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TLN Note: I decided to use back the romaji for some words like, onee-chan, danna-sama, and so on, cause it is really really hard to use certain words to portray what the author is trying to say, and using english words for some of them seemed…weird. So as per requested by some, I’ll revert back to using romaji. Note that the previous chapters will remain the same, unless I have some time to change them again.


As expected of the Elf Village……it was literally wiped out of existence.


What remained was the ruined townscape, the remains of the house.

The countless dead bodies of the Humes.


……That was all there is.


There might be some of us who escaped with good luck.

Though, the chances of many escaping were probably low.


Originally, our elf tribes have a low birthrate.

With the current situation, to foster a new life, I don’t think we could have a new generation.


If there was such a possibility, the chances of the male and female elves meeting up again to make babies are low.

I’m sure that the babies that are born, would be mixed in with the other tribes blood.


Which meant that, pure elves would perish in the near future.


That’s why I swore to the World Tree.


To live a little longer, and prove that the elf tribe still exists in this world.


Then, as long as I have a child, the future will be connected back at least.


As a pure blood elf, the possibility of being connected maybe lower, but…..


But for that reason I need to leave, and stay at the town where Hume lives, and search for someone that I can trust.


…….Though I think that there are no such person who I can trust in the Hume race, which caused this tragic event.

And, I have a deep hatred towards them deep inside my heart.


Nonetheless, I would still need to find someone that I can trust fully.


The only races that elves could mate and leave their seeds are the Hume, Devils and the Demons.

There were some who mated with the Beast tribes before, but it was impossible to form a child.


Whereas for the Demon and the Devils, just being with them would tarnish the elve’s pride.


Being the case, the Hume race was the only option left.


The Hume race had a chance and destroyed the seed of the elves.

How ironic was it that our seeds can’t connect unless we rely on the Hume race…….


Thinking about such things, I decided to prepare and go on a journey while being immersed in sentiment.


……Whether it was a good thing or a bad thing, our village which was located upwind, was not caught by the fire.

So it was possible to find something from the ruined village that could help me for the future trip.


First off, a magic item that was absolutely necessary for me from now onwards which was located inside my house.

If I could find this magic item, it would be possible to hide my appearance of being an elf.


Then, after an hour past, I finally found what I was looking for, the Bracelet type magic item and the magic filling tool.


With this, I would at least be able to travel outside.

Coming from my mouth unintentionally, a voice of relief leaked out.


…….Though, I wasn’t completely safe.


It’s true that if I have this magic item, I could alter my appearance.

But, if the accumulate magic is dried up, it would lose its effect and I would return to my original appearance.


Thus, I would have to regularly resupply the magic into the magic tool.


If I missed the timing to resupply, something horrible might happen by then.

Well anyways, by having this magic item, I would be able to live in other race’s land.


After that, I took a storage bag and some clothes from my house and my neighbours house, and found a bow and a dagger for protection.


The preparation for departure steadily progressed, and all the preparations were finally completed at last.

It was already evening when the time came, so I decided to start leaving once sunrise arrives tomorrow.


…….Tonight, I decided to sleep at my house which had been collapsed.


Even though it had collapsed and there was nothing left, it was still a place full of important memories.


Let’s firmly burn these scene to my eyes.

And, remember it for life.


Together with the pleasant memories, the emotions of anger boiled up from within my heart.


I wiped my own tears over and over again while spending the last night in my village.


「……..I’ll definitely return once again.」

Leaving words of determination again, I left my home for good.




I decided to aim for a distant town as far as possible.


The further I move, the more people would come to know less of the tragedy that happened at the elf village.

And also, I thought that those who never met elves before will naturally increase.


……..I’m sure no one would think I’m an elf.


I have the magic item, so there was no way of knowing, but it would ensure my safety to proceed with my plan.

I just thought that I should be careful.


On the way to the town, I used 【Unique Magic・Tree】 and 【Alchemy】 to create a lot of high-quality potions.

I would sell these on the way and earn some cash.


In addition, I made medicine that can make a figure appear transparent for a certain period of time and medicines that emit intense light when used.


Looking at it, I was a woman traveling alone.

Even if people don’t know that I am an elf, there would come a time when people with evil intentions would appear.


Thus, I should move with extreme caution.


「Hou, onee-chan. You do have some high quality High・Potions right there.

Alright, I’ll buy it for 20 Silver coins.」


At a town that I stopped by, a peddler who I met by chance bought a potion that I made.


I thought that it was a good opportunity, so I decided to collect various information by asking various things.


「……..Thank you.

Oji-san, I’m sure you’ve been to many places since you’re a peddler?

Do you perhaps know of a town where the public security is good and easy to spend the time there?」


「Oh I see, nee-chan. So you’re thinking of migrating?」


「Yeah, as you can see, a woman all by herself.

If there is a town where I can live in peace, I’ll definitely head there.」


The old man thought for a moment and presented me 2 candidates.


「Let’s see, it’s a little far but you can go to the capital.

The king lives there, it’s lively and the public safety is good as well.

Another would be the Town of Lucas?

Although it is not as crowded as the kingdom, but the security ain’t baid and it’s generally a relaxed town.

Gotta be these two.」


Indeed, the capital certainly seemed like a good choice.

After that was, the Town of Lucas…..was it?


「Thank you so much! Then, I’ll go to the capital.」


I bowed my head to the old man and went off.

…….But, what was it? I felt somewhat uncomfortable about that old man.


Looking back to the bad feeling, I turned around to check the figure of the oji-san again……..

However, I could not see the appearance of that old man.


Eh? What was that?

This is a good road with nice views.


I don’t think I could lose sight of someone only after walking for a few meters.


……The bad feeling that I felt earlier grew stronger.

That old man, was he perhaps a bad person?


I should not doubt too much, but the other party is a Hume race.

It’s better to be careful from now on.


I told him that I was heading towards the capital, maybe during the way he would cut me off from the road.

No wait, usually one would think I would stay in a hotel at this time?


Either way, I think that there was a high possibility that I’m still being watched.


Let’s change the destination to Lucas.

Though money will be wasted, but I went and stayed in an inn and as I entered the room, I took the transparent medicine and left the town immediately.


With this, they probably wouldn’t be able to search for me.


Well, since I’ve decided on it, it’s time to start acting on it.


Going out of the inn, I’m now walking down the road where sunset could be seen.

Of course, I continued to use the transparent medicine.


I also confirmed the way to the capital and Lucas at the reception of the inn, and they told me to go to the capital.

As I pretended to be interested in the capital, even if that old man was listening in on our conversation, he would not think that I would head for Lucas.


Most likely this should be fine, and I should be able to move.


The objective was the Town of Lucas.


I wonder, what kind of city is it?

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