking at both properties, although it was a little bit pricey, I decided to ask for the 5 Gold coins property.

The payment should be made to the Guild every month.


From the storage bag, I immediately took out 5 Gold Coins and handed over.


「Alright, I’ve confirmed the payment.

After receiving your Merchant’s Guild card, please do not lose it as it would also be the keys to the house.

If lost, you can reissue it with 1 piece of Gold coin, but the evaluation of the guild towards you will be lowered, so do be careful.」


After the receptionist onii-san said that, he took a magic item from beneath the counter and was fiddling around with it.


「Okay, it has been done.」


After saying that, he handed me the membership card of the Merchants Guild.


「Alright, what else could I assist for Ami-san?

Do you want to open a shop? Or do you do your medicine business as a wholesale somewhere without a shop?」


「Yes, I’m doing a wholesale business.」


「I see, medicine is it…..Do you mind if I take a look at some of your medicines?

Depending on the quality, the Merchants Guild would be some if you like.」


This onii-san, is quite a businessman himself.

After using the 5 Gold coins, he showed interest in the medicine that I have.


Though, if it was up to me, I would rather have the Guild buy my medicine, as it was the safer option.


「Eeeto, these are the medicines but….」


I took out 20 High Potions from my storage bag, and handed it over to the onii-san.


「Wow, this is……could I open one and see?」


To check the product, some would open 1 bottle to check the quality.

Obviously, I had no objection.


「Yes, please do so.」


After giving my approval, the onii-san took a small cup and poured a small amount of High Potion in it, and set it into a large magic tool behind the counter.


「Oh wow, this is rather marvelous.

Though the colour is dark, but it’s a high potion.

How about this, why not make a deal with the guild.

If you can maintain the quality like so, we will give 50 Silver coins per bottle.」


…….The amount presented was higher than I thought.

Considering the fact that that old man bought 1 for 20 Silver coins, this was considerably higher.


「I understand, please do so by all means.」


The onii-san had a pleasant look on his face as he thanked me, and issued more conditions.


「If you sign a contract that we exclusively offer right now, we will add another 10 Silver Coins for it, how about it?」


……He is a businessman alright.

But, this was also beneficial forme.


「The negotiations are good, I understand. I’ll agree to the contract.」


「Thank you so much!」


With this, I secured a life safely in the Town of Lucas.


……….And, 10 years have passed.

I met a person who changed my destiny in this town.

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Author’s Note:

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Thank you so much and please take care of me from now onwards.


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